future prospect of CFA (chartered financial Analyst) from ICFAI in India



Indian CFA program from ICFAI has always been a troubled child for the university and moreover, does not hold much value in the job market. Here are some words of wisdom from someone who has actually undergone the course and has at least 10 close friends studying for the original CFA.

ICFAI in India has offered its own CFA course for many years. In fact it has been the flagship product of the university ever since it was established. Some of you may be aware about the controversies surrounding this course and enough has been written on them. However, the biggest and the most practical question that faces all aspirants is the worth of it. Some sample questions that one often hears are, "Can the Indian CFA guarantee a job to me?" or "Is the CFA course from ICFAI recognized everywhere?" or "Will the course help me taking my career further?"

The answer is not very difficult. Here is why?

1. The Indian CFA is surrounded by controversies and legal battles. In fact technically, it is not even a CFA degree/diploma. It is called MS (Finance) leading to CFA charter from an obscure university in the tiny state of Tripura. With the legal problems surrounding the course, there is always a probability of the course being banned or curbed to suit what the others want.

2. The course is customized for Indian market and does not provide an international view the way American CFA does. This does not even guarantee a job in India. All the I-Banks and PE firms prefer US CFA because of the global acceptance. US CFA has more credibility in front of corporate as well. At most you will find people in business world neutral towards US CFA but there are many (and believe me, I say this out of own experience) who are absolutely against the Indian CFA.

3. Most of the CFA aspirants aim for an I-Bank, PE firm or MNC financial powerhouse. Needless to say, most of these have international roots, affiliations or clients and involve working for international economies. They are obviously heavily biased towards the international CFA. Indian CFA does not provide an international exposure of things. If your current or prospective dream job requires you to be knowledgeable on business concepts applied in developed economies like USA, the original CFA is the best bet.

4. There are many who went through the original CFA some time back and ended up with good jobs. However, trends have changed drastically. Now Indian CFA is just another degree, which actually earns you nothing. The people, who matter in the business world and specially recruiting, follow the trends. Sometime back, it was fashionable to hire Indian CFA pass outs. Now with the heavy international outlook of businesses, it has gone out of fashion and doesn't seem to be coming back in fashion for a long time.

I am not an ICFAI basher. In fact I have earned my PG degree from the same institute. I have undertaken the course and know how it added to my career. It is definitely a good course if you just want to increase your knowledge on financial analysis in the context of Indian market but an international CFA gives you the same exposure, is globally accepted, fashionable and does wonders to your resume. Even the complexity level is not very different. I leave you with a question - is not the international CFA a natural choice for someone in India?

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naresh_19812000 profile image

naresh_19812000 8 years ago from New Delhi, India

Hi Stooge, thanx for the reply, i was planning to take up this course, but i don't think it is a good option. while i cannot travel to US for this course, so lemme think of something else. anyways thanx, it was an informative hub.

Stooge profile image

Stooge 8 years ago Author


You do not need to travel to US for an international CFA. You can have the study material sent to your home in India. You just have to go to Kathmandu to write the exams. Thanks for being my first fan :-) All the best in whatever you do.

aeman 8 years ago

great hub!! I was just thinking where you were from. Now I know that your from india! Namaste!

Stooge profile image

Stooge 8 years ago Author

Aeman, Namastey!! Glad you found out :-) Did not really take much of your brain I suppose.. eh ? :-)

Well, yes, I lived in India for a major part of my life. I am based in Chicago now.

aeman 8 years ago

ha ha ha yea it does take me time to know something but hey, I'm not a blond!

hindustani 8 years ago

man I read what you said about icfai cfa. just to let u people know icfai cfa is as compitent as us cfa. . A guy name by Nitin manchanda who did his cfa from icfai got his first job with morgan stan... And guess what his starting Pay was 1.75 lakh per monthand I am not kiding. If u don't belive me can ask about him from mumbai office.. and to give a detail that I did my MBA from MIT pune and know I am doing Cfa.. I am not and person who whould go for something by without knowing about its prospects and the future of icfai cfa is bright as sunshine. And people like you who cant see india growing faster than rest of the world will always bark like a dog. Too all the people reading this message Cfa of icfai is very very very hard and its gives u great deep knowlegde about the fiancial system and its a must do course for people who wants to go for finacial jobs. U people will love it if u have a crunch for the finance. there study material is on dot.. U people have a great life and be a proud indian.

Sonik Rana 8 years ago

I want to comment on the discussion weather CFA programme by ICFAI is good or not.. US CFA programme as we all accept is known to most of the people in the world.. but in today's scenario if u have a good knowledge with basic Degree to back up your knowledge.. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.. So it is additional advantage if u have a good knowledge of Indian market.. and India's Financial structure is one of the clearest in world.. so no doubt if u beat the competition in India then u are as good as the CFA's from the USA.

CFA 8 years ago

Hi Hindustani......I am also Doin CFA From Icfai and It is damn tough....But very Inspiring to Hear from you about nitin....

amit 8 years ago

oops..i have already takeb admission in ICFAI cfa and now i really dn't want to do it.

amritesh 8 years ago

hi friends..i have just completed my graduation n i wanna join cfa from icfai.during my enquiry abt the course i got mixed response from different ppl.so as it seems u all r doin or have done the course can u please guide me abt the course.is it safe to take it as a career option?wat i really wanna know is wat r the placement chances after the completion of course?so pls give me ur views as soon as possible..k bye

jinay n shah 8 years ago

Hi writer/ Commentators,

I am CFA-MS Finance from ICFAI. I truly believe that it is a value knowledge based program smartly framed for Indian Finacial Markets. But believe me I am fed up with searching a good job on this base. There is not at all a good corporate recognition for indian(ICFAI) CFA. Let me know Nitin's contact no. so that I can confirm whether he is still continuing with Morgan Stanley or not! I also wanna know if there stands good opportunities for me, a proud but silly CFA folk. We are 8 to 10 friends group who are struggeling to step in market with a good job in hand. Please email me to jinay87@gmail.com with subject line "CFA Issue"

Thank you.

nancy 8 years ago

Hi Jinay,

Can you please let me know what type of problems you n ur friends are facing to get a good job on behalf of this degree...because I am also planning to do this course and I gt good response from everybody for this course from ICFAI....I vl b waiting for ur reply. . . plz help me out

nancy 8 years ago

Hi Jinay,

Can you please let me know what type of problems you n ur friends are facing to get a good job on behalf of this degree...because I am also planning to do this course and I gt good response from everybody for this course from ICFAI....I vl b waiting for ur reply. . . plz help me out

hero 8 years ago

Hi i am also doing ICFAI CFA , i ll write my group A examination in oct 08, i am worried about the job prospects after completing this course . So in order to increase my employability i want to join anoter financr course . please advice me which course i should join . Please tell me the scope of CFP.

jinay 8 years ago

As such the market condition is week. So may be all good financial firms have friezed the recruitment for cost cutting purpose. However we friends are not finding a good job anywhere for last 6 months. And those who are getting jobs are truly exploiting themselves pay & package wise. I mean it sounds too bad to feel so. Still it is the fact. And those new job openings emails from ICFAI and so ask for minimum exp. of 5 years. That is what this course has a very low corporate recognition...

siddharth chakraborty 8 years ago

hi everyone,

i m siddharth. i m planning to do CFA program from ICFAI....so plz any pass out can help me out with some detailed information about the course. like its prospects in current, accetability, recognisation...etc.

plz help me out.

siddharth chakraborty 8 years ago

hi everyone,

i m siddharth. i m planning to do CFA program from ICFAI....so plz any pass out can help me out with some detailed information about the course. like its prospects in current, accetability, recognisation...etc.

plz help me out.

