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Using blogs is about the easiest thing you can do online and work at home moms have already done so as they are easy to set up for free at the start and with a blog being a content management system it is also easy to write new blog posts which help in the search engines when new content gets indexed

Blogs are fast becoming a way to do business online and a blog focuses in on a niche that people interested in that niche would be interested in subscribing to, so focusing on a small niche would be good at the start and then you expand as the blog expands with new readers, so update your content at least 2 or 3 times every week, because the newest blog posts appear at the top of your archives for ease of reading.

The idea of making money with blogs is to add advertising in and around your blog content so that it appears above the fold which is the viewable part at the top of your screen without scrolling, Google adsense is the popular one to use, but there are others such as Chitika, Kontera, Bidvertiser, Text link ads and Widgetbucks to name a few and on some of them when someone clicks, then you could earn per click based on what the keywords are worth in the contextual ad.

Make sure to research your blogs topic further, to see if people really are interested in it, so you don't waste any time with blogging and you can get straight to the blogging business at hand, because when traffic comes to your blog, then ad earnings do increase, comments increase and of course other income streams can be added to increase your blogging income to, by streams I mean your own products such as ebooks, teleseminars and pod-casts.

Also there's a good reason why you should do research for your blog, so that you don't go into a broad niche which there is stiff competition and it would take some time to rank over other well established blogs, so just target your smaller niche and grow it from there, you'll find it's much easier.

Free blogging platforms like Wordpress and Blogger are ideal to start, but there are others to choose from, but blogger and wordpress are considered 2 of the best and you can buy a domain name and extra hosting for your blog if you are serious because you'll need to have a professional domain name and webhost space, because your blog will grow in bandwidth over time.

Your advertising will start to reflect your content,so for example, if your blog is about blogging tips, then your advertising will show ads related to blogging, so it's best to monetize your blog early on to test the effectiveness of your ads, so that later on your readers won't complain when you start to add in the monetization on their hopefully new favourite blog.

The best thing about contextual advertising is that once you place the code in the right places, then you just leave it there as it will update with new ads that are being paid for every single day, of course you'll need to test your ads positioning first and then leave it to start earning, the ads will earn varied amounts so maybe do some keyword research with the adwords external keyword tool.

Affiliate marketing with blogging works quite well too, as you can write targeted reviews that promote a product and you get a commission off that product when someone buys it, good solid recommendations are the best thing you could do for your blog with in text links and even a few choice banners in your blogs sidebar, this is a great way of generating income.

Lastly there are ways of getting paid per post if you write paid reviews which suggest products and services that could be related to your blog, although you do need an established blog to be accepted and it could add some extra income to your blogging efforts.

Blogging is a great way for work at home moms to try as it's low cost and you can do it straight in the comfort of your own home, so start your blogging.

 If blogging is not for you, then check out this highly popular website for Work At Home Moms and you'll find loads more ideas to start working from home.

Work At Home Blogging Mommy

Mom working at home blogging. image taken from copyright 2010.
Mom working at home blogging. image taken from copyright 2010.

Work From Home Mom Blogging 4 comments

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

Thanks for sharing an insightful Hub - I like the point you mentioned about finding a smaller Niche. Everyone seems to be writing similar topics. (including me. lol).

I'd like to find a different, smaller Niche - sometime soon.

Best Wishes.

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 6 years ago from UK Author

Cheers Lady E!

The smaller niche is where the moneys at I think, so lets go for it!

homebizmoms 6 years ago

you have a lot of good ideas for us moms to start with business at home. tell me more.

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 6 years ago from UK Author

There are many others and online businesses for moms are the best and cheapest option too.

Thanks for your comment!

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