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Being an RJ

Being an RJ
Radio Jockey Career
Voice modulation / training

Radio jockey jobs(Where to apply)

The radio boom - that was seen in the from of transformation from AM (amplitude modulation) channels to FM (frequency modulation) channels - witnessed a new industry rising. This gave opportunity to various private players such as Radio Mirchi, Radio Mid-Day, Red FM, Radio City, etc. As a result, there has been resurgence in the popularity of Radio City, etc. As a result, there has been resurgence in the popularity of Radio. This FM boom has thrown open a number of avenues and opportunities to young, energetic and enthusiastic who have an ear for music and a passion to entertain. The profession of Radio Jockeying has just taken off in India and the demand for Radio Jockeys is likely to shoot up in the coming years as 10 more new FM channels are proposed.

For being an RJ its not essential that one must only have a very good and clear voice but what is more essential is that whoever is listening to him must get a feeling that this person speaking on radio is giving voice to my own heart. That means a good radio jockey should reach straight to the heart of his audience and voice their feelings. Moreover he should be a true music lover and could connect heartily with the music and lyrics of the songs being played. What is meant to be said is that song which is to be played must be prompted in such a way that even one who dislikes the song starts liking it.

Essentials for an RJ

Be yourself: Create your own image. Don’t try to imitate anyone. Be clear about your likes

and dislikes.

Talk one to one: A Radio jockey should converse in such a way that one who is listening to him should feel as if The RJ is talking only to him. That means RJ should not address the masses but to a single person.

Get to the meat of the link: RJs who speak more become very boring so a good RJ should have an ability to convey his thoughts or whatever he want to say in minimum words that too impressively .He should be able to paint a picture before the audience with his words.

Some more essentials for being a good RJ


RJ is all about music. Thus, Intensive knowledge of music is precondition to be RJ


RJ should carry vivacious personalityand should be young from heart and who loves talking to people and believe in its own performance. RJ is original and has own style.The language he speaks is very normal but he treys to spice it up so that what he presents comes out differentlyand sounds interesting to the listeners. The foremost condition of RJ nature is hanging your shyness, embarrassment, inhibition and reserve nature in your wardrobe. Simply come out of it and make yourself open.


Modulating voice should be your style of speaking. Monotones speech in single flow without any ups and downs will make you to lose your audience. So sound different every time. A friendly and interesting voice is a necessary attribute, but not an all-sufficient one. Research your own script and break it into interesting modules.


Lifeline of radio chatting is humour. Jokes or mimicry helps you further. Saying something witty and very direct way to say will leave a mark on your audience. Do something that's normal and at the same time that has not been done in radio before.


Radio jockeying is not only garrulous and whimsical remarks.So be resourceful about the information that people generally miss It is about delivering important news and keeps people well informed for the happenings. So always be resourceful.

Be Friendly!

The listeners should be able to relate to you. Why would they want to listen to a stranger? Try to be one among them and always be a friend so that they can relate to you. You need to listen to somebody who is a friend of us. Be like how kids talk in schools and guys talk in colleges, how friends talk when they are going out to eat or drink.

The competition is tough and it takes more than a good voice to woo the audience. There are some who believe that RJ is born and not made. General advice is to listen to a lot of radio, try to put yourself in the shoes of listeners, try to come up with innovative ideas, use oodles of wit and pack your voice with energy.

So to say

A RJ should be able to create bond with the listener, should be friendly, spontaneous, warm, and have a good voice and good command over the language. Youngsters are preferred as they have new ideas and concepts and are bubbling with enthusiasm. A radio jockey must have good voice with perfect modulation, diction and clarity while speaking 'on-air'. Apart from these the following would be added advantage:
 S/he would be well read and knowledgeable,
 should be well acquainted with current trends and fashion,
 should know current who's who,
 should have command over spoken words and able to use easy-to grasp language/dialect,
 could chat with the guest in the studio or audience over telephone,
 able to operate modern electronic gadgets like editing consoles and computer.