nancy 8 years ago

Hi Jinay,

Thanks for your reply .can you please give me ur E-mail ID ?I am looking for some flexible course with more weightage.I don't want to spoil my career.I heard that this course holds more wightage as compare to MBA (correspondence) ...

kalyani 8 years ago

hi I am also doing cfa from icfai i will give exam in oct 08 if any one experinced give me guidance about study &coaching classes in pune it means a lot for me


vinod kajla 8 years ago

Hi ICFAI CFA is really best one and course material of it is very famous worldwide US CFA stands nowhere against ICFAI CFA but it is domestic so every body think that foreign cfa is good

sumit sharma 8 years ago

Hi Icfai CFA is really very tough and its helpful in getting jobs and knowlledge.

sumit sharma 8 years ago

Hi Icfai CFA is really very tough and its helpful in getting jobs and knowlledge.

aaaaaaaaa 8 years ago


I Have completed MBA(finance) in 2006 and currently working for Ernst and Young.can anybody tell me regarding CFA whether it is really helpful in future.Thanks

dhananjay 8 years ago

i am planning for cfa i am fearing that having completed my cfa would i get a good job please reply

dhananjay 8 years ago

this is about icfai cfa

rajita 8 years ago

hello friends

i m not favour with icfai cfa or us cfa.........but one thing i want to share is there is a demand of cfa all over the world due to the growing needs of the financial sectors......so its better to opt for Cfa it doesn't matter frm ICfai or US.

The main thing is you should have the ability to understand the facts regarding the analysing of the sectors. As someone said abefore ICfai only deals with or studies abt Indian market.........there is no scope for such course in foreign entity.

But its false ,becoz everyone thinks indian markets are much volatile than others......so studyind and handling this is a great experience........

ANURADHA 8 years ago


Srewed up 8 years ago

I hope you all know that ICFAI has stopped MS(Finance) and CFA has been made comparatively easier. I have done MS(finance) one year back and still I am unable to find the job of my liking. Currently although I am working as analyst in one reputed company,but I am not satisfied as my knowlegde of CFA/MS(finance) in my field has very limited application. I am searching for a job in Equity Research/Portfoio managemet since last one year and forget about the interview I am not even getting a call from this companies where my knowledge will be best utilized. I people I would prefer international CFA rather than Indian CFA. Mind well I am not Critisizing the course. The course is unbeatable in terms of knowledge but market value is zero. So its on you to decide whether you want a good job or only unutilized knowledge. Basically this course is best for the working professional who has got few years of experience but not good for a fresher. It is a value addition and not a standalone degree like MBA, CA

rahul jain 8 years ago

hi friends..

i m currently pursuing pgp in retail mgt. & in this i have finance for spec. but it is not mojar so can anyone suggest me that cfa is right for me !!!!!!!!



varun 8 years ago

I have completed by gradution in commerce.Presently iam working in a fianace company.i have a work experience of one and haklf years.Iam intersted in pursuing CFA COURSE from ICFAI.Is it possible to pursue the course along with a job.Would it be difficult to pass the exams.

Radhika 8 years ago

Im still in indecisive about Joining ICFAI or AIMR..Can some one please legt me know if the ICFAI course has a better market in India.How assured are we of the jobs.I have an experience of the 3 years now.

amit 8 years ago

hi friends

i have joined MS(Finance) a year ago, i cleared 2 stages yet and planning to complete it in another 1 1/2 year or so. but after reading the comments of the people who have already cleared the course i think that I have wasted money and time. I must have done CAT or some other course. i have gone through all this for the first time and want to continue talking to MS Finance guys and gals. please contact me


alok 8 years ago

hi guys...

currently i m doing mba in IBA greater noida and i m interested to pursue CFA from ICFAI. however after reading the comments i have just confused to decide whether to take this course or not. i have also heard abt some other courses like CPA from ICFAI and ACCA. so can any body tell me which one is the better option?

plz help me....

kk sagar 8 years ago

hello friends

the current demand of job market is quality rather than quantity it doesn't matter from which institute u have complete ur degree course. once entering in job market all the degree take same position after getting some quality and skills. hence complete ur CFA from any institute either ICFAI or CFAI the value are same in International market.

Sourabh Gandhi 8 years ago

I m just 18yrs old(08nov 1989)..i hv done my grd in 2007 and then joined C.A.....i failed in PE-1 in first attempt....then i thought to give C.A inter after my grd...but my luck was nt there or some1 was nt happy with my success or was jealous....so mujhe nazar lag gayi.....and ICAI changed its pattern....now i hv to give C.P.T before.....so i thought now i cant wait 5yrs after saving 3yrs.....so i joined MS(Finance).........i hv cleared my gamma and now i m going to give delta.......i hv heard that icfai is providing CFA CHARTER degree after delta.....if its right then plz let me know and whether ICFAI has done it for the latest enrolled candidates or for all candidates who hv enrolled for MS(FINANCE)....after reading all comments i am so confused WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO DO.....ny1 who is really experienced or of really motivating me and guidiing me 4 a long time means for 1 yr or 2 yrs.....not 4 whole life.....i m not looking 4 a life partner...just joking..lol

Sourabh Gandhi 8 years ago


vinod kajla 8 years ago

Hi Sourabh you will get the cfa charter after delta only but before that u should submit Rs.10000 in favour of council of CFA. For intelligent guys CFA is realy good course and u have done some portion of CA also so it will be good for u.

Sourabh Gandhi 8 years ago

hiiiiii vinod

10000/- for what dear......i hv paid all my installments that 69000/- then this is for what.....is it for getting a degree.....

vinod kajla 8 years ago

yes it is for getting degree

Sourabh Gandhi 8 years ago

i think u r like giving comments without any proper knowledge vinod....

AMIT 8 years ago


this is for Mr. Sourabh Gandhi, I am also doing MS FINANCE from ICFAI and completed alpha, beta only. To give gamma in October 08. My target is to complete MS fiancé in 2009. I am interested in talking to you. as i think that you are looking at the future prospects as I do.

But one thing i want to tell you dear that I am very old guy, 30 years. Actually I am working in a Govt. organisation in UT, Chandigarh and having around 8 years of work ex. I have also given a lot of money to ICFAI.

if u r interested please mail me at mitu_41@sify.com

thank u


Vinod Kajla 8 years ago

Hi Sourabh I am not a free lancer I am an employee of MNC I was guiding you and u r writing that I am commenting without knowledge. I want to tell u that this Rs. 10000 is in favour of Council of CFA for getting Charter Degree If u r in Final Group Of CFA then u should pay this amount and appear in final group pass it and get the charter and continue the MS Finance

mitu_41 8 years ago

hi saurabh, you have not answred my query. hello r u there.

waiting for your reply


Diya 8 years ago

It does not matter which course you did...The jobs available in market are same..Do CFA from ICFAI seriously and understand all concepts well...i know most of the people after CFA/ADF/Ms finance got jobs in financial sector..

amit 8 years ago


Diva. I am doing MS fINANCE from icfai. But I don't know the job future after this degree. I am working in Govt. sector from the last 8 years and planning to shift in corporate sector. But my interest is in Investment portfolio or research jobs. If you know more about this degree. please let me know here or my e mail is mitu_41@yahoo.com


kksagar 8 years ago

hello Amit

after completed of ur ms finance programme u have to go for join kpo as an analyst furthermore u have to join financial institutions such as ifci, idbi, icici etc. ms finance is too good programme one thing i told u all that there is another one hide opportunity to all which is ppo (person to person offshoring) and the demand on this sector is continously increase due to lack of professionals in mnc. hence i told u all don't be afraid doing indian cfa its provide u all a good opportunity...

