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Do you tell the truth at an interview?

When interviewing for a job . I have been asked this. "Have you ever stolen from your employer ?" How do you answer this. Most of us have taken paperclips,pens,made copies for personal use, brought home sugar, Little stuff. Do you say yes or no?

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Nancy Yager (Lipnancy) says

4 years ago
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    Rhonda Malomet (Rhonda_M) 4 years ago

    In the end, stealing is about intent

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Rhonda Malomet (Rhonda_M) says

4 years ago
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llonergirl says

4 years ago
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    bmcoll3278 4 years ago

    I have been on my job forever . I am not looking for a job. I just remember being asked that question years ago. BUt thanks for the input.

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yssubramanyam says

4 years ago
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