How to access the hiddeb job market.

The fisherman with the largest net is the one most likely to catch fish. So too, your knowing how to increase the size of your net will improve your chances of getting a job. If you are looking for a job but don’t know how to access the hidden market, the majority of available jobs may be slipping past your net. Will you compete with a large group of people? Some jobs are advertised either on the internet or newspapers while a good number of available jobs are never advertised. How can you get access to this hidden job market? 

You must respond to news paper advertisement, it is as a result of advertisement in the newspapers that majority of workers a recruited. Many job advertisement in the ‘classified’ columns of newspapers contain little indication of the nature of the work involved, in some cases, the firm disguises its identity  behind a box number. Should you decide to apply for a position which has been advertised in this manner, it would be as well to exercise some caution.

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However, major companies take great care over specifying their requirements when advertising for workers and almost without including their name and address in the announcement. Their candor is an assurance that the vacancies advertised are genuine and that all personal details disclosed to such advertisement will be treated in strict confidence.

If you have a personal contact within a suitable firm or can obtain an introduction, you may be able to gain entry without having to wait until a vacancy occurs some business and companies may not have an immediate vacancy, but if a suitable person presents himself, they may well decide to take him on. Sooner or later their expansion may necessitate more staff; mean while they may set him to work under a senior worker as an assistant.

There are certain disadvantages in joining a company as a result of influence. One may be regarded by ones colleague with a degree of suspicion. If one acquires a position which in other circumstances may have been open to members of the existing staff, some resentment could result. Furthermore, the man who has got there only because he knows some body is bond to lack the confidence which springs from knowing that one has got the job purely on ones own merit. Both these considerations are highly relevant.

There is another avenue of approach which we may consider at this stage and which is not dependent upon ones personal connections. There is nothing to prevent you from visiting or writing to one or more companies operating in the industry of your choice that you think may have jobs you can do, telling them you are looking for a job, giving a brief description of your education and business career till date, and asking for an interview. This approach has been known to produce good results. Some of the firms to which you write may have a full complement staff and yet may be willing to bear you in mind should the situation alter, there may also be at least one or two firms which would be willing to grant you an interview and, if this  showed you to be the right material, you could be taken on.

If you visit a firm and the manager say that he has no work, ask him if he knows where else you might look and specifically to whom you should speak, if he offers a suggestion, make an appointment with the company , stating the name of the person who referred you.

You can also join a company through the internet. The first step here is to visit the companies website, visit the website and then look through the current vacancies  that you can fit into for instance, visit http/www.cen from the homepage  of the central bank of Nigeria, click on career options and search for vacancies based on your area of discipline.

Once you find a vacancy that interest you on the career option of a companies web you can apply using the online application form, fill the form according to the forms instruction, the following information will be required among others:

(a) Your full name

(b) Education Qualification

(c) State and Local Government of Origin

(d) Previous Job

(e) Email Address

(f)   Phone Number

(g) Other information deemed necessary by the company.

If you don’t find a suitable opportunity, you can also submit your resumed CV to be matched for future opportunities as they arise or register to receive job alerts but you need to open an email before you can receive job alerts, the system will instruct you on how to do it or call the attention of the café receptionist to assist you Email address and password will be sent to you immediately. Make sure you copy all of them out because you need them to sign into your mail box.

In addition to this you can also sign up to receive job alerts through email address from any of the websites listed below. Once you sign up successfully, an acknowledgement message will be sent to you. Make  sure that remember your and use name pass ward so that you can sign in anytime you want.

Some of the website that my be of help to you are;

(a) www.jobsearchnigeria.Com 


(c) www.findajobinafrica.Com 

(d) www.lagosjobs.Com  


















Staff employment agencies are also a very  fruitful field for those looking for employment opportunities. Generally speaking, such agencies fall into two categories: those which deal with office staff, typist, clerks, and book keepers; and those which specialized with the recruitment of experienced personnel to fill professional and managerial positions.

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We commend all your efforts at this creativity on the web for your brethren on the job market.

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