Finding Real Work at Home Jobs

Several days ago I published a hub on Work at home data entry scams. This likely leads you to wonder, are there any real online data entry jobs out there? First the bad news: there really aren’t a lot of pure data entry jobs available on a telecommuting basis.

But the good new is, if you are flexible about the kind of work you want to do, there are plenty of online opportunities available to do customer service work, transcription and the like. Yes, they require a bit more work than data entry, but it is much more realistic to find these sorts of jobs and they are also entry-level so you can still talk you’re way into these jobs if you are short on experience.

First let's go ahead and talk about where to find data entry jobs, if that's your true goal and then I'll talk about where to look for other types of online jobs you could do.

Where to find local data entry jobs?

You’ll have better luck finding local employers who need that kind of work done because in most situations you are going to need to pick up the hard copy and then return it to them. Usually you can deliver the work itself online, but almost always they will want the hard copy back.

Craigslist is your best source. I’ve used it successfully to find all kinds of jobs and for data entry work it is frequently possible to arrange a telecommute option even if that is not what is being advertised. You can also find data entry jobs at places like and Hotjobs, but I think for the most flexible employers, Craigslist is always your best bet ,especially for independent contractor arrangements and one-off jobs. Be sure to check the Etc. jobs category on Craigslist whenever you need some quick cash.

Best Places to Find Real Work at Home Jobs has forums for Telecommuting as well as Home business and Work at home job opportunities. A lot of WAHM members are active in MLM and Network Marketing, neither of which I’m fond of, but there’s a ton of information on their boards about customer service jobs and other telecommuting jobs and they’ll steer you away from the scammers. You don't need to be a work at home mom to join either, so don't be shy.

If you are able to leave the house for work, but just need a flexible, part-time schedule you should also take a look at both merchandising and mystery shopping. They can both be a great way to earn extra cash.

Check out my hub on Retail Merchandising for details on how it works and how to get your first job. Then check out my mystery shopping tips, too.

customer service work at home jobs
customer service work at home jobs

Customer Service Jobs

If you have a quiet place you can work at home there are also lots of opportunities in customer service. Here's the top four companies that hire telecommuting customer service reps.These are all legit companies, but opinions will vary on which are best to work for, so be sure to check the WAHM forums to get an idea of what will be the best fit for you.

Many of these jobs require that you have a PC for work, as well as high speed internet and a good set of headphones. If you are a Mac user, try Arise Virtual Solutions for work as they specifically are looking for Mac folks, but be sure to check the other listings as well to find system requirements, etc. See the link below.

When it comes to data entry jobs, there are some telecommuting positions available with these companies that just may fill the bill, but expect a lot of telephone interaction too.

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katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

Great tips and very well written information on finding real work at home jobs. Thanks for the research and reporting on a much needed topic.

Bob Ratcliff profile image

Bob Ratcliff 6 years ago from Florida

Excellent article and I know of several ladies that are friends of my wife that work at home with their computer. They are transciptionist for Diagnostic facilities or Doctors...but you must know medical terminology. From what I understand they learned at a facility, then found a job they could do at home.

Shawn M. profile image

Shawn M. 6 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

These are great ideas and tips for working at home - I've personally never done customer service from home, but I could see how that would make sense - great way for companies to cut overhead costs.

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