How to write an excellent resume if you have no or little experience.

Your resume can help you succeed!

Really stop and think, make notes, and with just a few hours work you will have a captivating resume that will stand out to prospective employers!

Look at the past:

What are your major accomplishments in school, jobs you did have, special projects, volunteer positions? You can list these in an "Accomplishments" section of your resume.

Were you ever trusted with something in a previous position (volunteer, school, family business, or previous job) i.e. keys, opening/closing, cash register, only employee in a store? Make sure to list these in the job/volunteer/school descriptions. They show that you are trustworthy.

Have you ever had your own business as a child or young adult (no matter how small, i.e. lawn mowing, babysitting, selling plants, cookie stand)? Add these in as jobs, word them to highlight that you started your own small business, and give the dates that you did it.

Did you help out with a family business or help your parents at work? Make sure to add this!

Did you do any internships in school?

Did you do any extra curricular activities that could translate into a business skill? Did you start or run a club?

Look at your skills and strengths in a business context:

What skills do you have that employers want to see?

Some ideas include: computer skills, programs, ability to learn new computer programs, typing, 10-key (take an online test to find out what your speed is), phone skills, are you good at helping customers, do you love to talk to people, finish big projects, are you focused, energetic, have excellent math, reading, or writing skills, good communication skills (written or verbal or both), the ability to work on multiple things at once?

Make a list of these and then write them out for a "Skills" section of your resume.

Training/Classes/Seminars: Think back to any education you have had that may be important to a prospective employer. Even if it was a 1 hour lecture or course. Make a list of these and add an "additional" training section to your resume. Examples include: Computer courses, classes on industry information (real estate, finance etc.), languages, customer service, etc.

Listing previous jobs:

Do not give a laundry list of the duties. Only list duties out on your resume if you are applying for a similar position, or if the duties were abnormal for that type of position. Only list duties that highlight if you were a trusted employee, had gradually increasing duties, or if they are an accomplishment or highlight your skills/experience in some way. i.e. you would not want to list opening mail, and sending faxes for an office assistant position, but you would want to list if you revamped the filing system, or were trusted with the bank deposits.

Make sure to put at least the month and year, job title, and company name for each. It looks very unprofessional to list just the year if you have only a few jobs.

If you have had very few jobs, you should list every position that you held, even if not for very long, but keep the descriptions brief.

List volunteer positions and internships: List these in chronological order with job listings, just add "volunteer" or "intern" to the job title.

Re-word it! Look at what you have left and look at how it is worded.

"Helped customers" becomes "provided excellent customer service"

"Worked in store alone" becomes "responsible for entire store operations during my shift"

"Answered phones" becomes "answered and routed all incoming calls on a busy 4 line phone system"

Careful with the Objective: (or take it out altogether) Make sure your objective highlights things about you that a future employer would want, and fits the position you are applying for. Also, if you are looking for employment in a certain area, or for only part time, temporary etc, make sure to list these. Examples include:

"To obtain a position in a small company where there is an opportunity to use my strong customer service skills, and an opportunity to learn about real estate." - this one highlights a skill, targets it to a small real estate company, and shows that you are eager to learn new skills.

"To obtain a long term position in a company that will be able to utilize my customer service and computer skills, and that has opportunities for growth and advancement." - this one highlights two skills, and would show that you are interested in career growth, and want to find a company to help build your career.

References: At the end of the resume say that references are available on request, and have a printed page ready to hand out. The rule is to list at least 3 business references and at least 1 personal reference.

If you do not have 3 past jobs, look for other types of business references. Past volunteer positions, school teachers, coworkers, neighbors, or other people that are not your friends and family that you know in other contexts.


Do not say you are a "quick learner." Almost everyone with very little experience adds this somewhere, and it is impossible to guess which people actually are. You can highlight your ability to pick up things quickly, by adding content specific sentences to your resume. (i.e. if you learn new computer programs quickly, add this after skills or computer skills, if you picked up or learned something else very quickly, highlight this in your resume.)

Do not have spelling/grammar mistakes. Use the spell check, read, reread, and have someone else read your resume until you are sure you have no mistakes. You can not say you have good communication skills, or good computer skills if your resume has errors on it.

