A day in the life of a telemarketer

Thinking of being a telemarketer ?What Job suits me ?

Are you thinking about taking a job as a telemarketer but not sure how you will be with the job ?There are diferent many diferent options to choose from when you choose to be a telemarketer .

You can work as an Inbound operator where you recieve the phonecalls and help people with their problems such as emergancy calls for 000 or other business like car breakdowns , insurance queries etc.

With this you will be trained and the good news is that you are not being abused by potential customers.

Outbound where you phone people to conduct a survey or arrange appointments.

Then there are the Sales calls where you try pressure people over the phone to buy a holiday/wine / a phone service etc.

Doing surveys over the phone can be ok if people have the time .

Making appointments for companies is an interesting one .

Which sounds more along your line of work ?

What hours would you like to work ?

Do you like picking your hours every week to get to do the activities you like during the week?!

Could you spend all day on the phone ?
Could you spend all day on the phone ?

Outbound sales telemarketer

If you are in a city there is a chance you can work in telemarketing on behalf of a charity .

The benefit to this position is you can choose your hours as long as 15 hours in the week are after 5pm + saturday.

The days are split into 3 shifts.Along the lines of




So you can choose to work 15 hours up to 50 hours a week as long as you choose your shifts early enough , this is great for students going to Uni , mums in fact nearly everyone !

Jobs in Australia

There are many telemarketing jobs in Australia however I am mainly looking at jobs in Perth.

There is a job going in West Perth at the moment working for Merchant Sampler.

They do go through a large amount of staff due to the fact there is not sufficent training and only give you a few hours trial

Look for jobs with a company name you know where you will recieve proper training and a fair go!

A typical day as a telemarketer !

We would turn up early so we could choose the seat and chair we wanted , log into our computer with our special code then make a coffee, have a chat .

8.25  AM we were told to be sitting ready to start our calls .

It was done automatically so you needed to be ready to say hello to whoevers name came up on the screen !

We would make repeated calls until it was morning teatime.

We then went back to our computers repeating the same process until lunchtime.

There would be some that worked every morning, others liked afternoons and ones like myself that tried to do as many 10 hour days as possible.

They would vary the charity we would be working for , however we were always selling raffle tickets at this particular place/

Friday evening to try encourage workers would be free pizza night!

Skills needed for telemarketing

You need to be a clear speaker so you can be understood and not frustrate the person on the end of a line.

Be able to realise that the rude person isnt attacking you personally - they would be that way whoever called their house at that time.

Tact is needed , sometimes the person you are calling for has just died so be aware of this.

Patience is required as you spend a lot of time sitting there repeating yourself over and over and over again................................... !


Fullerman5000 5 months ago

I worked in a call center and it is true that when on the phone a smile changes the tone to a positive feeling. it makes for great conversations and a chance to better yourself.

Where to find a telemarketing job

Look up www.seek.com.au or www.mycareer.com.au if in Australia or just go to google and type in telemarketing jobs wherever you are .


Great telemarketing tips !

The Interview

Here are some tips for you !

Be aware it is often a group interview for telemarketing.

There could be 10 in the room and 3 might get chosen so you need to stand out.

Often they will get you to do a practise run on the phone inhouse so make sure you are ready for this.

You could be asked what you have to offer the company.

What is your favourite charity and why ?

When are you available -- try to be available as much as possible without neglecting study or family.

SMILE__ Be friendly and polite .

Talk to others. show you work well in a team.

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