sujoy 8 years ago

I have completed my CFA from Icfai, now if anyone would suggest me how can i go for searching jobs,i am also a B.Com graduate from St,Xavier's College kolkata

kksagar 8 years ago

hello sujoy

u have to go for apply online in KPOs and in addition u also apply in broking firnms for begning ur career as an analyst for these first u have clear survillence module of NCFM and than apply in Risk Management team of broking house. after getting more than 1 year experience in these field u have to eligible for apply various industries of financial services such as ifci, sebi, rbi etc. furthermore u have to register urself as an independent analyst in elance.com, guru.com etc

nancydodds1 profile image

nancydodds1 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

Excellent information about CFA. Iam searching good information about this now i got good information from this hub. Thanks for sharing this information.

prashant sengar 8 years ago

hi frnds

after reading ur comment iam very much confused.

actually i am a mechanical engineer working in project management job with good salary of 30k but never like this job. now i want to persue cfa from icfai . is it worthy for me or not? am i able to get more paying job or not as before completion my salary will be abt 45k.

pleaseeeeeeee help me

amit 8 years ago

hi kksagar

thanks for your advise and support. Thank u. I am in Chandigarh and If friends like u are there, i think it is a good morale booster.


kksagar 8 years ago

hello prashant

what is ur cofusion and what u want exactly i cannt understand. briefly explain ur cofusion here first. and second think is that the salary package is not depend on education more. its depend on ur working effeciency and experience. which shows ur skills. its truth that additional education is helpful to improve skills but not more necessary if u have a good knowledge and experience of ur work

Amar 8 years ago

Dear All

After going through comment of all wellwisher i'm little confused abt this CFA

course from ICFAI uni. I also wanted to persue this course. I'm doing job in a private

firm and looking better option and placement. I'M commerce graduate. can some

one refer me idea abt this course so that i can opt the right path. Kindly mail me

on my mail i.d. amarformarketingmantra@gmail.com. Kindly also refer what is

succes ratio of students in first exam of this course.

Best Regards

Amar Kumar

Pranav shah 8 years ago

MS FInance is good course with less reputation in Indian Market.


chitra 8 years ago

i m also pursuing the icfai cfa course (distance) and hv completed the alpha ,beta, gamma grps.I ve come to know that after the delta grp, one is allowed to use the cfa designation on payt of 10000 rs to the council which is more like a membership fee.The study mats r par excellence & v comprehensive,so, the knowledge gained at the end of the course must be definitely v good.reg job prospects, there seems to b a mixed opinions, but that's not going to deter me frm completing the course as the knowledge gained is phenominal.

V Venkataramanan 8 years ago

i am pursuing the MS(Finance) course of ICFAI. I have completed upto Gamma. I am in full agreement with what Ms. Chitra has conveyed. The course is good, the study materials are current and comprehensive. The study materials are sequentially planned to orient one to the subject. Regarding the marketability of the degree or the CFA charter gained, i think it has got more to do with the individual's ability to project his skills and knowledge acquired.

Sanjay 8 years ago

Hi All,

I have read both the books for indian as well as international and to be honest International CFA is nothing but a gas filled baloon and is overly hyped. It is a mockery of education, do three levels get a CFA which has no statutory backing and add it to your name. I think I will settle for Indian CFA...

kamal 8 years ago


I have done MBA(Finance) I am working in financial firm which works in capital market

My work usually take 12 hrs. Now i wanted to do CFA (MS Finance) can i complete my CFA along with work is it too tough or it can be balanced. Experienced people please help me out

kamal 8 years ago


I have done MBA(Finance) I am working in financial firm which works in capital market

My work usually take 12 hrs. Now i wanted to do CFA (MS Finance) can i complete my CFA along with work is it too tough or it can be balanced. Experienced people please help me out

kksagar 8 years ago

hello kamal

CFA is a designation which u have used in ur company as an analyst. U can do CFA with ur job its not too tough when u do some hard work and doing ur studies continously. bcoz of u have already working in financial work than u have not find any difficulty to get good job with higher salary package in CFA job market. this is the stage where no one degree matter more against ur experience. hence keep some concentrate on ur studies and do some hard work with ur job. than u get surely success in financial market. Best of Luck

pawan chandra 8 years ago

i have completed my btech frm computer science & currently working in KPO as analyst executive ,tell me whether CFA is gud option fr me , as i`m frm software background & lill xperience in Market Research Field ,. do my xperience counted or i have start frm the scratch .as i`m looking fr CFA as part time course

sajeedkohiri 8 years ago


I have complted MBA i want to purse the CFA guide me. Can i do CFA from ICFAI Flexible Distance. or and another degree.... Plz help me

indu 8 years ago


I am also pursuinfgCFA from ICFAI completed group A & B and preparing for the group c in jan' 09 . i have read all the comments about CFA from ICFAI I am not confused but knw confident all these cannot diiter me . As per today's economy i can say indian financial system is more stronger than US. Am also worried about my future job prospects .

I am glad to hear Nitin job in morgan. and hoping the best for me as well.


Vinod Kajla 8 years ago

Yes Sajeed If u r hard worker and you think that u can do cfa then deffinatelly u should go for it ........

abhijeet: 8 years ago

all i heard from all u guys tht u just commentin bla bla n bla....

but can anybody tell me whther to join ICFAI(CFA) or not....

please tell me bcoz i m planning to do it,i like the course contents of this cource...

n also i think wht we have to do with knowing international market

first take knowledge of indian market than wid job xperience we automatically get to know about it.....

virat 8 years ago

i want to know whether cfa india or us which one is good.some say us is good some says india is good.why the opinion differ among students

virat 8 years ago

i want to know whether cfa india or us which one is good.some say us is good some says india is good.why the opinion differ among students

virat 8 years ago

i want to know whether cfa india or us which one is good.some say us is good some says india is good.why the opinion differ among students

virat 8 years ago

i want to know whether cfa india or us which one is good.some say us is good some says india is good.why the opinion differ among students

shri 8 years ago

anyone who wants any information regarding CFA program 4m ICFAI can write me at: sidh_monu@yahoo.co.in

kksagar22 8 years ago

join my community SENSEXdj in orkut for getting information about CFA ICFAI and indian market.

Ram 8 years ago

Guys, ICFAI CFA is getting widely recogonised in India. This is more to do with a text book approach and wht exams are also like that., where as US CFA is really an Analyst course, where your indepth skills on concepts, understanding, Analytics are measured. Once you are out of US CFA, you can be in any companys finance board for sure.

maxy 8 years ago

hi i m also pursuing CFA from ICFAI...presently in Group D.All those who r currently pursuing it or planning to go for it....do not confuse bcoz undoubtedly the courseware is top class..i have seen CFA US course infact there are no of things more to study in Indian CFA rather than US CFA...market respects people who r skilled and knowlegeable...and after getting experience u will be treated well with respect to position and package...yes,presently there might be problem with respect to jobs but it is applicable to US also bcoz of FINANCIAL CRISIS... and in this scenario indian economy and employment figures in India is better than US...also in coming times india will be in top 5 economies of the world..so plzzzz don't doubt about Indian CFA.... better dream of ruling the world financial market in coming future.

Toshu 8 years ago

Hi Guys, This is a normal human psychology that we remember bad experiences and tend to forget the happier moments. The guys who might have gotten jobs after doing CFA from ICFAI wont get time to update their comments here. But the guys who wont get jobs (Because they took it for granted while studying) are here to update their negative comments. One thing I would like to suggest you guys that Knowledge is very important because before showing your any educational documents (Degree etc) to the company you showcase yourself.... operation managers take your interview and judge your skills.... If you have that calibre regardless of any degree you are holding... I am pretty sure that you will be in... Skilled people are very much required in the job market...if after recession. Though to tell you guys... US CFA is not recognised in UK... as Charters rights are remained with Royal charters only... and one more thing US CFA is not having any statutary backing. INDIAN CFA's course contents are really very good. And, you can start up your own Asset Management or Portfolio Management Company....If you have really studied the course material seriously. And, if you have not then pls continue reading the desperate comments of all the Failure Guys who always play blaim game and never believe in actions... Thanks.