Do not have inconsistent formatting. This will quickly show that your computer skills are not up to par, and more often than not the employer will not actually even read the resume if the formatting is inconsistent, has errors, or is hard to follow.

Do not list anything that is going to seem overly personal to someone that does not know you, and does not apply to the position.

Do not send the same cover letter for every position. Pay very close attention to the qualifications in the advertisement or job description. Make sure you address every one in your cover letter.

Do not send the same resume for every position. Look at the job description, research the company, and add and remove parts of your resume to highlight your major skills in context to the company and the job you are applying for. If you have too many skills listed, it will seem unrealistic and be tedious to read, if you have just a few, and they are targeted to the position you are applying for, you have a better chance at being the ideal candidate! At the very least change your objective to match the position. I can not tell you how many applicants I have not looked at twice just because their objective did not match the position I was hiring for.

Unless I get a totally overwhelming response, I will review anyone's resume and recommend changes, re-wording, additions, etc as long as they have already followed my advice here! Please let me know if you are willing to let me post the edited version (without your name) for other people to use for examples!

Second Article to come: Tips to building your resume before you have the experience!

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sseb 7 years ago

thanks for the info sir. It helps me a lot! I'm a graduating student, hopefully.I'm bothered because i dont have enough knowledge to make an interesting resume but now because of the knowledge you've shared little by little i'm having an idea on how to come up for my resume.Your knowledge is a big part for my start. God bless you!

boberto profile image

boberto 7 years ago

Is it worth mentioning bar jobs if you were assistant manager there? or is it best leaving out anything unrelated to the job you're applying for?

Great hub and some good advice, im applying for jobs at the moment so I might just use some of your tips on resume.

tianexx 7 years ago

I guess I have a much better resume now.Thank you for the informations you've shared. I hope you can have more posts on helping fresh graduates to have a job in midst of global financial crisis

gina 7 years ago

thank you it realy help me a lot!!

knowledgeispower profile image

knowledgeispower 6 years ago

Thanks for the excellent tips on how to write a fine resume.


lovebuglena profile image

lovebuglena 6 years ago from Staten Island, NY

Very useful hub you have here. Thanks for sharing.


Coder 6 years ago

Very informational, thanks for posting all of this, very helpful!! :-)

mrngorickets 5 years ago


Tks very much for post:

I like it and hope that you continue posting.

Let me show other source that may be good for community.

Source: Experience resume

Best rgs

rajeshvijayasekar profile image

rajeshvijayasekar 5 years ago from Chennai, India

Excellent ideas. Came to know what should be added and what not to be added. Especially the "Quick learner" phase to be omitted is a fantastic point.

shanice martinez 4 years ago

so nice a have many learning's when i read it


shawn 4 years ago

Hi hello elizabeth, That were really awesome tips posted by you. This post will be really helpful for those freshers looking out to craft their resume for the very first interview.

Also checkout this link for more examples of resumes

Dlamini buhle princess 11b inkomazi high 4 years ago

Thanks for your knowledge that you give us it really helps be blessed

K_tran1199 4 years ago

Thanks for the article! Very helpful!

I am having trouble putting knowledge of information you learned independently on a resume. Can you please give me a tip on how I go about doing that?

If i majored in one discipline and read a textbook on another unrelated subject, where would I put that? Thanks in advance!

eric-carter profile image

eric-carter 4 years ago from Fulham, UK

Great hub! Thanks for sharing

Anadirunika 3 years ago

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S.M. 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing!!

Mr.Brown 2 years ago

First of all I would like to thank you for the extensive information that you provide in this article. Tips for writing resumes are of fundamental importance for all first-time job seekers. For me it's very important to write a very good resume, because I think it increases my chances to get a job. I found some important information on this blog as well Thank you for your time that you devoted to our newbies.

Johng982 2 years ago

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Rosie Perez 20 months ago

Great article! I was wondering what do you think about using creative resume templates? I am not from US and looking for a job. I like the creative resume templates on or I believe it's the same company as they have the same templates. And they are easy to edit as they are for Microsoft Word. Your thoughts? Thanks!

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