Easy money with silver half-dollars on eBay or Amazon!

Easy money with bank rolled coins!

After recently loosing my job due to a massive layoff, I have been doing a lot of thinking. Like many other unemployed tech savvy grads, I thought I was going to have too sell everything just to payoff bills. I think desperate times bring out the creative side and the determination to succeed.

At first I started gathering all items from my house that were of value and trying to sell it on eBay, a block sale, and a community sale. I soon came to the realization, no one is going to buy my used junk for close to what I paid, no matter how new it is. I became addicted to finding good deals at these garage sales and estate sales. I came across an eBay power seller, who collects and sells silver coins. I was surprised as to how much people are willing to spend on silver coins.This eBayer was making money with his hobby and I was compelled to know how he was making $250+ extra a month only a few hours a month.

To get started, you first need an eBay or Amazon account and a Paypal account, easy enough. You can order bank rolled half-dollars from any bank, my experience has been better with credit unions. For $500 you can get a full box of $500 of bank rolled half-dollars. Awesome! Keep in mind it may take a few days to get your coins. When you do, you can either go through all your coins and individually list the silver coins for about $20-$25 each or sell each unsearched $10 bank roll for $15 -$20. The choice is yours, I prefer selling the unsearched bank rolls for $15-$20 instead of having hundreds of non-silver half dollars.

Good luck if you decide on this profitable hobby!

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Brandon Martin profile image

Brandon Martin 4 years ago from Colorado, USA

Very interesting and useful information! It would be nice to try something like this! Thank you for this hub!

Musicmp3 profile image

Musicmp3 4 years ago from United States Author

Just picked up my $500 order... Wish me luck!

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