Work From Home Dads, Stay At Home Heroes

Come on over to Blogging For Dads and join the revolution!
Come on over to Blogging For Dads and join the revolution! | Source

Work At Home Dads, A Special Breed

I've written before about how I think work at home dads are a special breed. The truth is, though, that many people looking in at us think we're lazy. That we just can't hold down a regular job. We don't like to work. We can't handle the structure. Phooey, I say. That's why I started this whole new movement over at Blogging For Dads.

See, I think that there is a whole other piece of the pie that people are missing about work at home parents. And let's face it, most of those negative ninnies who are saying that we just can't hack a "real job" are just wicked jealous. But back to my new movement...

There is an entirely different demographic of work at home dads that people are missing-evne other stay at home dads. These are the "go-to-work, come-home-and work" people. Sure, same goes for work at home moms, too.

The reason these people are special in my eyes are:

  • They put their family's needs above all else.
  • Working two jobs, one away and one from the house, is just the oppositte of lazy.
  • We aren't out to make some extra baseball card or scotch money-the money we're making is to provide more for our families.
  • We want to be home with our kids and go to games, plays, recitals and the occasional lunch
  • Work at home parents actually like their spouses and don't "escape" their households under the guise of the office.

So That's It, That's My "Work At Home Parent Revolution"

We're not like many other parents. It's sometimes awkward to explain to people, especially at neighborhood barbecues, that we blog for a living. At least for me it is. I don't have the patience to explain it to people. I direct them to my blog and tell them that if they want to learn how to make legitimate money at home and on the internet, then it's a pretty good source of information and motivation.

If you want to worry about tomorrow's commute though, don't bother me right now...I'm hanging with my kids!

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