eBay - Important Tips for Listing On eBay

ebay listing tips
ebay listing tips

How to create a perfect eBay listing

The way you list your merchandise on eBay influences the success you can achieve in your eBay business. Your merchandise listing is like your shop front and people are going to decide whether not to buy your products or not is based on your products listing and descriptions. This hub outlines some essential tips you can use to enhance your eBay listing so you succeed in selling your merchandise on eBay.

When listing an item on eBay make sure to have your products keywords in your auction title and item descriptions. The title of your product or auction listing must grab the reader attention so make sure you always use keywords that are attention grabbing. If an item is branded always mention the brand on the auction title. Try to fit much information as possible about the product on the auction listing. Some of the information you can include are: product size, colour, condition, does the product come with accessories, free P&P, sale price, product model or serial no, series, guarantee and warranty detail, location (i.e. UK seller), and so on. Remember your product or auction title is the first thing a buyer sees so having a perfect auction title will certainly increase your chance of item being viewed by buyers which will lead to making a sale.

Make your product description detailed and accurate as possible. Make sure your product description will help people to know the nature and condition of what you are selling. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and in your description provide as much detail as you wish to get about the product if you were considering buying it. Don’t lose bids and don’t lose sales simply because people don’t know what you are selling precisely. If a potential buyer asks you a question relating to the products, make sure you reply to them as soon as possible.

Adding photos or to images to your auction listing is a must as this will really help the potential buyer to see how the product looks like. Try to add at least one photo to your listing and if possible use additional photos to enhance your listing. I use at least three photos and if the item is very popular or valuable I will go up to 6 photos to give the product more exposure. Make sure your product is listed in the most accurate category and if possible list in two categories to give your auction more exposure. Remember listing on wrong category will lead to less viewing of your auction and most importantly it is against eBay’s selling policy. If eBay finds out you have listed the item under the wrong category, they will certainly take your listing off and you won’t get your listing fee refunded.

If the product you are selling needs to be shipped to the buyer, provide enough information about the shipping, the cost of shipping and the estimate time it will take to ship the product. It is also easier if you sell products that are not heavy or bulky. You must also offer fast or slower delivery option so that people who want to get the product delivered early have an option to get the product on time. Provide several payment options so your potential buyer can use the payment methods that suit them best. It’s also important that you list your auction at a low price as this will encourage more people to place a bid on your item.

These tips can help you to list your products effectively so that you get a lot of bids on your eBay products. I hope you have enjoyed reading this hub.

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