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Can people really find legitimate jobs on sites like CareerBuilder or Monster.com?

I've had my info on both sites for a number of months now and apply to several jobs a week on each of them. So far the only jobs I've been offered are from obvious scam artists. I never hear back from any of the companies I apply to, but I've gotten lots of out-of-the-blue e-mails and occasional phone calls from insurance companies I've never heard of that want me to sell their insurance, or shady characters offering me "secret shopper" positions and other such nonsense. It's become a little disheartening. Are there any legit jobs available on these sites?

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Best Answer Catzgendron says

4 years ago
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    Keith Abt (FatFreddysCat) 4 years ago

    Nice to hear it's actually worked for some people. Guess I'll just keep on pluggin'.

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zann17 says

4 years ago
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Nat Amaral says

4 years ago
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