Why a Manager Fails to Delegate - Trust


Why a manager fails to delegate. It's Trust!

Professionally, from familiarity, I am unable to delegate specific tasks due to lack of trust, fear and past experiences. Fear of incompleteness and lack of attention to detail by employees or those under me within the past have set forth this mindset. I strongly believe in the saying, "trust no one, when it comes to business." I believe this to be true, especially when someone else's life or money is in my hands. As for a business owner and being once being a service-member of the DoD, I am able to recognize positive motivation from employees and encourage employees to clutch positive motivation. There is only so much I can do to encourage employees or those under me to be motivated. However, there are those who don't realize the concept of motivation.

A scenario for example, I distribute one task to each employee. Each task that each employee is given is similar in nature and so are their roles. I believe everyone deserves an equal chance. I provide the details of accomplishment, deadlines, and request updates. Within the week’s end, I request from each employee, an update. Some employees complete the task with perfection and some employees are merely not interested. From this I am able to recognize the followers and leaders. This provides a better opportunity for me to trust specific employees and train them to assume my occupational role. Why waste my time and money to train someone that is not interested in being trained? So I don't. But then again there are those times, when my personnel power is limited, and I am left to produce or complete a specific task myself. Why? Again, why should I trust someone else to do a task, when I know they can't produce within my expectations? Rather than asking someone else to do it, I would much rather do the task myself, save the time from accumulating errors, and and complete the task at a faster pace.

I compare the task of delegation to that of the television show, "The Apprentice." Everyone begins equally and each person is delegated a task. If you cannot keep up with the expectations and responsibilities delegated to you, then "you're fired." Completing a task yourself beats the chance of errors that others' delegated may deliver.

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