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Become a Tutor - Somebody Needs You

One of the things I did to help put myself through college in addition to the usual food service, buildings and ground, and other "heavy-lifting", sweat-inducing jobs, was to tutor students in music.

In fact I student taught a few classes, but you don't need to be as formal as that. Somebody, somewhere, almost certainly needs help with knowledge you already have.

And you don't have to be an expert in the field, but you do have to know enough to either be able to help them outright or point them in the right direction. In fact, sometimes it's better if you've struggled through the material yourself because you're more likely to be identify their sticking points and help them get unstuck.

Online Tutoring Jobs

There are actually quite a few online tutoring companies now that offer online tutor jobs. Or typically they are more like online freelance work.

There are also smaller online tutoring services and people offering their own tutoring service via the web.

For most people though it's going to be easier to hook up with an online tutoring company so I've started a list of them below. Also, this can be excellent work for people looking for work at home jobs.

Tutoring Business Launch Experiment

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TutorMatch Tutoring 7 years ago

Our website offers an excellent and free way to work from home as a tutor: Just sign up and specify what subjects you would like to tutor and students will begin to contact you for work.

Senith Mathews 7 years ago

We are looking for graduate level statistics, finance and operations tutors to work from home. PMore information at Please apply using the contact us form and you will hear back from us. Thanks

Sanoma Pandit 7 years ago

We are looking for all tutors for K-12 for teaching CBSE and State syllabus of India...

sstutors profile image

sstutors 6 years ago

We employ tutors in 18 cities and usually offer better than average compensation for home tutoring. You can checkout out our homepage at: or for tutoring jobs:

Phil@StatisticsTutor 6 years ago is a young online education service offering tutoring support targeted at business students and professionals who seek assistance in understanding various business related topics

GraduateTutor has several teaching opportunities..

Anyone interested in online tutoring at graduate level kindly contact us

Peggy from Be a Tutor Now 6 years ago

For anyone thinking about starting up their own tutoring business, I highly recommend the fourth book on the list, above. It is called "How to Start a Home Based Tutoring Business." It gives you all the information you need when you are setting things up and getting ready to open your own tutoring business. It is better than the rest, in my opinion.

Being a tutor is one of the best ways that a College student can earn money while going to school. It is also a great fit for a stay at home parent, or a person with a day job who needs to make some extra cash on the side.

Tutoring fills a great need in your community. There are many students struggling in school who just need a helping hand. It's true what the author said "Somebody needs you."

Peggy 5 years ago

Hi, my name is Steven Gottlieb and as a college math professor I certainly can help you with any math course you are studying. I offer online tutoring that has yet to be matched. I have an electronic whiteboard on which I write on and this writing will instantly appear on your computer screen. We will talk by telephone and in the end you will be access to a video recording of the whole tutoring session-I'd like to see a face to face tutor do that!

I also sell math videos ranging from arithmetic thru calculus 3, statistics, probability theory, linear algebra and most test prep courses.

You can read more by going to one of my websites-- and

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mshodgkinson 3 years ago from Pescadero, California

NextGuru is a great resource for students to find tutors from a database of over 23,000 tutors in the U.S. and also a good resource for tutors who are looking for more exposure via a free profile on NextGuru's site.

NextGuru's url is

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