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She told me

So you want to make money on Hub pages !

It seems we need to join a million other sites to get people here so I went searching for a site called She told me that I had read about to promote hubpages on.

She Told Me is a Digg-like with a 100% AdSense Revenue Sharing program. This is how to promote a blog or website while earning money at the same time.

Its a website you can use to create back links to your blogs, or articles. The site is rather new

and seems to be very popular

I signed up then had to wait a week to find out if I was accepted , finally recieved an email.

How it works.

You provide an url ( say of your profile or a good hub )

A heading or title

and a write up about the subject .

It is good of course to make use of keywords that will attract attention to your article.

Be descriptive and talk about making money online,

writing for money

hubpages etc.

This should provide you with more viewers coming to read your hubs or website.

There is money to be made referring other people to the site using your unique code. .

We all like to tell others about a great movie we have seen or

a new restaurant

great travel destination

wonderful hairdresser

new gadget

so why not get onto She Told Me and tell everyone about the new hub you have written !

Use other sites as well

 Spread your link everywhere, to your online friends, your visitors, forums, blogs, twitter, everywhere!


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