eBay Business - Using eBay Data To List Smarter

One of the smartest way to do business on eBay is to use eBay sales data effectively to list and market the products that you sell on eBay.  Using sales tools and data a seller can move his inventory faster using smart listing and marketing strategies.  Using this data one can determine the following:

  • At what time and day to start an auction or list an item.
  • At what price you should start your auction.
  • Which keywords to use in the title and description of an item.
  • Which options to use when listing and item (Fixed or auction)
  • Which features to use when listing an item (bold, sub-title, templates, large photos, etc).
  • How many days to run an auction to sell better.
  • Which are most popular item to sell.
  • What the competitors are doing.
  • and so on.

Data Tools

There are various tools available to collect eBay data and below is a list of few:

  • eBay complete listing feature
  • eBay Sales Reports
  • eBay Traffic Reports
  • Andale Research Tools
  • Terapeak
  • Sellathon
  • Bright Builders deepAnalysis (HammerTap)

One may ask "why do you need to analyse eBay data?", well the answer is simple: it can save you money and time.  If you want to succeed with your eBay business you will need to do things smartly and avoid loosing money.  At the end of the day you will want every listing to be successful and profitable.

One of the biggest mistake many eBay sellers make is buy products to sell on eBay before checking if the items sell's on eBay.  Such mistake can be avoided if eBay data is collected and used effectively before making any decision to purchase and list an item.

Using data to market smarter

You can also use data to help you market smarter.  To take their business to the next level many eBay sellers are advertising and marketing their eBay business.  Carrying out a research using many marketing tools available can help a seller to work out:

  • Where all the traffic to a sale page is coming from
  • How many repeat customers they are getting
  • What is the sale conversion rates
  • What is the STR (selling through rate)
  • Which is the most effective keywords
  • Is keyword advertising effective enough
  • How are e-mail marketing performing
  • Is their cross promotion working
  • etc, etc.

Using eBay data you can better determine what to sell, how much to charge, how to improve traffic and how to stay ahead of competitors.  Use it to your advantage and become a smart eBay seller and take your eBay business to the next level.

Mahbubur Rahman

Mabz Crazzzy Bargains

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