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The View for a Commercial Pilot Licence Holder!
The View for a Commercial Pilot Licence Holder! | Source

UK JAR - Commercial Pilot Licence

The UK Commercial Pilot Licence (UK JAR-CPL) is the licence that permits you, the holder to pilot an aircraft that is UK registered in every country in the world for pay or remuneration. The UK Commercial Pilot Licence is a professional pilot licence as the level of training required as well as the flying standard is set at a very high level.

Click here for Requirements to begin your UK Commercial Pilot Licence Training (CPL)

Commercial Pilot Training Course - What is Involved??

At the begining - commercial pilot training focuses on increasing your proficiency as a pilot in both the general handling and flight around the airfield area to a commercial level. This is quite often conducted in higher performance aircraft such as a Cessna 172RG or a Piper Arrow. You will then move on to IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) pilot training where you - the trainee commercial pilot - will train to pilot the aircraft solely by the aircraft's instruments, navigate by refering to the GPS and the radio nav aids and also how to enter, maintain and exit an instrument pattern. This part of the Commercial Pilot Training for the UK Commercial Pilot Licence is not required if you already hold a valid Instrument Rating.

When you have completed this part, your Commercial Pilot Training starts on cross-country exercises, which is made up of training for Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) en-route procedures, any diversion procedures, and the emergency and abnormal procedures. This is also conducted in something like the C172 or a different higher performance aircraft.

The final part of the UK Commercial Pilot Training Licence course is preparation for the final skills test and a formal skill test rehearsal.

The author is a professional pilot and has been flying and training pilots for airlines around the world for over 20 years. For more information on training for your UK Commercial Pilot Licence click here

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