Work At Home Scams

Work At Home Scams

When anyone looks online for work or even offline they always come across scams that try and trick them into taking part and they do this with ease by promising over night earnings or with little work on their part and these are the tell tale signs of a work at home scam and it can be quite frustrating for those who want to find a legitimate opportunity only to find these scams, but unfortunately the scam artists rely upon you thinking like this and they know that you'll sign up to them and pay the amount to get started.

Now if you are a work at home mom, then you naturally will have a bit of time on your hands, of course with all the tedious housework out of the way and the kids being seen to ready for school etc, but because most moms prefer to be at home, they are targeted as such by the scammers as a target market, because they like work at home dads are targets for these scams to continue.

But if you go about things in the right way, such as doing a little bit of research, then you'll find something that isn't a scam, because there are legitimate ways of making money online and work at home moms have just as good a chance to do that as anyone else, so to start with an area of interest that you know well is a good path to go down.

But what others do recommend is find legitimate jobs boards or work at home moms (WAHM) sites where they discuss what has worked for them and what earning opportunities are out there that are genuine, as there will be some that have done some of the leg work and tryed some opportunities and they'll tell you if they have been successful.

As you should know, there are no get rich quick ways of making money, so get them thoughts of earning simply overnight out of your head, working online especially takes time and effort to build up some earnings, but it is worth it to try and build online presences anywhere you can and involve yourself in the interests that you know a lot about.

Actually the only people who may be getting rich quick are the scammers who say that you can earn within 24 hours on their ads as somebody somewhere will fall for it hook line and sinker and one of the things that you should know about working form home is that you shouldn't have to pay to do a job, because that in itself doesn't make sense, you don't go for a real in person job interview and the employer asks you to pay $97 for the job and finding work online is no different, run a mile if you see these ads that say this.

Additionally there are many free advertisements which promise jobs and then you click from one to the other and you realise that they are all the same which are dead end job leads that go to lists of the same jobs where you have to pay a set fee or even training to get the job and at the end of it, there may be no job.

Many scams will try and do the internet marketer thing of adding presurrized action words like sign up now or act now which a legitimate job wouldn't do, because they would want a good person for the job, they wouldn't want someone who has crap english or not english as there first language, so look out for these too.

Other ways of the above are a time senstive rush in, which is just basically a timer that is supposedly counting down nefore the offer of a job runs out, which is just ridiculous, but people still fall for it and go straight for the purchase of the product that will get them the job and then they find out they only get a list of job leads that expect you to buy something from them and yes guess what it's another list.

The Better Business Bureau website is our best bet to do some research on any businesses that have had complaints made against them and this is very useful, as others will be pissed off with the companies and they will be able to relate some of that decision making power to you as a work at home mom.

Some of the most popular scams are still running and in business in some form or another and have been around for years, it's these that should be avoided, here are the scams to avoid.

Stuffing envelopes is a con were you more than likely have to pay for a starter kit which is the daftest notion, although you don't see much of this type of scam much, because the bulk of the scams take place online, usually with stuffing envelopes you have to do a set amount then place your own ads with the kit you got so in effect you become a scammer too, which is nice!

Paid to read emails is a similar scam as it simply doesn't pay.

Making crafts, this is a classic way of the scammers getting you to buy the assembly kits and then you fix them up, spend ages getting glue on your fingers and then you return the crafts in return for payment and they trun round and say they are not up to the set standard, so you've lost money and they sell your crafts for cold hard cash anyway.

If you look really hard out there, you will find that there are real opportunites for the work at home moms to make some money and stay away from the scams that only promise one thing and that is to empty your purse of your house keeping money.



Work At Home Scams

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