I am pursuing INDIAN CFA..working with one of the top investment bank in the world. And, visited US , UK for the project migrations.

maxy 8 years ago

i m in full agreement wid toshu.

Toshu 8 years ago

Hey maxy.. I have just enrolled into this course but did thorogh study of its scope and market value before entering into it.... As u said you have already done till group C then you must be aware of the difficulty level of the exams... how is it? Pls share... you may reach me at toshupost@yahoo.co.in

Nilesh kapure 8 years ago


Can someone please advice me from where should i joined the CFA course as i know only one institute in india whichis ICFAI.

mail id nilkapure@gmail.com

maxy 8 years ago

For Toshu...

As far as level of difficulty is concerned...it is there becoz u r goin to have one of the best core finance degree in India...if u r mathematically and statistically strong then u can qualify with less difficulty...becoz when u will study valuation part...maths and stats has got immense importance in that...be confident...confidence plays a great role in qualifing exams.

My experience...I cleared 2 groups without more difficulty becoz lot many things i have already gone through due my base degree ie..MBA-Finance....But Group D is the toughest exam i m goin to face probably....

so carry on ur momentum...be focused..u will not face any problem.

reach me at mkp_du@yahoo.com..

maxy 8 years ago

for nilesh,

There r lot many study centres of ICFAI across India....visit ICFAI site or mail it to ssd@icfaiuniversity.org ur problem will be solved.

kksagar 8 years ago

hello friends

i m feel good to see u all with a positive thinking about ICFAI course. i m also one of the MS Finance student of ICFAI and always present for help u all those who suffering problem about course or its recognition.

with regards


kksagar 8 years ago

my id is kksagar22@yahoo.com

Gaurav Kumar 8 years ago

gaurav says:

i have just enrolled into cfa programme before one month. i want to know about the classes of cfa which is conducted by icfai at various centre. i want to confirm that, classes would be helpful or not or what is the level of teachers. i am very confused about classes, because one of my friend said that classes is not so good. please help me.

kksagar 8 years ago

hello gaurav

if u have a basic knowledge of economics, accounts and acturies than classes provided by icfai is sufficient for u. if u have not knowledge about these three subjects than go to take private coaching. but in both cases its necessary for all cfa students do some hardwork bcoz cfa is not only designation its also a art of economic presentation those present the current and future scenario of every country economy. and the efficiency of ur presentation is depend on ur skills. these presentation includes financial forecasting, budgeting, economic growth, market risk, valuation of companies, sectoral growth, etc. than try to improve ur skills to get this efficiency. once u make strong grip on this skills u get easily job in financial sector.

ravi 7 years ago

hi maxy , i need ur help , i am a graduate & academically i am not to strong still i am pursuing cfa from icfai. i had to give my first group in january2009 but i forgot to submit the registration fee , know i will give the exam in april so does it mke any difference?& currently i am working in bpo for voice process if i will work in back office which is related to accounts & finance so will it be helpful for me in studies or to get a good job in financial market. & i want to pursue Mba (finance) through regular studies is it possible? plz help me

abku 7 years ago

Hi kksagar can you guide me as i am not from acount background should i take ICFAI Coaching class or Private class in Mumbai also if possible please let me know the place in mumbai thanks abhijit.a.kulkarni@relianceada.com

abku 7 years ago

Hi kksagar can you guide me as i am not from acount background should i take ICFAI Coaching class or Private class in Mumbai also if possible please let me know the place in mumbai thanks abhijit.a.kulkarni@relianceada.com

sunit 7 years ago

hi frnds i am sunit frm maharashtra.I am pursuing CFA frm ICFAI now i am going for the D& E group examination in april 2009. as i;ve experienced the knowledge i am getting through the books provided by the university is too good. and i dnt think that its too hard.if u r goin to study regularly u;ll not find it so difficult. but iam little bit worried abt job in this current situation of economic downturn. plz reply me on my email:- sunit_mulay@yahoo.co.in. or anyone can share his/her queries to me. i;ll try my best to help them. THANKS..

maxy 7 years ago

For Ravi,

1.know i will give the exam in april so does it mke any difference?--It does not make any difference...on a positive side u r getting time to study more and understand the concepts.

2. currently i am working in bpo for voice process if i will work in back office which is related to accounts & finance so will it be helpful for me in studies or to get a good job in financial market??---CFA equipes u to enter into 10-12 core finance profile...ur current job may help u in studies but it depends what kind of exposure u r getting there.

3.i want to pursue Mba (finance) through regular studies is it possible?...you can't persue regular MBA wid job..u have to sacrifice either of two...

My suggestion--don't take up too many things...introspect urself...see how much load u can hold...otherwise ur efforts would be in vain...Persue CFA along wid job..at the end of the day knowledge matters alot...syllabus of ICFAI CFA is lookafter by people from IIMs,ISB...even this syllabus is recommended by all IIMs(their PGDBM-finance)..so what else u want...

SOHRAB 7 years ago

Assalam Alaikkum Friends,

I am doing CFA from ICFAI university. Indian CFA is better than American CFA. Indian CFA is also difficult and provide all knowledge regarding capital market or financial market which we are required in future world. Don't hasitate to take admission in ICFAI becuase its right place to become a CFA. If we compare our study material with America than we will find not to do single degree from India. We have completed SSC, HSC AND BCOM FROM INDIA SO WHY WE CANT DO CFA FROM ICFAI...........XXXXXXXXXXXX

Suman 7 years ago

Hi, to all i am also pursuing CFA(MFA) from ICFAI has already cleared 3 Group, but much afraid about the current financial crisis and want to know from you all whether is it possiable to get a job in this present scenario after completing CFA.

maxy 7 years ago

Hey Suman.....that's the million dollar question...i think nobody can answer it perfectly.....hope market will improve in 6 to 8 mnths time.

maxy 7 years ago

hai everyone......happy to inform you that i have cleared Group D...2 more 2 go.

anish 7 years ago

hiee..i vl b hvn my board examinations this march 09 and was looking forward to do ca with cfa ..somebody plz help me out wit it whether its gud enough or not..

and what vl b my future prospects then..??

singh sonali 7 years ago

Hi Everyone

This is in reference to CFA Program of ICFAI University.

Those who want the details of CFA program or those who have certain queries about the couse and want to join the program, can send their queries to: singhsonali68@yahoo.com.

We will get back to you at the earliest so that we can provide you with the Counselling of CFA and other professional programs (like MBA, MCA, Executive MBA, Master Degree Programs, PG Diploma) offered by ICFAI University in Flexible mode .

Kindly provide us with your Complete details and Contact numbers to the above e-mail id.


Sonali Singh

Amit Jain 7 years ago

Hi All,

As i am working in Genpact, under reconciliations process, actually i found stuck myself in a vicious circle that doing CFA(ICFAI) along with job is quite difficult

i hav cleared 1st level and scored 82% marks, but this time i don think tht even i could pass the exams so plz suggest whether should i quit the job or not?


Amit Jain

Maxy 7 years ago

For Amit....

