Should You Join The Ambit Business?

Did you hear about the Ambit business and wanted to get the facts? I congratulate you! But before I get into my take on Ambit let me just tell you that I have actually made money in energy deregulation and I'll be able to show you how to take advantage of this massive wealth transfer. The information in this hub is strictly based on my own opinion and if you listen carefully, it can greatly benefit you! Enjoy this hub and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Ambit Energy is one of the multiple companies offering a business opportunity through the deregulated energy industry. Deregulated energy gives consumers such as yourself, in the applicable states, the ability to choose who supplies their electricity and/ or natural gas. Their current utility will still distribute the power and bill them, so nothing really changes. So for example, if you lived in the one of the states Ambit is available such as Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania Texas, New York or New Jersey, you could choose them as your energy supplier. Additionally, you can enroll as an Independent Consultant and earn income by acquiring customers and sponsoring other Consultants in the Ambit business opportunity.

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Ambit Business Pros

What I find most appealing about Ambit is absolutely their rates. They offer customers very competitive rates, bottom line. Another attractive incentive as a potential customer is Ambit’s rewards program. Here's how it goes - if you can refer a minimum of 15 paying customers Ambit will give you a credit towards your bill. You can also become eligible for travel rewards. This is the essence of referral marketing and it can do wonders for companies to help increase business and Ambit is using this particular approach very successfully.

From a Consultant standpoint, Ambit offers a great training program. This is important to mention because training, as well as support, are the most vital components you must have in order to succeed in any new home based business. Most people who join the Ambit business have never owned a business in their life, or had any experience in energy. The leadership, from what I have found, does a good job of getting new consultants started properly.

Ambit Business Cons

The troubling issue I have found primarily is the entry fee to become an Independent Consultant. If you wanted to join the Ambit business, earn commissions, plus bonuses, etc. you must pay the upfront fee of $399 plus $30 for the start up kit. Also, if you want the personal website (which most consultants all have) that would cost you an additional $24.95/ month. At the end of one year if you did absolutely nothing you would have paid $728.40! Now certainly I’m assuming you would do anything and everything you could to earn back your initial investment and start profiting, but there is no guarantee whatsoever that you’ll get people to enroll as an Independent Consultant.

The main fault with fee based programs like the one Ambit is offering is that the fees paid by new Consultants are the basis for the majority of bonuses paid to the field. Sure this is network marketing, but there is NO product involved! I could see if you spent $400, got some bottled super-juice delivered to your home, and paid a fee to keep receiving the product. Once again in this scenario with Ambit and deregulated energy period, THERE IS NO PRODUCT!

My Honest Take On Ambit

The only way you will prosper in deregulated energy and actually earn a residual income, that grows every month, is from customers. The people who have the most customers at the end of the month will earn the most money, period. You may have a few good months in the Ambit business, but that income you earn will not be sustainable and will probably not duplicate in your organization. Most top earners in 'pay-to-play' income programs are always focused on recruiting. If there isn’t a new line of suckers, coughing up a few hundred, then their income decreases.

So the ultimate question is does Ambit Energy offer true value to their customers? YES! The rewards and incentives are remarkable, but the fees to join Ambit as an Independent Consultant and build a business will actually hold you back in the long term. Understand, there are plenty of companies available right now, offering an identical opportunity in energy as the Ambit business, minus all the fees. With a zero barrier to entry this can propel your long term growth and get you closer to true residual income.

So in closing I would recommend to join Ambit as a customer, but absolutely not as a consultant.

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malonge profile image

malonge 4 years ago from Western New York On Hubpages

I am a consultant and have had some success. Have not become rich. Joining as a customer does save you money though.

Christine Bravo 2 years ago

I'd been dealing with ambit energy company for quiet long now. One of the best thing about them is that they don't sacrifice the quality of their service even though they offer a cheaper rate. Thanks for sharing this informative blog.

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