You are in one of the renowned companies. You already proved how excellent you are, being in the company for several years and having been promoted to a very challenging position that pays big time. Practically everyone knows you and knows what you are capable of doing. In short, everything is really going perfectly. Think again….If you look on the larger picture, something is missing…your new BOSS is such a pain in the ass. You are really lucky that you got promoted by your old boss or YOU’RE DEAD!

Part of having a very successful career is having the ability to be flexible, whether your boss is uber nice to you or your boss gives you one hell of a hard time. And since your new manager WITH AN ATTITUDE is relatively new to company, you have to show him what you’ve got, and let him realize that book should not always be judged by its cover. If you feel that you are being given a lot of work loads that is becoming REALLY IMPOSSIBLE to finish, if you are being given a DEADLINE that not even a normal people with a normal mind could ever beat, if you have been sipping your coffee on your coffee break and you’re sitting next to your boss but it’s like you DON’T EXIST at all, then you have to discover ways (QUICKLY!!) on how to turn the tables around. 




Even if you are on top of everything, you’re still not perfect. NOBODY will ever be except for GOD. Just think that if your boss is a like that bully guy when you were in grade school, there must be a reason why he is such. He wouldn’t be in that place if he’s not good after all. You can’t win ‘em all, as they say. So let us just put it this way, since he’s an efficient boss and all that, probably, he just lacks intrapersonal skills.


Every manager would love to have their people coming up to them to ask if they need anything, or to give suggestion on how to improve a project you’re working on. Your boss wouldn’t want to ask you to do something like finish an article everyday of their lives. If you were assigned a task once or twice, make sure that you start it right away without your supervisor asking you to do it before you do it. Of course, it’s not advisable to you do everything just to impress your boss. Make sure that you balance everything or you will look like you want a raise.


Make sure that you keep track of what you’re doing, what you’ve accomplished and how you were able to do it. Share with your boss what your plans are. Update him on the progress of your assignment and ask insights if possible. In that way, he’ll feel that you really consider him as your superior although he treats you like dirt. Put aside your feelings and your ego since it will not get you anywhere if you just sit and not do any move. Make him realize that you are part of the company and you are hired because you can contribute to the success of the company.





As they say, “If you can’t beat them, join them”… So, if you see your boss one time watching a basketball game and luckily, you are a basketball fanatic yourself, start a conversation about your fave basketball team. If your boss is the type who has coffee whenever he has loads of work to do, then you can invite him get a frappuccino or something from Starbucks so you can share your thoughts about everything under the sun. If you are not really a coffee drinker, then it’s about time that you start liking it. Find something that interests you both so you have something to talk about and to make your boss-employee relationship not so stiff looking.


Show him what you’ve got there. Every manager would definitely LOVE his subordinates to be credible, hard-working and sincere. Whenever you see that your boss is just 20 feet away, if you are idle, surfing the nest or what have you, do something immediately, pretend that you have been doing it for the longest time, look like that you’re totally engrossed with what you’re doing that you didn’t even notice him passing by. If you’re being asked by the progress of you’re project, you make it sound like it’s one of the most challenging projects you’ve been asked to do and you’re almost done.

Well, I could just name a few. The keyword here is to do your very best. If your manager acted like he didn’t appreciate what you did, or didn’t even bother to look your way and ask if things are doing well, just bear in mind that you’re doing your job NOT because of him, you simply just wanna make a living with him and you are just unfortunate that you have him as your boss. And if he doesn’t like you a bit and you on the other hand can’t bear the sight of seeing him, much more hearing him ask you to finish your task, then just say to yourself that in the long run, you will start to like each other specially when he realized how important you are in the company.


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glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California

Troubles with the boss can be so difficult, but it's important to remember how much your relationship with a boss has to do with choice. You can choose to get along, to confront, or even to have the job in the first place!

mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

I agree :)

=yettie= 7 years ago

You are really lucky that you got promoted by your old boss or YOU’RE DEAD! >> haha sounds familiar . . . =)

mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Yes I know, that's why I wrote an article on how to deal with it personally,hahaha

Denny Lyon profile image

Denny Lyon 7 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

You are definitely quite the corporate survivor! Accurate advice in any country, that's for sure. Additional? Never let a bully boss realize you are actually smarter than him because then you are dead in the water. Make sure your peers don't know it either or the snitches tell the boss who then shoots you out of the water. Seen that play a number of times (shaking my head in amazement that the fired employee didn't see that one coming).

You have a great breezy style of writing that clips right along. Girl! You need to write a suspense thriller book! Have you thought about trying your hand at it? You have plenty of insight into the working world of relationships. It isn't like you have to look far for a villian: the evil boss. :)

mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Thanks for the additional advice Denny! That is so true! Superiors wouldnt like the idea of someone being smarter than they are. That would make 'em go ballistic and would push you out of the building as soon as they can!

Thanks for the compliment. I haven't tried writing a suspense book yet, I might, when I have time. Hey, thanks again! :-)

Salma 6 years ago

do not like acting in a way am not...which may be a problem

annoyed 6 years ago

My boss calls me into meetings days in advance w/o telling me what it's all about. She drives me nuts with that. It hangs over me for days and steals my piece of mind. Then she usually criticizes me for something I did wrong. I hate it.

lily 6 years ago

my boss scold in front of all my staff during the meeting, and say bad word, break my table glass,and push all my file on the table. he force me to pick up and push down all the file again, even he force me to write resign letter, and fax it to the lawter immediately. He say got cctv can see all of us, he told me i alway show black face to him, but only in the cctv. and also i try to escape him, because his motive is not so pure. pretent to talk soft to me, because i have resign onece.

What is his motive and his charater?

Feras Hariri 5 years ago

F*#$ my boss!! this is the bottom line for me.

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