This depends upon the type of job... infact in my case also it became difficult for me to persue CFA along with job after Group B... sometimes even sundays were difficult to get... and so missed Group C by some margin... so finally i quit the job... back to back cleared 2 more Groups... finally going to give Group E in april... previously I was working with Axis Bank Ltd... product head(Forex-Retail) for entire Gujarat Region.



sudeep 7 years ago


i have done my MBA in finance.now working.i am planning to go 4 CFA frm tripura...in future..wil d CFA degree b gin weightage...cn i get a better job..

krrish 7 years ago

Hi guys,

I have joined cfa, i would like to know whether this cfa will be tougher equal to CA or will it be easy to understand? Actually i have not joined for any coaching classes, so will it be easy for me to study by myself?

singh sonali 7 years ago


I heve gone through your query regarding the future prospect of CFA PROGRAM..




singh sonali 7 years ago

FOR ALL..This is in reference to CFA Program of ICFAI University. Those who want the details of CFA program or those who have certain queries about the couse and want to join the program, can send their queries to: singhsonali68@yahoo.com. We will get back to you at the earliest so that we can provide you with the Counselling of CFA and other professional programs (like MBA, MCA, Executive MBA, Master Degree Programs, PG Diploma) offered by ICFAI University in Flexible mode . Kindly provide us with your Complete details and Contact numbers to the above e-mail id. Regards Sonali Singh

7 years ago

The course is an absolute waste of time and zero value.

There is no recognition for this course and no employment prospects.

Can study the course for knowledge purpose but then it is better to go to a library instead of wating time and money.

dash 7 years ago

wich is better CFA (US) or MBA (finance) ??? thanx

JD 7 years ago

Hi mates...i ve just cleared Group Alpha (CFA-ICFAI). I am really getting confused and irritated after reading all these negative comments about CFA. I don't really feel like studying at all. I mean why waste all this time if it doesn't hold any value. And honestly it not at all easy so what's the point...or anyone can enlighten me...anyone....i think we shud ask someone who has already completed CFA and is working..ANYONE HERE

KK Sagar 7 years ago

Hello JD,

Don't go with negative comments bcoz i think all those who give negative comments are disperated guys. who don't know exactly that what he do or what do not. the fact is that u do anything but if ur target is not fix than u r not getting success in ur life. CFA from ICFAI is not only designation, it also providing u skills which is demanded in job market. I m also ICFAI student and getting offers from some of the top companies in India bcoz of i m concentrate on my skills with studies. than i suggested u first to focus on ur aim and than do CFA with improving ur skills.

MOHIT DUA 7 years ago


KK Sagar 7 years ago

Hello Mohit

go with Corporate governance or Compliance module of NSE. which is worthwile for u in lieu of CFA. bcoz CFA is related to Investment and Strategys and CS related to legal affairs. than i suggested u.

ontheway profile image

ontheway 7 years ago

future prospect of CFA chartered financial Analyst from ICFAI in India

very good, I support you, come on , welcome to my hub!

Maxy 7 years ago

Hello Mr. G

How do you come to conclusion that '' The course is an absolute waste of time and zero value''. Please explain??(with proper support of your statement)

amit 7 years ago

Hi, I am amit, Chandigarh and persuing MS finance from ICFAI, I have cleared alpha, beta, gamma and one group left to complete CFA. Is there anybody who is doing JOB after CFA. please reply, is there any particular field.

jeet 7 years ago

hi all i just want to do cfa from icfai but could u plz tell me is it vry complex?plz mail me at-akumar_1432002@yahoo.co.in

vip 7 years ago

hiiiii to all of u ,i recently completed my b.com and want to do icfai mba+cfa dual degree course ,will u all give some response to my decision,is it good choice to get both degree in 27 months as said,i know its tough but i am determined to do it,but please tell about job prospects after it mw email id is vip_gupt@yahoo.com

pari 7 years ago

HOW MUCH PAST ACADEMIC RECORD GIVEN CONSIDERATION IN FINANCE WORLD....... Will I have to face down in future in front of big corp. even if I do work hard n clear CFA/CFP (AFP)……in India…i have worse past academic record...plz suggest........

Meenakshi 7 years ago

Hi All,

I have already enrolled in the CFA offered by ICFAI as I cant afford the international one and find the courseware pretty interesting but need to interact with a study group & the institute is not helping me find one. Please feel free to email me at m.dutta78@gmail.com if anyone is interested.


Meenakshi 7 years ago

Hi All,

I have already enrolled in the CFA offered by ICFAI as I cant afford the international one and find the courseware pretty interesting but need to interact with a study group & the institute is not helping me find one. Please feel free to email me at m.dutta78@gmail.com if anyone is interested.


Chinmaya 7 years ago

Thank u all guys for your positive comment.

I've recently enrolled for ICFAi CFA course. Regarding job opportunity, I think ppl who'r working won't find any problem getting new offers with much better package(Courtesy Prasant..a friend of mine).

Yes the course material is very tough. But definitely worth it.

Presently I'm working with a mnc.

tamali 7 years ago


I hav just compltd my graduations n wanting of doin CFA frm ICFAI and after dat i want to do MBA in finance...... Am i doin right??? Or me just wasting d tym by dioing CFA??



tamali 7 years ago


Shall i start from CFA or do d MBA frst??? Wot shall i do pls suggest....



sudeep 7 years ago

hey tamali.....

if u gettin into a good college...i wud suggest ..u go for an MBA....coz ...if u in good college..thn u need not worry abt placements.... once u finish ur MBA nd start workin..u cn go 4 CFA...

HI EVERYONE 7 years ago



Neha 7 years ago

Hi KK Sagar & Everyone ,

I am planning for cfa from icfai and i heard that its very tough course to do.if anyone can give me guidance about study &coaching classes in mumbai and did it really a safe career option?? because I am very confused after reading all these negative comments. Please Help. Thanks


Neha 7 years ago

Hi KK Sagar & Everyone ,

I am planning for cfa from icfai and i heard that its very tough course to do.if anyone can give me guidance about study &coaching classes in mumbai and did it really a safe career option?? because I am very confused after reading all these negative comments. Please Help. Thanks


Neha 7 years ago

Hi KK Sagar & Everyone ,

I am planning for cfa from icfai and i heard that its very tough course to do.if anyone can give me guidance about study &coaching classes in mumbai and did it really a safe career option?? because I am very confused after reading all these negative comments. Please Help. Thanks


Maxy 7 years ago

Hey Friends,

I have reached the final stage of CFA Programme,cleared Group E.

Andy 7 years ago

I have read the comments above and they are very useful. Thank you very much for posting them. I am contemplatting doing the CFA course distance learning (from ICFAI, Tripura). The syllabus/material in the course seems good and helpful. Could you guys help me out with the Do's and Don't.

saurabh  7 years ago

I want an urgent answer.please.........

I am woking with an US based Multinational company as a finance proceess executive in gurgaon.I have Completed M.com,PGDBM(Finance).I wanted to know,whether CFA (ICFAI) will be worthwile for me or not.I don't want to leave my job,so is it possible for completing it alonwith job.

Chinmaya 7 years ago

Congartulations Maxy !

sneha 7 years ago

HI I hVE Taken cfa from icfai i couldn't attempt group an exam as iam out of india now i will be giving the exams in coming october can some one tell me what is the important thing to be studied b4 givingthe exams any tips

Prabhat 7 years ago

Hi All,

Indeed a nice blog with lots of tussle over I(CFA)I?Y/N.

My answer is : Do you feel course contents are good enough? Passing exam is a challenge? Anybody who has passed is certified and it's valid at least in India? If so, then sooner or later the the course will get wide acceptance throughout the world.

I am B.Tech "bioinformatics" currently working as "Quality Analyst" in IBM and loooking forward to be a CFA.

I don't know when my career will take a dive into the world of Finance. But I am very excited about 2011.



Group A 69%

tamali 7 years ago

Hey sudeep thanx a loooooooooooooooooottttttttttttt 4 d info......................

