Earn money online: Top 10 jargon words explained

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90% of beginners who want to make money online fail because they have little information or are too confused with too much information. You will agree with me that a better understanding will help you from falling prey into the hands of self proclaimed internet gurus.

If you have been surfing online and looking for ways to make money, You will have come across loads of words and acronyms- leaving you confused and you mutter under your breath- what the heck does this mean now. The more you read, the more confused you get. Guess what I am here to help. After all you can not be a novice for much longer.

Please find below a list of 10 of the jargon words I came across when i also started. I have managed to break it down into simple terms and explained what each word means to your online business. Do not take my word for it, you can also do your own research and get loads of FREE e-book that will aid you better.

The easiest way for a beginner to make money online is through affiliate marketing, so I will be focusing more terms related to it for now.


This is someone who earns a commission or percentage of profit from a merchant/company by selling their products. You are more of a sales man/woman for a larger merchant/company. As an affiliate you will get a unique ID(hoplinks) which can link your sales to the merchant for which you will get a commission. A lot of Large corporations now make use of affiliates, so that they can concentrate more on improving their products instead of bothering with the stress of marketing. A few of the good ones are clickbank, e-bay, amazon.(A comprehensive list of affiliate program can be found on my webpage-moremoneyblog


Also known as your target market. It is a focused, targetable portion of a market. To succeed as an affiliate you will have to address a need for a particular market and be the solution to the problem. For instance, people need to know where they can get a mini golf club for their backyard(problem), you can become an affiliate for a golf course company and supply it to people who need to information(solution).


 This is obviously where you will need to sell the products to people who need it. In this case your market place will be your website. As a newbie, you may not necessarily own your website, you can market the products in classified ads, usfreeads and other sites where you can advertise for free. But as your business grows, you will need credibility and will thus need your own website to transact business as you like.


This is considered the main key to being a successful affiliate. This is what affiliate marketing is all about - getting the customers to where they can buy products. Traffic is the amount of customers or visitors to a webpage. You are currently viewing this page and are considered as a visitor. If I were selling a product to you, depending on how I present the product you will decide to buy or not. Its not just enough to bring customers to my webpage, I have to make them buy to get a good conversion rate (i.e from visit to purchase).


Good contents lead to higher conversion rates. You need a good content to bring your customers closer to you and make them want to spend their money. The best way to improve on this is through article marketing-using the right keywords(thats another story for another hub) you are good to go. Write articles or reviews on products you are selling so that the customer can know the benefits of what he is buying. This will readily make a visitor want to buy from you. Take a look at the two case scenarios below and tell me who you will buy from if you were a customer.

Case 1- Buy this xyz soap, celebrities abc use it. You are lucky to be getting a one time offer, hurry while stock last.
Case 2- Please buy xyz soap, it has been formulated over time by experts in the field who know how to handle a good skin. It has been proven to clear acne and leave skin radiantly soft.

From the example above, you will most likely be pulled towards seller 2( I know I would), because he has identified why I will need the soap and has marketed the benefits to me. I will rather buy from him, than buy from seller 1 even if there is a huge discount on the first sale.


This is when you turn your website visitors into buyers through traffic and content. When you advance in your online business, you will learn and understand how to use contents and traffic to your benefit.

7. Click through

If you have a link on your web page to another site and someone clicks on that link during viewing it is called a click through. If
the link is displayed i.e the page is viewed then it is known as an impression.

8. Pay-Per- Click (PPC)

This is an online money generator. A publisher gets payment whenever a website user clicks on a designated link. This is a popular advertising technique. As a newbie, I will not advise you to use this yet as It involves a lot of money and if not use properly can get you frustrated even before you start to earn money. If you look through this page, you will see some advertising links for products related to keywords I have used in my article. I will get paid when you click on each of this link. You can read more on google adsense to understand this term better

9. Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

Also known as website presence. In simple terms is the process of improving the visibility of your webpage/website on a search engine using sought after keywords or phrases. This will come in handy when you own your website or you are into article marketing. When you do a Google search, there is a list of pages that come up based on the keyword you have entered. These pages have been ranked in order of relevance to your keyword. Studies have shown that a search user is most likely to open the first three pages on a google search. therefore it is important for a publisher or marketer to use relevant keywords and phrases to reach to his audience. if done properly, this will drive more traffic and create more sales for you.

10. Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

This is internet marketing at its best, seeking to promote websites/webpages to increase visibility in a search. As we have adverts on TV to create awareness for a product, so is SEM to advertise and promote websites, thereby giving web presence or search ranking.

I hope I have been able to explain some of the bogus words that get us worked up and makes it difficult to venture into the world of internet marketing.

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BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Good direct information. Thanks so much. I like when terms are explained - plainly and clearly. I wasn't familiar at all with SEM. Thanks for the links too. Yay!

Rated up!

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

Thanks for these basics. These terms are tossed around so much that their definitions escape some of us! Will be checking out your other hubs.

urinternetoffer 5 years ago

Excellent explanation. Well written.

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