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You've probably exhausted an entire day or week looking for work at the usual writing markets, but have you ever tried looking for work at sites like and I bet you haven't.

Simply put, is a venue for students (undergrad or graduate students) looking to gain experience in the "real world" before taking on a job. Sometimes, though, an intern can gain a full-time job from their intern job.

So, what will you find at You can find paid, unpaid, part-time, full-time internships across different cities and states in the United States. As I'm not from the United States, I asked their support team whether I can be eligible for a virtual internship since I'm a grad student. Although majority of the internships was meant for students in the US, the decision would ultimately rely on the company or institution. I could submit an application and just tell the company honestly that I'm a grad student from the Philippines looking for a virtual internship (since there really isn't such thing in my own country).

Internships aren't the only thing you'll find on this site, though. You can look for entry-level or student jobs. This site has a great list of internships or jobs for writers. I've browsed through the listings and have even seen renowned publishing houses looking for virtual interns. Imagine that! Even if some of the internships don't pay you, you can get a college credit, and work experience (with references!) from reputable companies. is one of my most favorite sites. You'll find openings for jobs, volunteers, and internships, and announcements for events or organizations. There are listings for local (US) or remote (worldwide) jobs. What's great about is that the jobs they list are geared for development (peace, education, aide, environment, social change, etc.) so the site aims to connect realistic idealist people and organizations.

This isn't a site for a quick buck, though. This is a place to meet new people, like-minded folk, and even make a difference in other people. It's especially a great place for virtual or online volunteering. You can also write for Idealist. It's not a paid guest post, but you can help people how to find jobs or ways to develop good work skills.

Which site had you used to get an internship or a job?

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