Roshni 7 years ago

CFA is agood course,but there are lots of question arises regarding the validity related to the university status,

NHP 7 years ago

Hi everyone,

I have register for the CFA program from ICFAI. but after reading such negative point, i m totally confused. So plz aneone who have complted the course, can u suggest me that is it valid in the indian market ? wld i get job with cfa from icfai ? PLz help. M e-mail id is patelnirati@gmail.com

yuvraj 7 years ago

I did B.A Economics Honours and now i am planning for cfa from icfai.plz suggest me should i go for it or not?is it very difficult?what are the job prospects? i am very confused.....plz help me out.

Maxy 7 years ago

Thanks! chinmaya.

Going to hyderabad for CFA internship @Cygnus Business Consulting & Research for one month (1st July to 29th july).Topic is '' Business strategy and Performance Analysis''

Sumit Jain 7 years ago

hi everyone,

i am CFA from ICFAI and i hav passed A and B group and going to appear in C group in july now. also i am pursuing MBA finance.. i would like to advice those who are fearing after reading negative comments..there is never any unemployment for a competent person..instead of looking at the comments you should concentrate on your CFA and skills development

sunit 7 years ago

hey maxy!!!!!! congratulations .... now best luck for F group....

maxy... now i am going to give 2nd attempt for D grup.. i m not getting how shud i prepare for theory...plz plz plz plz guide me...i m very scared.. i;ve to pass it in this july attempt in any how condition....plz plz guide me.. also tell me about ur experience in internship at cygnus...plz rply

v123 7 years ago

i have already completed A,B,C group of ICFAI CFA and is gonna appear for D group. I am confused whether I will have good job prospect after finishing this icfai. Is ICFAI CFA is recognized?

v123 7 years ago

i have already completed A,B,C group of ICFAI CFA and is gonna appear for D group. I am confused whether I will have good job prospect after finishing this icfai. Is ICFAI CFA is recognized?

v123 7 years ago

i have already completed A,B,C group of ICFAI CFA and is gonna appear for D group. I am confused whether I will have good job prospect after finishing this icfai. Is ICFAI CFA is recognized?

sunit  7 years ago


don't worryy.... as already you;ve completed 3 groups.. now just concentrate on d grup b;cause its not so easy... first complete your cfa after completing it your knowledge,skills.experience will help you ... to get right kind of job... ok ....just tell me frm wich city you are? prepare very well for d grup... best luck...

Pranay 7 years ago

Hi all,

Its one of the good forum, where some meaningul discussion take place, glad to knw that u people helping n motivating each other in every aspect. I am commerce graduate, completed my graduation in 2006. I was working for bpo called Syntel in mumbai for uk mutual fund process, recently left my job with a view to go for CFA studies, I was bit confused as to which CFA to go for, CFA institute OR CFA from ICFAI. Anyone there have completed CFA from ICFAI and placed with good job. Certainly as everyone said what matters is all your skill, knowledge, ability.

I soon wana join this course and start working in Indian capital market as I feel working in same field will help to grow my knowledge and as an individual. Salary is nt d criteria as of now.

Can someone advise me ? have I done wrong or right ? to quit my job n look for opportunity in Indian capital market.


Pranay (pranaykargutkar@gmail.com )

Pranay 7 years ago

Hi all,

Its one of the good forum, where some meaningul discussion take place, glad to knw that u people helping n motivating each other in every aspect. I am commerce graduate, completed my graduation in 2006. I was working for bpo called Syntel in mumbai for uk mutual fund process, recently left my job with a view to go for CFA studies, I was bit confused as to which CFA to go for, CFA institute OR CFA from ICFAI. Anyone there have completed CFA from ICFAI and placed with good job. Certainly as everyone said what matters is all your skill, knowledge, ability.

I soon wana join this course and start working in Indian capital market as I feel working in same field will help to grow my knowledge and as an individual. Salary is nt d criteria as of now.

Can someone advise me ? have I done wrong or right ? to quit my job n look for opportunity in Indian capital market.


Pranay (pranaykargutkar@gmail.com )

aisha 7 years ago

congrats maxi i have just enrolled myself in icfai for mba through corres i would like to know whether u did it in corres or regular i live in chennai will u be able to furnish me the details and shall i opt for dual masters am not working anywhere please mail me aisha_jams@yahoo.com am very very eagerly waiting for ur reply

thanking you


suprabha 7 years ago

best of luck for those who are appearing for exams and just want to know is it possible to complete cfa with job. oct i have first exam. is it better to quit job and study or can i finish cfa with job? how others feel

sunshine 7 years ago

I have read the comments above and they are very useful. Thank you very much for posting them. I am contemplatting doing the MS(Finance) course distance learning (from ICFAI, hyderabad). The syllabus in the course seems good and helpful. Could you guys help me out with the Do's and Don't.

sunshine 7 years ago

hi maxy!!!!!! congratulations .... now best luck for remaining group....

maxy... now i am going to give delta grup(security analysis and portfolio management).. i m not getting how shud i prepare for theory... plz guide me...i m very scared.. i;ve to pass it in this oct attempt in any how condition.... plz guide me.. also tell me about ur experience in internship at cygnus...plz rply


Mohit 7 years ago

I am currently working as software engineer in a US banking project in one of the MNC companies.Will my work experience be count as relevant finance experience when i will go for any interview after completing CFA? Please help me in finding the finacial field in which my experience will be counted.

Shree 7 years ago

Hi All, I agree to Stooge to a great extent, however, for someone who cannot step out of the country to sit for exams, is not left with any other option but to avail what lies best infront. So in the given situation it makes sense to grab the best possible oppurtunity. Remember, the best manager is one who utilizes every resource to the best of its use not one who is blessed with all resources !

I personally feel, since the MS finance is not a degree, then one should take the valuable knowledge of the course which is most relevant till Kappa level. Besides, one should continue working and add some other certifications as well like, Six Sigma, Price2, ITIL (for IT based companies) and PMP and a distance MBA in finance may be from IIFT or IIMS will fetch better results. This is like merging leadership with financial knowledge and project management. This will open the doors towards any profile related to financial model designing, stategic finance decision making and leading financial projects etc. It would be comparitively easy to become a head of some finance oriented department in a shorter span.

Please share your views.

Thanks and regards,


srikkanth 7 years ago

Comments herein range from 15 months to just 1 month. there opinions are in line with the financial distress.

Doing Icfai CFA 7 years ago

Since markets are turning around all comments herein need not be taken in their literal sense.

How far is it viable to do MBA Finance from any other university after CFA from ICFAI?

Shewta Shah 7 years ago

What about MS finance course. When it will be restarted & what will be market value of those who already persuing MS finanace course. Does Big Companies recognized such who pass out MS - fianance in future.

awaiting reply.

Primetech Software


Software & Web Development Company

pankaj 7 years ago

is cFA from ICFAI University is good to get job in india

sobers 7 years ago

how though is the CFA course from ICFAI as the syllabus has been changed.

Maxy 7 years ago

Sunit,Aisha,Sunshine... thanks for ur wishes.. well I have qualified the entire CFA programme and got the Charter, in this july attempt.I had a great learning experience at Cygnus, Hyderabad as far Macro level analysis is concerned. The faculty over there are highly intellectual and knowledable in the field of finance and of course they are all CFAs from ICFAI, the team is headed by Mr. Pranay Kumar (CFA,BE-IIT Delhi and MBA finace). They gave us the direction for the Economy analysis, Industry Analysis, Company Analysis, Inter-firm comparision and market review. Actually they try to bridge the gap between us and employers. July month was bit hectic for me as there was Group F exams plus internship, notwithstanding I did well, stood 2nd rank in internship and CFA charter. Now I am once again going to Cygnus for CFA Training known as ''Financial Analyst Training Programme''( FATP- only for qualified CFAs)in october for 3 months. FATP focuses into financial modelling, Valuation,Projection,Debt research, Credit research.FATP is an initiative from ICFAI CFAs allumni along with Cygnus to impart all the skills required to be a good financial Analyst. The placement is taken care of during this programme only.As the market is opening up slowly, so the prospects of getting placed is good. At cygnus what i learned that the employer may not be that much interested to know whether you r CFA from CFAI or CFA from ICFAI, but they must be interested to know ur knowledge about the profile. Recently I got an offer from one of the US fianace consultancy based at Gurgaon for debt Analyst, but to my sheer badluck the position got freezed as still cost cutting measures going on in US.

