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Would you pay a contractor an 80 to 94% markup for supplies or equipment?

I received a quote for a replacement chlorine pump from our pool maintainence company indicating that the cost of replacing a worn out Chlorinator would be $491. After checking the manufacturers website as well as a few other pool supply vendors, I can purchase the same pump for as low as $252. I presented the proposed estimate for the replacement pump and labor, which comes to $640 after taxes. The Board just approved the same company to install a pool cover and remove and install new hand rails and ladders in our pool which may have the same mark up. Is it time for a new contractor?

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Heidi Thorne (heidithorne) says

3 years ago
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flacoinohio says

3 years ago
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    Heidi Thorne (heidithorne) 3 years ago

    You'll have to go with your gut instinct then. If you feel it is unwarranted, then absolutely insist on additional bids. Be aware that contracting is a cost intensive business (speaking from working in that arena for many years). Good luck!