Your first impression

Why to give so much importance to first impression

It’s a human nature that everyone wants to be good in others sight and we know that first impression for every new person entering our life matters. We gives importance to first impression when we don’t want to something lose due to defective impression in our first meeting.

Mostly I had observed that first impression is mostly needed when we want

A job and go for a job interview

A life partner and present ourselves to them who are concerned

A business work with a good business party

Go to a new environment and met new people

How first impression works

Some people still in the 21st century doesn’t believe that first impression works too much or they have to give it so much importance. I think there are several strong reasons to give first impression a place in your relations and interactions with others, when you meet new one you need first impression

When you met someone first time and give your good look, express what you are and what you want automatically you want to polish all these things along with polish shoes to make you look good , you focus on how good you are in your talks, works and purpose. First impression is not a thing which can be gained by just reading and applying, it’s actually an art and everyone creates its own art, own impression.

If the observer finds a quality in you, in your work, in your look, in your talks, in your personality then the chances are greater that he/she accepts as you want and agree with you. You will have also advantages of presenting in nice and established way.

I think you have also judged in your daily life that the person or the object which creates great look for you in first sight is more attractive then those to whom you first see in raw form, might they boost later but left a crack in your mind, actually its human nature to be impressed first from the attractive ones.

How much first impression matters in your life?

Job life

You can get a good job if you give good impression on an interview

You can settle in your job if your first looks and behaviors suit others

You can make your job easier if you deal good with your boss/ officer and give him/ her good first impression

Personal life

You can impress others from start

You can generate stronger relations by giving a good start

You can introduce yourself better by giving better impression to others and give them an impression that you are successful and mature

Business life

First impression gives your deals an easy way to be done

It gives your business some times gifts that are of any kind and any nature depending upon your business but comes to you just due to a major reason that you succeed to make a good impression

Education life

Your first day, first attitude, first behavior includes first impression in that life, it matters greatly for a student

Your first academic reports, your first tests create a useful impression on teachers and other students

Does first impression related to future?

Every experienced person know how much ones future depends on first impression, actually if one can create good impression as early as others precept finally about him/her, chances of success in that environment increases, we can say that first impression is a type of warrantee about our future.


Preferably you have to contact the experienced ones to get answer to that common but unbelievable question

I asked to an associate professor, a senior engineer, a marketing manager and a journalist they agree with me that “first impression is the last one” but a psychiatrist says that it may depends upon situation that first impression works or later your performance makes you good.

As for as I studied that mostly first impression go over your later things while in some cases the canal flows backward.

A tool which can’t be ignore by successful persons

Making a good first impression

If you want to do it effectively you must have to follow some tips, although techniques to give a great first impression sometimes may differ due to difference in situation and requirements.

I will try to point out the general points that can be applied to almost all situations with little amendment

Look and dressing

First impression mainly depend upon what you wear and how you wear because the first thing others observe about you is your dressing your look, that’s the impression which you can give before going near to them, before you talk and before you give any other impression. We can say that look and dressing are the first impression of the first impression.

Chose your dress according to the requirements, simplicity polishes what you wear, chose the nice and decent colors, don’t be casual imagine what you precept if someone dress just like you, try to place yourself on the observer’s place then you get that what to do and what not.

Look doesn’t means your dressing just its also includes your face, hairs etc, so try to give them a professional, wise or gentle look as you need.

Talking style

Second thing is the way you talk, your voice

Talking tips and techniques to impress others by your talk are to need to be focused

Quality to speak in nice way needs to practice for some days


Your face expressions works along with the your look, hold on them, don’t shy or don’t be so over

Body language also needs a practice and keen attention to the odds and evens you find in you.


Try to precept what the observer feeling and how he/she wants you to deal with him/her. Try to understand them and then react accordingly. It depend on your mind and wisdom how you impress others in first meeting; it’s an art you can create your own style, expressions to make a great first impression on others.

8 things to remember for a good first impression

Dress good and simple

Look good and fresh

Use body language effectively

Use your face expressions

Keep an inspirational style of standing or sitting

Use wise talk techniques give pauses and go easy what you want to say

Use your perception abilities along with all to follow up what observer is feeling

Try to take control on every of your feeling and expression

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