Earn Money Online!


Yes, you CAN earn money online!

To earn money online, it is imperative to set up some basic business operating venues, including:

  • How to get paid and/or pay others.
  • How to build income streams; find sites that pay in preferred venues.
  • Google tools and account.
  • Method of organizing your online activities, income streams, expenses.
  • Terms of Service (et al.); ensure familiarity of all sites of choice.
  • Taxes: How/when they will be paid.

Follow these basic steps for getting yourself started in your own home-based online income streams.

  1. Set up an account with PayPal or other payment collection entity (some sites offer to pay by check, as well--use caution).  You will need to give PayPal your SS number, telephone number, address, and other information, for security purposes.
  2. Set up a free Google account: Google offers a world of tools for Internet income-seekers. Get your free AdSense ID, which can be used to generate income (though small; unless your content gets noticed and goes "viral"). Also, Google Sites offers free websites. Easy to build, attractive, AdSense friendly; some HTML limitations, but good to work with. Then, there's Google-squared: Google-labs' attempt at helping to categorize, organize, slice and dice retrieved information into a 200 row by 12 column spreadsheet one-stop-shopping, link-filled, editable and otherwise handy Google tool. Perhaps not so much for making quick searches; but more for gathering research data resources. Google offers much more, as well.  You will need to give Google some private information, too.
  3. Sign up for the FREE memberships of legitimate paying sites. You will have to decide which sites are best for your needs. Use caution! There are many scams out there! My rule of thumb is "I should NOT have to pay for ways to earn money online!" There are many opportunities; and I hope I can create another lens to cover some of the ones I have personally found useful and lucrative enough to continue building them up.  Most of these kinds of sites require minimal 'private' information.  Most seem happy just to know your email address, though I've seen some that do ask for geographic address, too.
  4. Become familiar with Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and any other similar procedural policies of the websites you visit and wish to sign up with. If you plan to put duplicate content at several sites, be sure the site policies allow that. Otherwise, they are likely to suspend, and even close out your account.  This step is a tough one, I know.  Those T.O.S. and other site procedure guidelines can be lo-o-ong!  And tedious!  And jibberish!  And legalese!  And...and...yeah.  Get to know them anyway!
  5. Follow the instructions given in each site for their particular process for generating income. Some of the very-low-paying "pay to read" sites only pay about two cents for each email you read; which probably takes around 7 seconds to complete. Not very lucrative, but some sites do have "referral" payments, too; which means if others sign up using your referral ID, you collect a small amount of whatever THEY earn. I suppose over time, if you have a lot of friends who are willing to work for "nano-pennies", have at it! Other sites offer surveys; some pay cash, though most just pay in "points", which are transferable (in some cases) for cash or catalog items. Still other sites offer payment for original, non-plagiarized written, audio, and video content. Many of these kinds of sites pay through your Google AdSense ID. Some pay directly to you, through PayPal or other payment service; only a few pay by check.
  6. Keep track of things! It is important that you pay pretty close attention to some details of setting up your little "Home-Business". Mostly just to be sure you can meet the tax-man's requirements; but also to be sure you don't cheat yourself; and, it's just so much easier to manage, when things are in some purposeful, organized and otherwise conducive to comfortable and efficient control and management of your work routine.
  7. There is available software to help you keep track of things; or you can simply build your own Excel spreadsheet with all the pertinent info you need to help you manage it (i.e., login info, payment info, terms, affiliate links, and more). I have provided some more links (see Other Useful Links section below) for various web-tools and other business software available.
  8. Get paid! Hopefully, this will come without TOO much hesitation. But, be ready for some time to pass before things begin to seem like they're really hitting the jackpot out there in cyberspace; Don't forget...there's a lot of information out there on the net...your stuff has to rise to the top; or at least high enough to be noticed. Traffic building is another lens, I think; but, suffice it to say that there are a lot of ways you can bring some attention to your content and other online earning venues. Social networking sites are fast becoming the new "place to be". Getting closer and closer to real-time, all-time "connectivity". Heck, we might as well face it; we're gonna be "tuned in" 24/7/365 in some way, shape or form!

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, it IS simple to sign up and build the various income streams, but actually getting the money to start rolling in is a whole other issue. It takes strong commitment to stay on top of the various sites and their corresponding income streams; and it takes organization and attention to detail to keep it all from getting too confusing. Don't forget...the search engines like fresh, unique content, so there is some time requirement involved, in order to keep the fires going!


  1. Watch out for scams; one rule of thumb I try to follow is to do a separate search on the site name to see what comes up. Also, it sometimes helps to visit some of the discussion/forum sites like myLot, Helium, etc.; and look for other peoples' comments and stories.
  2. Keep track of the sites you join, including user names and passwords you setup, and the specific payment info for each site (minimum payout levels, pay by check, PayPal, E-gold, etc.).
  3. If you choose to build 'downlines' and decide to send mass emails, learn what spamming is all about first!
  4. Monitor and update and submit and contribute and participate in the various income stream venues you are signed up with.

Please feel free to offer your suggestions for my site in the "comments" section below.

Thanks for visiting...and good luck with your own endeavors to Earn Money Online!


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