Work At Home Mom Sewing Business

Work At Home Sewing

This work at home idea only works if you're handy with a needle and thread, because sewing businesses can take off from home when you're a work at home mom who enjoys sewing repairs or rather advanced sewing such as decorative patterns and other needlework.

Sewing repairs sound boring, but what if you know how to sew repairs and you got paid for it, wouldn't that be a great job, working from home as a stay at home, but working from home mom?

Once upon a time sewing was a skill that many women had, but now with the shift in working and the types of things today's society has put in place, sewing is becoming a lost skill, one that many are not being taught how to do it at school, sewing courses are being replaced by other stuff such as computer training and other common technology learning for the future, but there is that trend of sewing coming back in fashion with needle work hobbyists who do this in their spare time and really enjoy it.

But many people are also taking up sewing to cut down on their clothes costs and make clothes that they have now last longer, so some work at home moms can take this opportunity to do something that they know about and offer their sewing skills to the people who need repairs doing or they require some quality thread work design that they can't find elsewhere.

Believe it or not, there are some very profitable niches in sewing that there are some WAHM's making full time income already from their work at home sewing businesses and they did that by deciding on one niche focus to start with, a specialist area that they like and can continue with for the foreseeable future and also something that could be expanded upon, so for example you may have a knack for sewing women's dresses which may do well and later on down the line you may decide that you want to do some accessories such as hand sown handbags or machine sewn broaches.

But since it is a business you could go in any direction you want, such as curtains, pillows, repairs, hats etc, just remember if it's only you sewing the products then you have to set yourself some strict deadlines so you don't get bogged down with too much work that you set yourself and spread the work out, say do repairs as and when they come in and do everything else on the other days.

Some Work at home Moms may try their hand at home decor services which entails doing all manner of custom requests by the client and these could include everything that is material based within a house, such as cushions, kitchen blinds, net curtains and everything else.

Of course before you start advertising your services you will want to make sure you have some good start up materials and equipment first as that would be a bit silly if you didn't, a decent cheap sewing machine is essential for you to sew larger items much quicker, plus anything business related that you get can be tax deductible, so take this into account.

Prices are another thing to consider for the time you put into your work, if it's repairs then this could be a set price, but if it's something that you have threaded together and took over an hour,then you may want to add a reasonable price tag that reflects the time you put in against the overall cost of the materials, this is what's called as charging by the hour, but prices are something that can be worked on through time and experience of running your business for a few months.

As you are setting up a real business, you will need to start treating it like a business, so look into if there are any licenses that you need to run your business and keep a couple of books of all the expenses and actual income and as noted elsewhere any tax deductions that you can find use them and also try and find reputable wholesale seeing supplies as this will save you money in the long run.

If you are quite good at drawing or designing on paper you may want to design a business card to hand out to anyone you know and if possible leave them at certain places you visit, like the library, doctors or other public place to try and generate some interest, you may however want to target nurseries, schools and care homes as these are the top places that your Handy work will be appreciated and word will spread once people know your needle work.

A sewing business is one great way of making money online and offline for moms who stay at home and who want to work and enjoy something that they like to do daily.

Note: Be careful of any scams for work at home moms

Work At Home Mom Sewing Business

Work at home sewing.    Image copyright 2010.
Work at home sewing. Image copyright 2010.

Work At Home Mom Sewing Business 4 comments

homebizmoms 6 years ago

I dont know how to sew but reading your hub makes me think about it.good idea

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 6 years ago from UK Author

Sewing is just one trade that you can lern to do and there are many others out there....cheers now, I'll try to write some more!

micab 4 years ago

It looks intersting; and my partner is looking forward to start sewing from home. However, she is worring if she would get good market and with whom she could collaborate. We would be very grateful if you could kindly give us some more details and possible opportunities. Thanks for your time in advance!

bill 4 years ago

can you please give me some further details about his please

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