For those who have asked for some tips.. I am really sorry as I never trusted on tips... Group D to F.. you have to go through the entire book as it is tough and indepth.

I will be updating my experience here in this blog so as to help aspiring ones.

Thanks and Regards


Hashim Ansari 7 years ago

HI, I want to know something that i have five years of exp. in accounting in an indian company know i want to join cfa programme from icfai so that programme can help me to make my career and becs i have a good exp in accounting so it's relivant for me that i join a course which is related to share market, i am interested in share market but i have no exp in this fild so it's good that i join this course or not.

Gagandeep Singh 7 years ago

Hi all

I was about to pay the fees of Icfai CFA, but after reading all this m confused, what to do now? please suggest.

Dhaval 7 years ago

hi everyone...

It would be fine enough with all of the fellows who are confused between Indian or Us CFA then please go for US cfa

There are so many problems in job for Indian CFA....

mind you both the course material is same, infact indian CFA is much more tougher then US CFA...but the thing is US cfa is globally accepted.

I completed Indian CFA last month, still not able to find suitable job.

~~~~D~~~~ 7 years ago

@ maxy..

Can you please lemme knw about the job openings for US finance consultancy based at Gurgaon for debt Analyst??

Stop fooling pple here and guide them properly.... friends go for US CFA or FRM one....as both are equivalent for a particular job your searching in an international or domestic market.

Don't waste your career by enrolling for indian cfa...

Many people here says due to global recession not much company's are hiring CFA's, i ask them if they start hiring will they hire fresh CFA's widout any prior work exp. ?? Ofcourse NO.....

US CFA has a gud value because they gives you Chartered designation only after 4 years of work exp. in the particular field, Whereas FRM gives you the certification after prior wrk exp of 2 years, and Indian CFA no work exp. complete all the 6 groups and here is your chartered as well as masters!!! Dumb!!

Yes so coming back to the point... What is the gurantee that next year market is going to run very smoothly ..??

As many people here said there are no openings due to recession, fine market has frimly picked up frm its bottoms and is doubled frm its low. Still no jobs for ICFAI CFA....moreover US CFA level 2 have jobs in equity analyst as a fresher in india. The recruiter has clearly mentioned that we need US CFA.

Goodluck, and please don't waste your career.

~~~~D~~~~ 7 years ago

I have said all of the above things because i have studied US CFA books too,now am planning to do FRM...

Maxy.. 7 years ago

hey u..D.. whatever ur name is.. a fool can only comprehend foolish things.. I m not fooling ppl here in this blog.. It is not required to answer ur question.. but as this is a platform and u have commented.. to mention u the name of company "HELIX FINANCIAL LLC"..and the person who took my interview is a CFA level-2 from CFAI having experience of over 5 yrs .. i know US CFA is globally accepted ( this is the only USP) but I can bet on the knowledge the Indian CFA curriculum has and is more vast than US CFA.. as far as job is concerned.. 30 out of 50 batch of CFAs has already being placed from ICFAI hyderabad training cum placement programme and still one month of training is left...from this batch the recruitment has picked up.. there is no guarantee of life then what to say about market.. yes being an analyst almost all the leading indicators and fundamentals are good so will be the recruitment.. For those who have started ICFAI CFAs.. only going through textbook is not enough.. to make urself more marketable definetly go to cygnus for FATP programme( after CFA charter)... it is highly recommended, if u r sure about ur knowledge.. u will definetly get a job.. and some 3-4 months back even the grads from IIMs,ISB hyderabad( one of my friend) was not able to get a core finance.. after a hardship of 3 months, he got a job in CRISIL he told me that brand has importance but not to the extent of knowledge and at the end of the day knowledge only plays in the market.. presently i m not searching job bcoz i m gearing up for FATP still I received a call from hyderabad consultancy for an opening in Bank of America.. so they must have seen my CV mentioning about ICFAI CFA?!?! ( hello mr.D ).. Once again i would like to say that I m not forcing or withdrawing anyone either for ICFAI CFA or CFAI CFA.. it is just my personal experience.

~~~~D~~~~ 7 years ago

You stupid fool, Your doing that Cygnus Internship, where people are taught just to enhance your search skills from google baba, reading newspapers, making your grammer perfect lol, and other day to day things which a person is already doing in his day to day life.

One thing is very strange in you which i found in 2 of your last post, you have each and every member placed in some good institute right na?? well does dat really matters writing a blog , guess NO...anyone can write whatever he wants, who knws your jus a dummy person of ICFAI set here to write some gud blogs about the university.

Anyways just take that job man, or else you will be in great danger, Oh yeah about your CV mentioning ICFAI CFA or not, i wud like to comment you on that part, please make proper changes in your CV if you have just mentioned CFA...add ICFAI too....okay...good luck

And US CFA has many USP, go through the website old man... ICFAI doesn't hold any recognition in the market, If you really have brain then think beyond something, now your a CFA man put some brain, the thing which doesn't have any recognition, do have value?? Yeah fine agreed after a lot of search and approach in the market you will get a job with a limited profile and salary, you won't be able to garnish yourself, for your kind info. am much senior to you, have worked with Anand rathi as an Equity Analyst, doing FRM level 2 and CFA(US) last level in june2010

(hello mr. Maxy) guess maxy might be Searching the DATA frm google baba at CYGNUS, coz he cannot be in the valuation part so early....go to NTR garden and refresh yourself....


okay agreed that your not fooling anybody here betwn US cfa or indian but atleast give the right blog here so that people who really are confused don't make any wrong decisions in doing wrong course ..

Its about career man, And regarding placements whom your fooling dumb, i am in touch with each and every person related to cygnus, in last batch only 2 person where placed.

So shutup your mouth now.... and don't post any fake things.

And recently der was no openings for freshers in Bank of America, there also you posted a fake comment.

Okay don't make your face red, that's fine, truth is truth.

~~~~D~~~~ 7 years ago

Knowledge do plays a lot in market but the name itself is spoiled a hell lot in the market. Recently a lot of issues came with icfai in tamilnadu and rajkot. So these all issues does matters in the brand name, you don't have any idea your lacking so many things, the founder of this course resigned because he was himself too much annoyed with the ongoing legal battles with other institutes.. Infact do you know MS finance was closed for 4 years in between. Am far senior from you, and regarding my job you don't worry i do have and its a very good post.