Possessing some basic qualities are not sufficient. As the competition in the market are fierce therefore a systematic training is required in order to achieve perfection . There are many Institutions that are providing theoretical and practical know-how for being a good radio jockey. Some of them are listed below. The list is indicative as there are many more that provide trainings.
1. Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi (Radio and TV Journalism)
2. Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, website: www.jmi.
3. Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, www. (Radio Journalism/ programme production (Hindi/English) .
4. MCRC, Osmania University, Hyderabad.
5. The Delhi Institute of Communication, website: www.
6. MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, website:
7. Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, website:
8. Xavier Institute of Communi-cation, Mumbai website:
Career Opportunities
The career opportunity for a radio-jockey or programme presenter is increasing day-by-day with the advent of private FM channels, community radio stations and government owned local FM radio stations (LRSs) of All India Radio. The government in its phase-II expansion plan of FM radio has given license to as many as 337 FM radio stations in 91 cities. That means every major city is going to have more than one FM channel in the very near future. Metro cities are already having two or more FM channels.
The Indira Gandhi National Open University is also going to recruit its own announcers/compere for their exclusive radio channel Gyanvani. A radio jockey may earn from Rs. 8000=00 to 15000=00 depending upon the ability and skills and fulfilling the requirement of the employer.
Apart from the regular employment, there are opportuni-ties as casual or part time announcers or compere.


Voice is God Gifted, yes it true and fact, but it can be trained, this also a fact. Nobody is a born singer or narrator or voice artiste, yes he/she may have a sweet, melodious voice by birth but still his/her voice needs to be trained enough to modulate, variate and able to perform professionally for required time. I am here to tell you about tips on how to improve your voice ( for voicing, dubbing, mimicry) so that you are able to have more base, uncharred, rhythmatic voice and have some control over your throat to produce variation and modulation in your voice as and when necessary. What ever you want to become in voicing arena, be it voice over artiste, dunning artist, mimicry artiste, performing actor, you need to modulate your voice according to the mood of the script. This is the first requirement of being a professional voice artiste. Anyway, lets begin with the training.

1. Like what a singer does every morning called "Riyaaz" you should also do the same every morning. You can take "Sa" only of Sa Re Ga Ma and then take a deep breath and start reciting "Sa" with your full base voice till your breath ends. Keep in mind you have to inhale fully and should go on saying "Sa" till the end of your breath in a continuous pitch without any breaks, variation or modulation of your voice. This will not only help you in having good base voice but also increase your voicing stamina.

2. If Main/Lead Voice Over is your target, you should everyday practice at least two scripts with proper diction, pronunciation, modulation (as & when). If you do not have the stamina you may lose your voice in a lengthy script, that is your voice may be bold, enthusiastic, fresh in the first quarter of the script and may get tired or becomes low in the end. This is called the stamina of Voice, to remain one till the end specially in the case of background lead voice overs or narrators for documentaries or audio visuals. Similarly for other voicing fields, mimicry, stand up comedy, cartoon dubbings, simple dubbings etc. Record your voice everyday and listen. Everyday you will notice some improvement.

3. Yoga plays a very important role in keeping your throat & voice healthy. Everyday chanting of "OM" for 10 minutes will give similar positive results as mentioned in point number one. You can also perform other Asanas for throat as "Singasana" and "Bharamri Pranayam" which will clear your throat and keep you away from all problems.

4. One more Yog asana which is the most effective is 'Ujjhayani Pranayam' where full throat is contracted inside, and a sound is produced in reverse, that is you are producing sound by inhaling in through nose but throat is fully contracted and lips closed. When you breathe in fully, after that you release your throat muscles and release the breath through the left nostril, by holding the right nostril with your right thumb. A very effective way to exercise your tonsils.

5. To have a good feel of your voice and make it more fluent, one of a prestigious voice artiste once told me his secret which I am sharing with you, to speak 'om' or simple 'Aaaah' in an earthen pot or a 'mutka'. You can also practice your scripts like this before appearing for an audition or final recordings.

6. Stay away from very cold things, beverages, aerated waters, chocolates, pickles, chillies and anything very sour. Chocolates, Toffees and other paste like things form a layer on your tonsils, exposing it to infections. If you eat occasionally do try to clear your throat and I hope you all brush your teeth before sleeping. Try to gargle your throat by simple Ayurvedic Gargle Concentrate, diluted in warm water before going to bed everyday. This would minimize any chances for infection while you are in your sleep.


Guys if you are looking for a job of RJ or any other jobs requirements at Radio channels / stations in Delhi, Mumbai or elsewhere here are the details . Please do contact the below mentioned email ids or URLs for more information.

