Making Money At Home, The Importance Of Your Home Office


Being a Work At Home Dad is kind of a privilege. Sure, we all work hard to be able to maintain that kind of luxury but we sometimes forget that it is the support around us that really allows us to do it successfully.

Having the kind of spouse and kids that understand that just because hubby/fiancé/daddy is home all day doesn’t mean he doesn’t work anymore. There are boundaries. One of those limitations should be controlled access to your work space, or your home office.

This My Work Space, This My Office

I am not talking about locking down your office like the vault at Fort Knox, or labeling it off limits. I’m talking about instilling the fact that when daddy is in the office he is at work and not playing video games all day. Unless you are playing video games, and in that case, well…make sure your password is secure!

Distractions In The Office

I strongly urge you NOT to have things like video games or, if it can be helped, a television. Personally, I like loud music to block out any sound. Of course, if you’re alone home with the kids then you’ll probably want to keep the volume at a level that still allows you to hear any fingers being accidentally being cut off or older siblings stuffing younger ones in the clothes dryer.

As far as distractions go, it is usually hard enough to keep off of analytics and sales reports instead of actually writing or selling…

Accoutrement In the Work At Home Office

I think this will differ for different people but I think the common necessities would be a computer, a desk, scrap paper and maybe a coffee pot. Don’t get too fancy, here. Stephen King tells a story in On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft about how when he first started writing he bought this bowling alley size oak monstrosity of a desk…yet, he didn’t feel any more like a writer than he did when he was balancing a kid’s desk on his knees in the laundry area of a trailer.

You don’t need much. You just need to write. What is most important is that you have a work area that you can consider your home office!

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