5 Tried and True Tips to Help You Find New Customers

Who Do You Ask For Advice?

Where do you go for advice or ideas about finding new customers?  Do you ask friends, family, or acquaintances?

I have worked in a sales environment most of my life, come from a family of business folks, was raised in a restaurant.  My parents and my grandparents were entrepreneurs, and I grew up learning how to give customer service and work a till.  I can tell you that anybody who thinks running a business is glamorous or easy has never done it.

Because of my background, people will sometimes ask me if I have any words of consumer wisdom to share.  I am no guru or business consultant, but I suppose I’ve learned a few things along the way, albeit mostly old school, brick and mortar practices. 

Finding New Customers

Finding new clients doesn't have to be hard but it takes a little concentrated effort
Finding new clients doesn't have to be hard but it takes a little concentrated effort

5 Tips to Help You Find New Customers

The following list is partial and meant to generate a few ideas and perhaps produce some spin-off methods of your own.  The absence of article marketing and classified ads is intentional.  They’ve been mentioned ad nauseum pretty much everywhere. 

If you’ve been in the game of finding new customers for some time, you will have no doubt used all of these suggestions.  For you, they serve as a reminder, or perhaps the way I’ve worded them will give you new inspiration.  People new to the business creation world should find the list particularly useful.  The nice thing about it is that these methods work for online or offline business.

1. Go Local

Call the editor or reporter of your local business publication or newspaper. You want to let them know of some newsworthy thing or product that your company is offering or going through. The idea is to entice them to run an article about you that will get noticed. If you can write, do the article yourself and submit it as you would any freelance work. Don’t forget to mention it if you have photos that can be printed with the piece.

2. Tap Existing Resources

Start an incentive program for customer referrals. This is certainly not new, but it’s a great idea. Make sure the customer knows why they’re receiving the reward. You want to motivate them to repeat the referral process as often as possible. If you have a newsletter (you should), be sure to make some kind of announcement about the program in each issue.

3. Use Promotional Products

Approach groups or charities and give them a sample of your product, along with something that lets them know that you offer special rates to their type of organization. If you have that imprinted directly on the product, along with your logo and company name, so much the better.

4. Tout Your Praises

Gather together your best testimonials for use in the office when clients drop in, print ads and of course, your website. Your newsletter is another good place to showcase at least one a month, if you have enough to do so. If not ask some satisfied customers if they would be willing to provide one.

5. Bowl Them Over With Service

Give service that your customers are going to rave about. Leave no doubt in their minds that you are the one that they should be referring others to when asked.

Hope This Hub is Helpful

I hope these 5 tips for getting new customers helps as many people as possible.

For more ideas on how to increase your customer base, check out the following article by Shirley Anderson.

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Neil Sperling profile image

Neil Sperling 6 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

Back to the basics - is ALWAYS the best advice. Good Hub!

Herald Daily profile image

Herald Daily 6 years ago from A Beach Online Author

I agree, thanks, Neil.

maggs224 profile image

maggs224 6 years ago from Sunny Spain

Great Hub well written with lots of useful tips and information.

Herald Daily profile image

Herald Daily 6 years ago from A Beach Online Author

Thank-you very much, Maggs.

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