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Which promotion should I take?

I have a dilemma. There is a chance I could get a promotion very soon, that earns $500 more per month. It's in a totally different department, and would be a totally new job for me. However, in a few months my boss retires. I have a chance at her job, with a $1500 a month raise. I may not get it, since I am the least experienced for it, but have enough experience to do it. Problem is, I hate the decisions made in the department I am in, and they may not change even with me in charge. Or worse, if I don't get the job, I'll be stuck and could hate it more. Which would you choose and why?

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3 years ago
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    David Livermore (davidlivermore) 3 years ago

    The only catch is that if I take this new job, I won't be able to apply for my boss's job when she retires. So I basically have to choose one or the other.