Early Marketing Means Pre-Launch Sales

Early Bird Gets the Marketing Worm

When you’re preparing to release a new product or service, do you pre-sell it? Early marketing is a really great way to build excitement and sales for your product launch. The big guys do it and so can you.


Early marketing is probably best done via your regular newsletter. Often times, this will mean that your list of potential customers will be viewing your information, as well as clients who have purchased from you in the past. That’s okay, good in fact. While they won’t jump into anything as quickly as loyal clients, you are planting seeds that may tempt them into a purchase when your product is released.

Something to keep in mind with early marketing is to keep an air of mystique. Give people hints about how their lives will be improved, or the type of product that will be released. Your goal is to create curiosity as you go. Increase the excitement with each newsletter or email. Give a few more details, bit by bit. By the time you reach your release date, you are likely to have folks clambering to buy, which is the whole point.

Marketing Trends

Your mind and day will undoubtedly be busy enough orchestrating your upcoming product launch but there is something else you'll want to take into consideration. The ever important and ever shifting marketing trends. Being current and forward looking will make your job that much easier.

Forbes has a good article entitled, The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014 that you may want to read for tips. It can help you develop best practices for a successful campaign in the upcoming year.

You Can Create a Buying Frenzie

Early marketing is a good way to spend the time leading up to your readiness to release a new product offering. It’s how the ‘big guys’ create pre-launch frenzies and there’s no reason why you can’t do it, too. When done correctly in interest generating, tantalizing tid-bits, you can successfully build the kind of hype that results in terrific launch sales. But you have to start early to pull it off. Give yourself enough time to do a good job of communicating with your potential buyers and letting them get more and more excited about the opportunity of purchasing from you.

A properly orchestrated early marketing campaign is a beautiful thing. What could be better than hitting the market with product that’s been pre-sold?

Good luck with your launch!

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