Big 92.7 FM /

Radio Mirchi

Radio One /

104 Fever FM /

We will be discussing many more p-2-p as and when requested

Your best friend ever


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ankush 7 years ago

nice one pls upload some thing more

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good one imprassive

yunnish 7 years ago

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karishma 7 years ago

Good one .Looking forward for something more.All the best

pavithra 7 years ago

i wants 2 become an rj. so plzz give me the suggestion how can i get into


amrit sinha 7 years ago

hi i have completed ma in english literature and have a very taste of music to entertain others and at the same time i want to become a succesfull rj pls suggest. my email id is

Bhavleen 7 years ago

hey i wna becum a rj so hw 2 apply?.. bt wana do part tim plz... teme hw to go abt it... thnkxxxx

SUSHIL VERMA 7 years ago


anamika 6 years ago

shoul write smthing more about career options

manish bhatia 6 years ago

hi i wana becum a good rj, pls suggest me how i'll be like u, plz, first thing i can't speak proper english, but i can speak(hindi). my email id is

inder 6 years ago

its realy cool for me you know i becom a r.j............

just wacth me...//

thax for tipsss

neha 6 years ago

hi i m neha i want to became a RJ how can i become and i want it is mine dream

Yogesh Kumar 6 years ago


Yogesh Kumar 6 years ago

Huy! I'm Yogesh ..whatever ihave read here no doubt about its really a tonic for anybody who really want to be a great RJ..ihave been listening Radio sice i was 7 ...its my passion ...unfortunately never got even a single opportunity to over my voice in any audition of RJ ...SO I just want to request plz..zz give me a one opportunity ......

tom 6 years ago

Hi kanupriya,

I just got to see your FM blog and want to seek some help related tp being

RJ and running FM shows.

I'm a teacher by profession and planning to start a station very similar to

FM in our school during lunch break. Can you please tell me how to train my

students to be RJs and to run the 1 hour show. And also some technical know

how of being a RJ.


Tom (


I am working as a Company Sr. executive. I am about 27 years old guy from assam. But since my childhood I want to be an R.J. I have complited P.G. in Mass communication also from Guwahati University. If possible please arrance atleast an interview for me. I can skeak english, hindi, bengoli, assamese, nagamese well.

Pl contact= or

Kulratan ahuja 6 years ago


I wanna be rj

I Hv experiences also how i will hv to apply.

I can hope you will reply soon





I wanna be rj

I Hv experiences also how i will hv to apply.

I can hope you will reply soon



sudharani 6 years ago


i wants to become rj since 5 yr im listening nw im old of 21 yr whatever ihave read here no doubt about its really a worth for anybody who really want to be a great RJ..ihave been listening Radio rather my food

eshu 6 years ago


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komal 6 years ago

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THanks a ton for such a useful info ...but a few audio clips would have been the best..hopefully next time u'd have something like tht...!

gaurav joshi 5 years ago

nice job rj

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Thanx 4 all diz tips.... m gona use all diz.... it'll help me be a good RJ.....

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priya 5 years ago

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piya shukla 5 years ago

hey,m piya shukla ,m a i wanna be a part of fm,i can treat people as frandly as i treat to my students,please help me to realeted this way.thanx

vikas sharma 5 years ago

Hi kanupriya thanks ..

by d way i am vikas pursuing mass communication and internship in radio station.

plzz help me

vikas sharma 5 years ago

Hi kanupriya thanks ..

by d way i am vikas pursuing mass communication and internship in radio station.

im searching job in radio.

plzz help me

ananthkumar 4 years ago

hai i m ananth i wanna be a radio jockey so pls send the details as soon as possible if u can 2 my id...........

SUJO 4 years ago

hi sir I need your guidance so please you send me your cell no & it is very important & urgent for me, my name is SUJO and I am a freelance Anchor & working with event management companies but now I would like to join radio industry as an RJ for that need your guidence my no is 9891707002 , 9212767964, .

Vinay vij 4 years ago

M just 17+ yearS old. .and l!ke anchRg nd rJ vry mUch. .i d!d anchRg in ma schUl. .bt i m cRazY aBt rj. . No stn z gvg Chance to tEenagrs,..chota rj nd al z rung,bt wat aBt teengars? .plz hlp me! @8871884375. .plz cntct me. .plz. .

