Work at home jobs. Do they really pay off?

Read this before you try these sites

I can't tell you how many work at home jobs I have recieved in my inbox. But I can tell you this. They don't work. I have spent more time doing surveys claiming to offer cash and points toward merchandise. I have tried them all. I never recieved any compensation for any of them. That is unless of course you participate in their "free" offers which if you complete all the requirements they ask you too, can wind up costing you more in the long run. There are only two that I saw would actually compensate you in some way. One of them is Nielson home scan. If you qualify, they send you a scanner and all you have to do is scan the barcodes from the purchases you make and submit them to the company. They do give you points to recieve their merchandise from their online catalog. Problem is you really have to be dedicated and if you have the time, it's great. I didn't really have the time to scan everything and it wasn't worth it for me in the long run. The other is mystery shopping which sends you to banks to pose as a potential customer looking to get a loan. They give you all the details and what to say and then they pay you after the assignment is complete. The problem for me is that most of these banks are not in my area. So if you like to drive, this one is for you if you are looking to make 40 or 50 extra bucks per assignment. Please, Please, google the web sites before you start anything. There are alot of people out there that have had the same experiences and will tell you if it is worth it.

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