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These days, if you have a customer service complaint, the best place to describe your problem is at the company's Facebook Page.

Why? Why!? you ask. Because friends of friends of friends of friends of friends can instantly see your complaint, and the company knows this. Or, they should know it - because that's how social media advertising works - note the Little People illustration top right to see it in action.

Other than that, be brief but very specific if the company messed up your order. Do a spell check on your text somewhere - in a Word.doc - or in a browser that has an online spell-checker.

Even if you're angry, don't let on that you're angry. It's enough that friends of friends of friends of friends - did I say that already? - can see through the digital social media connections. The company will want to immediately solve your problem - because then, everyone who is watching will see that the company understands it would not be in existence without customers buying their products or purchasing their services.

Neat, huh?

Note: Don't limit yourself to just online store complaints. If you experience difficulties with an order in a traditional physical world store - brick and mortar, aye - see if they advertise on Facebook and post your complaint at their Facebook Page. You gotta think somewhat out of the box in these mega-modern social times.

For a growing list of Amazon shopping sections that ship quickly to APO FPO and DPOaddresses - visit the Amazon Fast Hub.

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sean kinn profile image

sean kinn 4 years ago from Key West and Budapest Author

LaThing, glad you like it. I saw it in action a couple of times, then tried it myself, and you really do get a fast response. :-)

LaThing profile image

LaThing 4 years ago from From a World Within, USA

Great advice! his must be the quickest way to get their attention. Thanks, very useful.

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