Shika s 4 years ago

Am shika completed my 12th tis listenin to fm nearly fr 5yrs..i want to entertain earmarkd abt bein a RJ..Thankxxx fr d most valuabl vil b surely a very gud steppin stone fr my career...plzzz help me to achieve in RJ feild ..i want to learn more... Nd plzz do mail me in

Sagar kumar 4 years ago

Hey i am sagar and i gave my 12th exam this year ! I want 2 be a rj to entertain people from my voice and my art of communication . . . . . As i m listening fm radio and experienced how to communicate !

Please help me ! Does it require a training too?

Its my number 8877379166. . . .THANK YOU

ginisha 4 years ago

agreed..........thnx 4 guiding goooooooood

Anas 4 years ago

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R.J ZOYA 4 years ago

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neha gupta 4 years ago

its really an usefull article new comrs like us who wants to steblis their carrer as radio jockey thanx

neha gupta 4 years ago

its really an usefull article new comrs like us who wants to steblis their carrer as radio jockey thanx

neha gupta 4 years ago

i completed my graduation with ELT and ECO honours and i want to set my carrer as radio jockey . My frnd say always that, that 'I hv charming voice,good command over language n a sens to creat an humareous talk within updating sens,about d world'

these r d qualities that i hv so if u hv any vacancy fr radio jockey post pleas send an informing email on my id that is ''

till the time bye n hv nice time GOD bless u all

shraddha suman vrashchik 4 years ago

hello sir, i want to become a rj and i rally love to talk to people. i got idea how can i improve myself after reading this, really it will help me.thanks

chetana 4 years ago

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Neha! 4 years ago

my aim is to be RJ n m also lukng 4wrd 4 d courses n m sure dat 1 day world will recognize me as RJ NEHA!...:)))

yog 4 years ago


I m doing RJ course.can you refer me how i can more develop my skills?

Please advise me.........


Rutu 4 years ago

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shadab ali 4 years ago

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Aparna Chowdhury 4 years ago

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Ahmad Ali 4 years ago

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SIMRAN 4 years ago

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saket 4 years ago

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saket 4 years ago

wow....what a willingness 2 be a r.j.

SIMRAN 4 years ago

Its passion

santosh 4 years ago

the information is very helpful

punitsingh 4 years ago

i m good looking my height body is very good and my voice is also very good and i want to become to be rj

C.L.Tegta. 4 years ago

This is very good tips to becoming a Radio Jockey in present scenario.By acting according to the tips we will gain innovative skills which is required for articulate voice. The tips will work in our life as special high light for making monotonous voice.

nikhil 4 years ago

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ashu 4 years ago

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Party Patel 4 years ago

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RAJAT 4 years ago


alroy 4 years ago

hey this is a very nice article... really found the piece about practicing for a bass tone very illuminating. Am currently working as an r.j and would like to further my dream and get better at it. Your tips would be gladly appreciated

contact me at thanking you in advance and hoping to hear from you.

Sudha N 4 years ago


I am sudha from coimbatore.I want to be an RJ.daily i am hearing all radio stations to improve my voice modulation.but even though i am not able to speak frankly with myself.feel so shy.above article changed me lot.additional to that pls give me some tips.

ekansha 4 years ago

heya.... i want to be a good rj on fm 93.5 red fm.. plzz tell me how to be a good rj.. plz suggest me some tips...

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Aisha kiran 4 years ago

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RJSHREE 4 years ago

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komal sharma 3 years ago

hy dis is and am very passionate to become an "RJ" ........ i am just born to entertain people so if u think dat i'm capable enough than you can mail me 3 years ago

Vijay raj from rajasthan jaipur sir i want became a rj help me mo.919929659627

jagadeesh 3 years ago

its good but if suggestion on concept is given is better and help us for future

Sana Malik 3 years ago

H a ha i read all ur sugessions carefully ;but add some other comments .I am also a new RJ and a like and love my job .thax i want to talk with u .If u full fill my wish m be very thankfull i left my silf number 03038511001. ta ta ta

sana malik 3 years ago

Hy i am sana malik still watting for ur reply .Contect with me on my number 03038511001 3 years ago

me ek acha rj banana chahta hu waise to mene rjing kja course kiya h per mujhe lagta h ye link mere liye bht usefull ho sakti h


Pushpa 3 years ago


I want to become a RJ on 94.3 RedFm plz tell me how to Email id is:

srikanth reddy 3 years ago

Nice article for the youngster who are willing to become radio jockey

manju 2 years ago

I'm doing my B.Tech(IT) but I like to work as a RJ in a Radio industry can you where and when go for RJ audition,what are the qualities and qualification we need for becoming an RJ.

poonam sharma 2 years ago

I want 2 become 'RJ' on 104 MHz plz tell me how to apply.....

