How To Pick The Best Energy Business Opportunity

Hi, Joey Fratantoni here, and in this hub I’m going to list some of the most crucial components to look for when evaluating a company offering you a business opportunity in the deregulated energy market. Over the last year and a half I have been able to examine many of the big players and there is only a handful of companies that you would actually want to invest your time into. Review the necessary details to look for in a company and then do your research. If the company you are researching does not possess all the requirements I have listed below then do not join!

Here Are The Key Requirements...

1.) Experience - The owners of the company must possess successful experience, otherwise you're just wasting your time because it is probable that the company won't be around long term. When I say experience, it MUST be experience in the ENERGY INDUSTRY! You’ll notice that some companies consist of a wealthy business men and woman, that do not have energy backgrounds. You can only assume that they got together one day and said, “hey, there's a lot of money in energy...LET'S START A COMPANY!!!” The inexperienced folks who attempt to navigate through this highly competitive environment will find themselves packing up and leaving, just as quickly as they came in.

2.) Leadership - Aside from the owners/ executives, does the company have capable leadership to allow for expansion and rapid growth? Will you be surrounded with leaders who are committed to you reaching your goals? Will the leaders be concerned just as much with their income checks as well as yours?

Leadership is vital in any aspect of life. Whether it's a church, a Fortune 500 company or the girl scouts, leadership is necessary to drive the organization and the people in it. If the company you're researching lacks real leadership I would advise you to find one that does have it.

3.) No Entrance Fees - Fact: a company offering a direct sales/ network marketing model to acquire customers gets paid mainly on electricity/ gas bills, which is their core service. Therefore, anyone looking to become a representative should not be required to pay a fee. If a company is asking you to pay anywhere between $300-500 to join, plus a monthly fee, DO NOT JOIN! These fees add extra revenue to the company's bottom line and this is exactly why they can pay out large bonuses. The moment people stop joining the less bonuses can be paid out. You’ll also notice in these particular programs that there is a huge emphasis placed on recruiting. Additionally 9/10 people will never earn their upfront investment bank - so even if you can, most of the reps in your team can't!

5.) Leveraged Compensation - It is paramount that the company you are joining pays you a lucrative and leveraged compensation. You should get paid both on personal results and also what your team produces. Many people looking at energy deregulation businesses, including yourself, are attracted to residual income. Some companies pay it and some don't. FIND THE ONES THAT DO! Joining the right company with this kind of pay out can set you free financially in a couple years, especially if the company has the above requirements.

5.) Training & Support - The x-factor is training and support. Ensure that the company you’re researching has a comprehensive training program in place. You not only want this for your own growth and development, but also for any of your new team members in the future. There should be a system in place that is easy to follow and creates duplication in your team quickly.

On a side note, you absolutely NEVER KNOW who will come into your team and be the next top producing superstar. So if that same person gets started and has all the motivation in the world, but is lacking the proper support, there is a good chance he or she may not reach their potential.

How To Actually Turn A Profit

There is no secret when it comes to earning a lot of money from deregulated energy. The first thing you'll want to do is find a company that has all of the above requirements. Next, determine how much time you will have to dedicate to your business. Then TAKE ACTION. And lastly, be consistent and treat your business seriously!

That's it. You can expect to hit your monthly income goal if you follow those simple steps. Deregulated energy has created unprecedented opportunity for anyone, regardless of age or experience. If you want it, go out there and get it!

So ultimately, what is the best energy business opportunity available right now? Use this hub as a checklist and if all the boxes are checked, you've found the right company! :)

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