Your Complaints about Being Broke Stop Here!

Are you always complaining about being broke? Seriously, do you not think it is time to start rejoicing about being rich? Or, at least stop complaining about being broke, having little or no money can be a very difficult thing but if you really want to just stop being broke and start making money get started on a couple of these things.

Writing for Revenue Share Sites

You won't become a millionaire overnight doing this but, you will get some pocket change from it. Sign up tp Triond, Hubpages and Xomba. Start writing for these sites now and see your earnings increase


There are so many people making serious money on YouTube now. If you sign up and start making interesting videos and attracting viewers you could sign up as a partner. Meaning you get a percentage of the advertising revenue when people click on ads. Not bad, since it can't be too hard to put together a decent video.

Online Freelancing

Sign up to sites like, Odesk, Elance and I writer. You might get low paying work from some of the clients on these sites, but hey it is a start. I always say that slow money is better than no money at all. You will gain valuable experience and it will teach about the world of freelancing. So, instead of sitting at home wondering where your next penny is going to come from. Get online and start making some money!

Sell your Stuff

Why not sell some of your old stuff on eBay, Amazon and Craiglist You will be surprised at how much money you could make just selling your old stuff. So get selling! Here are some ideas of things that you could sell.

Old books

Old Clothes

Old shoes

Old CD'S

Old video games

Bric and brac

Old paintings

Old jewellery

Old posters

Old electrical items

Take a look through some of the clutter in your house and start making something out of it.

Affiliate Marketing

Again, you are not going to become rich doing affiliate marketing overnight. However, if you learn the techniques and stick to it you really could make a good living for yourself. At the end of the day you have to start somewhere, remember a journey of a million miles really does start with one step.


Think of an idea and make it happen, you never know an idea that seems silly could make a fortune online. So, why not try it out?

So, instead of waiting for that golden egg to fall on your head start somewhere! Get something out of the Internet and start making money today.

Believe in yourself, nothing is impossible.

Keep the Faith

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