My email id is :

Bhavna Srivastava 2 years ago

I want to become'RJ' on 93.5 red fm in Lucknow.i have completed radio jockey course from SNA,Lucknow.plzz tell me how to apply.

My id-

rohan 2 years ago

hi I also want to be rj

Ruhi Shagufta 2 years ago

hello sir,

I want to becom"RJ"in jabalpur.

but how can,i have no idea,

people say my voice is very soft

Aelish 2 years ago

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sitharthan 2 years ago

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praveen biradar 2 years ago

Hi.....I want to become an RJ in bangalore city., and love music but no information about how to become an rj,plz give me fully jnformation about Radio jockey..jockey this is my email address: siddaroodhbiradar@gmail.gmailcom

praveen biradar 2 years ago

Hi.....I want to become an RJ in bangalore city., and love music but no information about how to become an rj,plz give me fully jnformation about Radio jockey..jockey this is my email address: siddaroodhbiradar@gmail.gmailcom

AGBOLUAJE SEUN ADENIYI 2 years ago from nigeria though...hv been waiting for something like dis tank God i grap it today.....tanks alot sir.more grace to ur elbow also know as seun star

nirvika 2 years ago

This is really helpful BT wat I need to know is that is any person has not taken education in stream of radio jockey then he eligible for being a RJ or not ??? Plzz reply

NEHA SHARMA 2 years ago

Hello ......

My name is Neha Sharma. I am from Himachal Pradesh . I am in final year. after my degree I want to join radio I like to entertain people and wana help everyone with my thoughts I want a happiness on everyone's face nd mostly I can't stop talking nd I think radio is the media which I can do ...

My email id iz = Zum2neha21@gmail. Com 24 months ago


Hi I am Rohan sharma and I will make RJ because I am good proformar and I am convince fore any buddy fore any topic

I am from fb my name zac Rohan sharma 24 months ago


Hi I am Rohan sharma and I will make RJ because I am good proformar and I am convince fore any buddy fore any topic

I am from fb my name zac Rohan sharma

Poornima 22 months ago


I Want to be a RJ but I have not above all qualities . can u plz tell me how to improve it in a short time pllllllzzzzzzz

suma kanithi 22 months ago

hi I'm suma I'm very much interested to be a Rj but don't know how to apply and I have good voice and am a quite good talker please help me out ( its my email Id please drop me a email with details thank you.

arun 21 months ago

Hi I have done radeo production diploma course but how to apply in gov. Radeo station. And I wana job in coumunity radeo where are those radeo in m.p. dont know send information at-

Ashish 21 months ago

Govt job in radio field are now very limited how ever yes govt vacncy is their. But partly you can become a good voice over hero and private redio also have good option to work for.


pooja 20 months ago

hi My name is pooja chouhan . I am from jodhpur( rajasthan ). I'm very much interested to be a Rj.

my facebook name yogita chouhan (pooji) .

suruthi 19 months ago

i wanna become an rj...plzzz help me to join

divya 19 months ago

hi im divya i wanna become a rj..i have good voice its my ambition to become a rj..pls help me to join..

my facebook id paavu shan.

nisha 18 months ago

Hey i wanna become an rj..and i hv a sweet voice...but how can i knw tht my voice is good for become an radio jockey..

plzz advice me...


YASH VERMA 18 months ago

i am really feel energetic to read all above comments and Para's and its first time in history that a FM channels gives u chance to became a RJ for one day so its time to spreads the magic of your voice so delhi tune in in hit 95 FM zabardast hit ,

rupali 17 months ago

its really amazing details love to read it mere baat karne ka tarika sabhi frndz ko bada pasand h toh rj as a career banana chahti hu

kese apply kar sakti hu

chandni patel 17 months ago

Thanx but no use bcz I need merits for dis proffesion

chandni patel 17 months ago

But nice for d future

Shrenika 10 months ago

I am going to give audition for RJ my voice quality is good but how about the other requirements plz inform immediately.

Kalim Ullah Haider 2 months ago

I want to become an rj , so please give me any suggetions

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