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Parents - how did you explain the gap in your resume if you stayed home to take care of them?

If any of you stayed home for a few years after having children, how did you explain the gap after going back on interviews? I'm afraid that if I confess at the interview that I have young children and that I stayed at home with for a few years, the hiring manager will think that I won't be in a position to work as hard as the others and that I would need more time off to take care of sick children and I would need to leave earlier than the others to pick up the kids from daycare, etc. and I won't even be considered for the job.

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Marissa (ThePracticalMommy) says

4 years ago
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melbelle says

4 years ago
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    Aarati Ramanand (arrtd2) 4 years ago

    Thanks :) That's a very creative approach!