What You Learn with an Accounting MBA Online

The courses offered to those who pursue accounting MBA online should serve two goals before any other: preparing students for the challenges that they will face in earning their CPA certification and those in the business world after employment. An accounting MBA program should develop the skills and competencies necessary to reach these goals with basic in-class drills, discussion, and exercises that approach them from a practical and a theoretical level. As a Master’s in Business Administration degree targeted at accountants, this type of program combines the rigors of any advanced Master’s degree with the necessary basic and advanced numeracy skills training that all accountants need.

The Difference

The difference between an accounting MBA and an MS in accounting is that the MBA’s emphasis on business prepares accountants to take on managerial roles in companies as opposed to performing core accounting tasks. Accountants, whether in-house or working for an accounting firm, tend to provide financial services to clients and deliver financial information to other entities like the IRS or the SEC. Although an accounting MBA online does prepare students to earn their Certified Public Accountant certification, it also gives them the tools and experience to use their financial skills in a more business-oriented and decision-making environment.

Accounting MBA

Of course, an accounting MBA is equally effective at helping accountants advance their careers even if they don’t want to branch out of the core accounting field. The experience and skills that a student develops in an MBA program make them better candidates for more senior financial positions on an in-house accounting team and within accounting firms. Accountants, and especially those that have advanced past entry-level positions, need to have expertise and skills beyond what is necessary to pass the CPA exam. An accounting MBA asks students to put accounting information into the context of business decisions and leverage that data for a better outcome. The practical business insight and more valuable intuition that accountants can develop from this MBA provide those kinds of skills.

Not Like Standard MBA Programs

However, unlike a standard MBA program, an accounting MBA online begins with the premise of specialization. Many typical MBA students only specialize to a limited degree and but basically keep their options open. But an accounting MBA tends to be perceived as bounded by the limits of the role of accountant and the positions where those skills are valuable.

In short, an accounting MBA online can open several doors with the skills and experience it offers students for the furtherance of their careers in the accounting and business world. But the final value of the degree depends somewhat on each student’s ability to merge the business and accounting skills these degrees develop.

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