Why Not To Become An Entrepreneur

How many articles have you read telling of entrepreneurs and their successes, earning them millions of dollars? The media are constantly reporting on the material benefits such as mansions, luxury cars and exciting travel that are earned by these Masters of their own destiny.

Many employees envy this lifestyle and yet most do not choose to follow the entrepreneurial path. We compare our own lives with those who have braved entrepreneurship and succeeded, and it seems that we have somehow failed. We should, however, take a closer look at the difficulties involved in such an endeavor and also at those who have not succeeded at all.

To begin, there are definitely aspects of a safe corporate job that you would miss.

Structure. Within any organization is a structure made up of systems such as inventory, Human Resources, payroll etc. These are necessary systems in place that you rely on in the corporate world everyday. As an entrepreneur, you would have to build these systems from scratch.

Steady Income. When you are an entrepreneur, your paycheck may not be as steady or as certain as you would like. The costs of running an enterprise would come before your personal needs.

Departmental Support. In the corporate world it would be rare that you would have to bear the responsibility for every function. Different teams can be called on for support. Alone, you would have to cope with a far greater workload.

Benefits. If you were running your own company, you would, at the beginning at least, have to do without health insurance, a pension scheme, sick leave and paid vacation.

Co-workers. Running a business alone could be very solitary. For employees it is comforting to know that others are sharing your experiences, but a lone entrepreneur has no one to enjoy even the excitement of closing a deal with. It may therefore be beneficial for you to have business partner.

Some of these points may seem trite, but it can be surprising how much they can affect you. You should however, not be discouraged. If you are willing to work hard until you have reached your goal, you will succeed where others have failed. Next time, we may look at the positive reasons to attempt entrepreneurship so that you may make an informed decision whether or not to go ahead and change your life


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