Why Merchandise Buyers should hire a Buying Agent | Sourcing Agent ?

To hire or not to hire? Is it Worth the Money ..!

Why to hire? (Buying Agents | Sourcing Agents)

* Regular importers prefer to have their own buying office in sourcing country for better co-ordination.

* If the importing company is not a large one - they outsource buying function by appointing buying agents.

* We as your Buying Office and Buying Agents identify vendors, negotiate costs, check in-process quality, perform pre-shipment inspection and many other functions on behalf of buyer.

* Another advantage of selling through buying agents/house is significant reduction in business risk as buying agents representative keeps regular control over quality during production process. As goods have to go through pre-shipment quality inspection under supervision of buying agents - there is hardly any chance of getting quality complaint after the goods reach destination.

* The sourcing agents / Buying agents act as a procurement office for buyer and Buying Agents usually receive a commission from buyer for their work.

* Selling through buying agents is advantageous for exporters also, as it helps in significant cost and time saving. Exporter saves in marketing cost and communication cost, overseas travelling cost etc.


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