Commercial Jingles

Commercial Jingles
Commercial Jingles

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Writing Commercial Jingles

Does your business have a slogan or jingle for marketing purposes? Well if you don't have one then it's about time you compose. Commercial jingles are 'catchy' short songs that are composed and performed with a highly memorable (and contagious!) melody. They are often used in advertising to create a unique impression for a brand. Advertising or commercial jingles are probably one of the oldest yet most effective modes of advertising.

Why Use Commercial Jingles For Marketing?

Commercial jingles are just one kind of marketing strategy, and what makes it stand out against other modes of marketing? Read along below and find out:

  • It has the tendency to go viral. Of course in some instances of your life you've encountered a song or a jingle that you simply couldn't get out of your mind. Imagine that jingle to have in it the name of your business, or other forms of it that they may relate to your business. Cool isn't? Viral jingles are very effective marketing strategy, especially with product introductions on to a new market.
  • It adds a unique touch to your brand's image. Brand image is everything in marketing. Having a jingle composed for your product will surely add a 'coolness' factor with it, hence it'll help you get
  • It helps customers recall your brand more easily. Association is one of the easiest methods to get to know or memorize something, and by creating jingles, you as a marketer takes advantage of that. The case here is that when someone (a prospective customer) recalls something he/she needs, like dog food, he/she will more likely remember your brand's commercial jingle and associate it with dog food, and hence he/she'll go look for your brand. Take note that this isn't a simple "for example only" situation as this really happens to a lot of shoppers.
  • It can be easily integrated into other forms of marketing. Commercial jingles can be easily complemented with other forms of marketing. Take social media for example, you can create a video making contest to make customers post their own music video for your jingle and share them with his/her friends. This will really benefit you as the potential for the jingle to go viral will likely be improved as well as getting your brand a greater market exposure.


Some Notes When Composing A Commercial Jingle

While jingles will hopefully help you increase brand awareness and eventually get more sales, it can be a double edged sword if not used properly. Some tips when composing a commercial jingle are enumerated below:

  • Balance the tune. Nothing more, nothing less. It shouldn't be all hyped throughout, nor it can be a little down on the tone for the most of it. It should contain all the elements, a catchy melody, good easy to follow rhythm, and an easily understandable lyrics.
  • Don't go overboard with praising or highlighting your product's benefits. Everybody hates too much. When detailing how good your product is, just do so in the right levels.
  • Know your audience. For best results, you should always match your jingle with the target audience. Is your audience mostly kids? Then go for a happy melody all through out. For other cases, adjust your jingle to fit the audience.

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tirelesstraveler profile image

tirelesstraveler 4 years ago from California

Jingles are so effective. I can still sing the Doublement gum song 50 years later.

SolveMyMaze profile image

SolveMyMaze 3 years ago

Great Hub! I would totally agree that it can make a brand completely recognisable and give it it's own quirk image. The chicken tonight and calgon adverts are still fresh in my mind. Not because of their visual content, but because of the jingles associated with them even nearly 20 years on!

CZCZCZ profile image

CZCZCZ 3 years ago from Oregon

Excellent suggestions on creating a great commercial jingle. This was interesting to read and understand some of the finer points to making an effective message in a short amount of time.

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