How To Improve Your Learning And Self Confidence At Work

Advice on ways to improve your learning ability and self-confidence before starting a new job

  • Believe that you are capable of performing the job duties.
  • Doing some research and acquiring knowledge of the company can increase confidence.
  • Learn to be conscientious, this will show you are hardworking, dependable, well-organized and thorough.
  • Be agreeable, this reflects that you are courteous, flexible, trusting, god0natured, cooperative, forgiving, softhearted, and tolerant.
  • Being open shows that you are creative, cultured, intellectually curious, broad-minded and artistically sensitive.
  • Exhibiting Extroversion shows that you are social, gregarious, assertive, talkative and active.

Improve your learning abilities

  • Learn to appreciate your capabilities by identifying your skills.
  • Look into training for skill that you want to improve on.
  • Concentrate on what you are learning.
  • Find something that interests you in what you are learning.
  • Be selective in learning new things, determine what is most important.
  • Commit important things to memory.
  • Practice what you have learned.  Experience is an excellent learning tool.
  • Organize new information so that it makes sense to you.
  • Think carefully about the things you have learned, step away from it all and ponder it.
  • Asking others for feedback on your progress will help better acquire knowledge.
  • Assess yourself and have others assess you to learn your strengths and any weaknesses that you can improve on.

Improve self confidence by enhancing your self esteem

  • Set small goals that by achieving will give you easy victories.
  • Say positive things about yourself
  • Imagine yourself performing well at tasks.
  • Take responsibility for events around you.
  • Be optimistic when you talk, keep the negative thoughts to yourself.
  • Dress and act in a manner that makes you feel good about yourself and feel professional.
  • Developing a base of facts will help you project a confident, knowledgeable image.
  • Learn new skills and let people know about them.
  • Be proud of your work.
  • Take sensible risks.
  • Be able to adapt to change.
  • Overcome shyness by focusing on others.

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