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Companies are having to evolve their marketing strategies from multi-channel marketing to cross-channel marketing. What does this mean?

Initially you market to customers dependant upon the channel that the customer chooses. This is marketing in a silo – focussed on selling a product down a certain channel through a certain marketing campaign.

Customers now want to see the campaign across many channels. 90% of people who see a TV ad who want more information then Google search for the product or company. So the campaign that you run on TV, radio, direct mail, etc needs to have a link to an online specific landing page in order to capitalise on the sale opportunity. This phase is called multi-channel coordination via cross-channel retailing.

The ideal world is cross channel optimisation – where you have a one business view of your customer and one over-arching strategy to engage with your customer across all levers. It’s customer focussed.

Paul Marshall, the CEO of lasoo.com.au sums up the concept of cross channel marketing by saying that is ‘the coordinated use of mulitple channels to gain market share, grow revenue and profits, create a differentiated experience and increase customer loyalty’.

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