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Work At Home Dads Blogging?  Like Pulling You're Hair Out!
Work At Home Dads Blogging? Like Pulling You're Hair Out! | Source

Be Afraid....Be Very Afraid of Blogging!

Whenever another work at home dad tells me he is going to "start blogging for a living" I feel a shudder come over me. I feel like grabbing them by the shoulders, looking them deep in their soul, and asking them if they know what they are saying. Once I see that moment of self-doubt, I start shaking them and yell, "No, run. Run. Get a resume together and find an office job!"

That's a recurring nightmare I've had lately. And while not at all true I think it gives you some reference to how I feel about blogging for a living as a work at home dad.

Blogging for money is a risk. It's hard work. It's the greatest decision a guy could make. Spend time with this kids, play with his spouse (wait, verb confusion there) with his kids, spend time with his wife.

The Risk

There's no guarantee that you're going to be able to make money with a blog. There's just not. Heck, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to make money with 25 blogs! But people will do it all the time, though. Start one, get sick of it. Start another one, ooops, no money. Start another one: Wait? there's no following for underwater marsupial earthen clay pajamas? Oh well, start another one...

You see where I'm going. If you're passion is writing there are plenty of other places you can find online to make money writing blog posts, articles, product design/review, etc. That's a safer bet. Blogs can wander blindly like a childhood game of Marco Polo in the vast pool of the web.

The Hard Work

Picture this: You have a job. It never sleeps. It never ends. There is no clock to punch to signify the end of the day. The job is always changing so you have to constantly study and educate yourself on it. There's no real magic formula so any success you have could just be luck.

Besides working at your job you then have to go and watch other people do theirs and then comment on how well or bad they're doing it just so you can get noticed. You have to scream to be seen. You have to do all your own hiring, PR, assembly, manufacturing, acquisition, and design. And then compete with millions of others doing all the same things. Yay! Sounds fun, right?

Blogging is all that, I'm sorry to say. Commenting and building back-links after the fun part (the actual blogging!) is done. Designing a site. Researching topics, niches, and keywords. Screaming at others to notice you by building content upon content, and page after page or posts to be indexed by the search engines when they have a moment of free time. Oh, and then competing with zillions of other blogs out there.

The Best Job In The World

It really is great, though. Honestly! Hey, it's ok fella'...I didn't mean to get you down. There's a bunch of great stuff about blogging that is the cat's meow.

Hopefully, you love writing and sharing valuable information. You get to stay home and work in boxers and a mustard stain on your shirt. You'll get to spend more time with your kids. And play more with your wife. (Dang it, there goes that verb confusion again. Oh well, I'm going to leave it this time. They really are interchangeable.)

The truth is that blogging for a work at home dad is just like any other job you've ever had. They all take hard work to succeed. There's always some risk. Few other choices of making a living, at home or otherwise, will give you the freedom to truly enjoy life with your family like blogging, though.

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