Why so many strategies fail in Internet Marketing?

Why so many strategies fail in Internet Marketing?

For each one that as success on the Internet there are many others that failed miserably. For each person or company who makes thousands of dollars with a good Internet marketing plan there are many others who have tried and failed. Why is this happening?

If you think about it the statistics should not be much different from any other business. In any industry there are those who succeed and those who try. And like any marketing activity in any medium, whether television, radio, newspapers or Internet, there are those who can monetize the investment and spending money. Here are some possible reasons for the failure in Internet Marketing Strategy:

1 - A poor or nonexistent business plan. If you go ahead with an investment strategy on the Internet must have a good marketing plan for this area. Set goals, milestones, budgets, etc..

2 - Do not follow the Marketing Plan. Did his marketing plan or business? So why not follow?

3 - Set short-term goals too ambitious. Probably seen some sites competing with thousands of pages, excellent content and knows he has to fight with them. Remember that they have these sites so they will have spent months or years to build it all. Do not want to equate them from one day to another. It is an ongoing process!

4 - Lack of knowledge
. As in any professional area, it is possible to succeed without knowledge? No! Do not try to do everything yourself. Seek professional help or invest in training.

5 - Do not invest enough. Costs are always an important factor, but if not-investing it is better not to invest anything. Why spend 5000$ in a great site and then fail to invest in strategies for raising visits? Why invest 100$ in a site if it fails to achieve its objectives. Take the 100$ and go out to dinner, are better invested!

6 - Lack of patience. Now that you have the site you want to see immediate results. It is a legitimate wish, but remember that Internet Marketing is not a science. You have to learn what works best in each company and target audience, what better way to achieve each objective. Make and test and redo!

7 - Bad choice of target. As in any business activity, fundamental and crucial. to imagine that did everything well and is having thousands of visits to your site, but if they are requests from people who are not your target audience will not get back.

8 - You do not have unique content. There are thousands, millions of sites with similar content. It must be highlighted in some way, but is just one.

9 - Lack of commitment. Success requires commitment. It is not enough to make the site or something and think, "I already have a strategy for internet marketing!" It takes dedication continued, change what is not well, invest more in what is right.

As I said earlier these reasons are equally valid for a strategy that is Internet Marketing. More and more I am convinced that the Internet Marketing follows exactly the same rules as conventional marketing said, just change the tools!

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