Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising Mediums

Types of Advertising Mediums

Advertising is a way to get your message out to potential buyers with the hope that they will perform a measurable action. This can be purchasing a specific brand, going to a website, or vote for a political candidate. Advertising can also be used to increase buyer awareness, direct mail orders, or even buyer attitude.

There are several major advertising media outlets you can use to advertise your products or services. These include newspapers, radio, outdoor banners or billboards, television, magazines, direct mail, and the internet. There are advantages and disadvantages of advertising mediums that we will discuss in the following paragraph.

Benefits and Pitfalls of Media Advertising

Advertising Media
Radio Advertising
Massive use - you can select the audience with station format - cost is relatively low - geographic flexibility
only audio presentation - less senses than television - short life
Newspaper Advertising
timely and flexible - broadly accepted - printed words are highly believable - good coverage in local markets
hastily read - does not get passed around much - short life
Outdoor Advertising
repeat exposure - flexible - inexpensive - no competing advertisements
limited creatively - viewer has alot of distractions - no audience selectivity
Television Advertising
appeals to senses - psychology of attention - market to a mass audience - combination of sound, motion and sight
no selectivity of audience - short life - expensive - impressions are fleeting
Magazine Advertising
demographic and geographic selectivity - psychology of attention - reproduction quality - readers will pass the magazine around
Closing periods are long (takes awhile to get your advertising out) - waste circulation - have to pay a premium if you want a position guarantee
Direct Mail Advertising
flexibility - select your audience - no competion from other advertisments - personalization
relatively high cost - most of the time it is regarded as "junk" and thrown away
Internet Advertising
low cost per exposure - interactive - increasing popularity - high information content - ads can be placed in select locations
short message life - could be considered intrusive - download speeds could be slow - low attention getting

What do you think about the major advertising mediums compared?

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