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5 Ways to Use Chiropractic Ads Even On a Tight Budget

Have you considered the multiple ways to reuse many things in your practice? You can begin with re-purposing the chiropractic ads you purchased a few months ago. Pull them out and dust them off, there are several other ways to stretch your advertising dollar and open new windows of opportunity.

Newspaper: Cost effective and negotiable, widespread distribution, opt to use inserts or run your chiropractic ad as quarter, half or full page. Ask you ad rep for about any advertising promos to help defray cost.

Website: If you have one already, place your chiropractic ad on your site. Rotate your ads throughout the year and you might have it corresponding with the ad you are currently running in the paper. Less confusing for you office staff too as they will be fielding the appointment calls.

Email: Use your database to send out email alerts about an upcoming ad release to your existing and inactive patients.

Specialized Print Media: Contact your area's specialty magazines that typically highlight local businesses. These are mailed out to every resident in a geographical area. This would be a good venue to offer a coupon.

Direct Mailings: Over sized postcards, online list broker and a computer. Very inexpensive and easy.

These are just a few suggestions to market your practice even If working with a very limited budget.


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