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Fighting obesity with government control?

The New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg whom I normally respect has chosen to propose banning large sweet soft drinks. He wishes to limit the drinks to 16 oz. His issue is the mega drinks beyond the 16 ounces. My question is what is next - you are no longer allowed to order two cheeseburgers? If government really wished to help, encouraging the use of stairs and eliminating those crazy signs in case of fire use the stairs - it really should read for your health do use the stairs and save electrical consumption too but no, our government tries to limit what we are buying. How could govt help?

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Nancy Yager (Lipnancy) says

4 years ago
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James Grant Smith (JamesGrantSmith) says

3 years ago
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nightwork4 says

4 years ago
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    Nancy Yager (Lipnancy) 4 years ago

    No, I think telling people that they are fat and lazy is cruel and immature. I am sure that they already know that they are overweight. I would much rather show them unconditional love and friendship rather than being so mean.

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