Can I get hire in medical coding and billing if I have not finish school,due to my condition at time

I need a job as of right now and I'm wonder if someone will hire me even if I'm not finish school, I have about eight more month and, I was looking for employment in medical billing and coding, so I was wanting to konow if someone would hire me in this field even if I have not complete the course, and if so could I work at home and do my job,were would I look from the web page, could you please help me in this area, as of right now I'm umemployed and I need a job very bad to buy food in my house and to keep my bills paid, I stay in North Carolina in a rural area and there not many jobs.

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Rebecca Mikulin (wychic) says

6 years ago
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Cathy Addams (cathyaddams567) says

4 years ago
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