Advertise Your Home Business with Free Classified Ads

Advertising is Important to Your Home Business

Do you advertise your home business? It’s commonplace for brick and mortar businesses to advertise their products and services. We’ve all seen or heard those ads on TV, radio or in print publications such as newspapers and magazines. By doing this, they are building brand and company recognition, which is an essential step in business growth. Few home business owners feel the need to go to such lengths, but guess which type of company typically writes up more sales in a year.

If you hope to expand your enterprise, you must spread the word and advertise your home business as much and as best as you can. Never mind the low or no budget argument. There are ways to advertise that don’t cost you anything but your time.

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Classifieds of Old

These are not free
These are not free

How to Advertise for FREE

Free classifieds are a great example of a no cost method of increasing exposure. When you use free classifieds, your ad is reaching a huge area. They are also terrific because they are FREE. That price tag fits everybody’s advertising budget.

The following sites are good ones to start on. You may notice that Craig’s List, Kijiji and Backpage are missing. While they're good resources, everyone already knows about them. These are lesser known, and will save you the time as you won’t have to hunt for them.

*The site names are linked, so just click on them to visit the websites and check them out.

USFreeAds Marketing

USFreeads– Contrary to what the name would have you believe, USFreeads services many countries around globe.

Placing an ad is free, but if you’d like to ad a photo, there is a charge.

It’s worthwhile to check out the tips offered on the site. They are meant to help you write compelling ads that result in conversions.


Free4uclassifieds – Free4uclassifieds is free to post an ad, and also to upload a photo.

If you’d like to call more attention to your ad, there is a $2.00 fee for highlighting. There are links to resources on this site, as well.

So far though, this site is only for Canadians and Americans.

Highland Classifieds – This one is easy to use, and remains free as long as you just want to place a text ad.

Highland Classifieds will send you regular reports of the activity for your ad, letting you know how many hits you got, how many times it was displayed, and when it is due to expire.

Renewing is super easy, you just click the ‘repost’ link in the email they send you.


ClassifiedAds - Ad sites like this one are great because they allow you to hyperlink to your site and load up to four photos for free.

You can choose how long your ad will remain running, up to nine months, plus you get some stats, such as how many views your ad receives and the date you initiated the ad.

Your ad copy remains on the 'Your Stuff' pretty much forever, so if you stop a campaign then come back to it three months later, it's still there. Edit and repost, if you want. Pretty simple.

Marketers will like this site because you can select any country, state, city, province, whatever in practically any location in the world to advertise in.

USA Free Classifieds Ads - This is the only site on this page that I have not worked with, at least once. It only allows for posting in the U.S. but has a large range of categories.

One interesting thing to note about this one - you can post your coupons on this site, there is a separate category. Think about that. Are you wanting to draw in local customers? What better way to introduce them to your product or service than with a coupon? Great incentive.

Another thought I have about this site - CPA coupon offers? Maybe. I'm afraid I can't say as I've never used them. I did want to give you the resource, though.

Now, Go Promote Your Company!

As you can see by the above examples, there really are places for you to advertise your home business that don’t have to cost you anything. Try them, even if only for a few months, although the longer the better. You may have to hone your copywriting skills to really grab the reader’s attention, but there are resources available to help you, or you can hire a writer to do it, but that takes the ‘free’ out of it. Besides, you can do it.

Advertise your home business, and watch your sales climb!

Once You Start Seeing Results, Step Up Your Game...

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Comments 7 comments

Tom Cullen profile image

Tom Cullen 6 years ago from Livonia, Michigan

Thanks! I have ads on Kijiji and Oodle, but I haven't checked these ones out yet. You can bet I will now, though!

Sandyspider profile image

Sandyspider 6 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

Thanks for the tips.

Herald Daily profile image

Herald Daily 6 years ago from A Beach Online Author

Great, Tom. Hope it stimulates some business for you. I think if you take a few minutes to make sure you have some great ad copy, you can reuse it on all three sites, get a lot of mileage out of it. Good luck!

You're welcome, Sandy. Thank-you!

Enelle Lamb profile image

Enelle Lamb 6 years ago from Canada's 'California'

This is a great hub! I have been doing everything I can to promote my writing, jewellery, and blogs - this adds another avenue I hadn't thought of :D Thanks so much for this!

Herald Daily profile image

Herald Daily 6 years ago from A Beach Online Author

Thank-you, Enelle. The nice thing about these classifieds is that they're free and you can cover a lot of different areas. It takes a little time but won't cost you a dime. :)

Best of luck with your endeavors. You sound like a busy woman, I hope this hub helped you out.

Mark 5 years ago

These days online classifieds have even more value and they can be used to promote a lot of affiliate products. These classifieds that you have mentioned look very good but they are mostly based in the US and Canada. As I am an Internet Marketer from Australia, I would recommend as a good possibility for reaching out the customers base in Australia.

Herald Daily profile image

Herald Daily 2 years ago from A Beach Online Author

Thanks, Mark but according to Whois, the site you mentioned has been blacklisted. Probably not a good idea to use that one anymore.

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