Search on the google baba you will get the details wht happnd and whts happning....i guess now your taking internship with cygnus your Search skills have been extended a hell lot.... :)

Cheers, Freshers here if anyone confused in Us Cfa or Indian Cfa go for Us cfa or FRM

Maxy.. 7 years ago

D..hahahah.. that's it... u dumb.. that's only u know about cygnus.. then definetly once again visit cygnus ok bachcha...simply for u i can remember of a frog in a well and that's ur world.. u senior..LOL.. maturity does not come with some stupid degrees and age.. to be a perfect professional u have to respect others in their knowledge and for their work.. as far as qualification is concerned I am MBA finance heading a product for entire region..and a CFA.. now it is not between CFA ICFAI or CFA CFAI.. i respect it.. may be down the line I may be pursuing US CFA depending upon the recruitment.. but to my sheer disappointment a guy like u, pursuing US CFA and also passed somme level is such an immature persone so then what would be the level of US CFA.. valuation and financial modelling using spreadsheets..hahaha what to say.. Mr. FROG

~~~~D~~~~ 7 years ago

your too much confused man, 1st your saying that you would be doing Us Cfa too, and later on saying that people who are immature do Us Cfa....Atleast don't say immature to yourself, rest is all fine .... people knws very well what is right and what is wrong.....You go and carry on with Google baba, bloody joker....

don't be so red hot monkey,i know your irritated a lot by my post, i can understand your respect towards ICFAI cfa LOL and guess your not able to take any comments on your favourite uni. Icfai.

But that's fine, a person who do have brains would definetly understand from my above blog, and choose his/her path towards success.

Remaining part is you, i don't argue with nonsense stupid fellow :P

Good luck with cygnus :P you need a lot wasting your money....

I really din knw that ICFAI people are taught teling Frog to their seniors, just sometimes back you said "to be a perfect professional u have to respect others in their knowledge" Cygnus might have taught you dis... :P

For your kind info. am hell ahead then you, your just a kid against me.. Better luck kid for your future with Icfai.

Yes i would like you to join Us Cfa so that you can understand what it is and what reputation it does have in corporate world. Seeing this attitude of yours am sure you won't be able to complete it even in 5 years :P

To hard work okay, as of in ICFAI you have suggested papers and all the questions are just repeated from suggested papers itself, here you won't find any material like this, you have to prepare yourself completely.

Hope you complete it....in somce Decades.. :P

KKSagar 7 years ago

@ ---D---- & maxy

both guys stop ur battle here 4 the questioning of which CFA institute is better and which is inferior. In lieu of quarrel u both trying to share ur knowledge with fresher on these particular field. Bcoz mostly company demanded knowledge, skills, efficiency and experience not the recognition and status of both institutes. I though u both having a good knowledge on these field. so plz use ur knowledge to improve skills and efficiency of other.

Maxy 7 years ago

.. yes mr frog i was thinking of persuing CFA US but really doubting that if a person like u bloody dumb can do it than i think anyone can pass the exams.. for ICFAI CFA.. first do it then say any thing u duffer.. who knows who is ahead or lagging behind.. writing anything does not guarantee any thing bachcha..i know once again i m wasting my time for a stupid fellow like u.. but u deserve these lines donkey..i feel as if u r made of shits of US people and thus boasting of them.. rest what to say to a mentally ill guy who is not capable of understanding..so it is futile to write anything ... u FROG.

~~~D~~~ 7 years ago

u dumb.... i did mentioned dat i completed both the CFA...can't u understand simple English??? tell Cygnus people to improve English skills too...

Okay now dun be so frustrated, anyone can understand which is more better option for career. From your comments it feels like ur loosing the debate....

Person who is professional speaks like this?? Ohh!! such a same...Cygnus taught you??

cool 7 years ago

all depends upon your knowledge, ability and experience

cool 7 years ago

all depends upon your knowledge, ability and experience

JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur

Hi Stooge,

You have written in brief but it helps a lot. It is a warning like hub for many. They can save their time and money.


Jyoti Kothari

jatin 7 years ago

hi, i am doing cfa from icfai and currently preparing for group e, i really don't know about the scope of cfa but one thing which i can say is that cfa is a very very difficult course. i had completed b.com(H) from du then p.g.(M.COM) also completed ca group 1(c.p.t) and now preparing for m.b.a regular and believe me cfa is the toughest of all. everyone is saying about the study of cfa is limited to indian market but from group c onwards we study about the foreign exchange markets, adrs, edrs and all securities issued in the foreign markets and we studied about international accounting standards given at the end of chapters so exposure is not a problem. as far as recruitment is concerned u have to show ur potential in the private sector cfa will provide u a stand rest depend upon u

dipankar 7 years ago

hi friends currently i m doing this cfa course from icfai.so pls help me about this course future prospects. n pls mail me at duttadipankar50@gmail.com.i m waiting for ur reply


~~~~~~~~D~~~~~~~~ 7 years ago

ohhh!! where are you stupid MAXI...Guess ur internship is over...anyways Friends Even i appreciate The course ware and study material, but the talk here is going about VALUE...Anyways check out this link " All CFA's and enrolled students should check out this link for sure "


~~~~~~~~D~~~~~~~~ 7 years ago

@ Jatin....

Well don't talk like a small child, do not compare professional course with bcom and mcom... And wht u said that after group C u studied about foreign exchange so whats gr8 in this?? Whole CFA is about FM and Foreign exchange plays a major portion in FM...

I wasn't expecting a CFA person to comment like this atleast.. !!



working for money only 7 years ago


This is just a response to the offhand comment about ICFAI not recognised by AICTE. Its often found that such comments are thrown out of lack of understanding of what's happening in the regulatory bodies. ICFAI is very well recognized in the industry and has a very good brand presence. The curriculam offered is best in the academic field and is changed every year regularly. Why do any university/college need so called UGC/AICTE, is it needed? if so, to what extent is what most of us are not aware of. These approval is thrown around to indicate the quality of education offered. In the case of ICFAI (which is one of the private university which is equipped to fight the influx of international university), there is a constant drive to improve on all levels of management education without these approvals simply because there is no irritating regulations imposed which trottles the quality and implementation of the same. Let me remind you that India is the only country which follows affiliation system which the British introduced. The British have long abandoned and the universities in Europe and US are private without these silly impositions of so called regulatory bodies. So, when most of the best university are private and we run for it abroad why not encourage private universities which is of good standard in our own country?

Below is an article around the same theme which appeared in The Indian Express.

Let a million schools bloom

Monday May 28 2007 08:57 IST

Bibek Debroy

When regulators don’t know the difference between regulation and control, one is asking for trouble, especially in a country like India where control mindsets are part of the air we breathe. Everyone knows about our demographic dividend, with an additional trigger now, because China is greying faster than earlier believed. Labour force requires skills, distinct from what the education system delivers. Should Indian students head off to the US, Europe and Australia in search of these skills? Or, more pertinently, in the CFA versus AICTE instance, should they head for Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and UAE?

Exit abroad is an option available to the relatively rich. For broadbasing access, delivery in India is preferable. That apart, exit abroad is more likely to lead to permanent migration. Nothing wrong with that as a matter of personal choice, except that, thanks to subsidies, India ends up cross-subsidising developed countries. Do we want service delivery in India? Foreign corporate presence in education is certainly linked to WTO negotiations, but there is a unilateral liberalisation welfare argument independent of reciprocity by other countries.

Do we want domestic service providers to stay in India? Or do we want to impose high costs on doing business, so that they exit to the Middle East and elsewhere? That’s a bit like the manufacturing story. FDI out of India of $15 billion isn’t only about competitiveness of Indian companies. It is also about high compliance costs. What have we got in the present instance? Financial analysts need certification and Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) has been delivering that for some time.

Several years down the line, sensing the market, along comes Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Institute, with a global presence. And we have a trademark infringement case filed by CFA against ICFAI and Delhi High Court’s interim injunction of August 2006, asking ICFAI to drop ‘chartered financial analyst’ from its name. There have been such instances in manufacturing. We shouldn’t be surprised that service mark infringement cases should now extend to services, including education. How is education different from anything else, regardless of our hypocritical attitudes towards profit-making in education? The infringement case should have ended the matter, settled by courts, a commercial dispute and no more.

If that didn’t happen, that is partly because of ICFAI, but more because of AICTE. In March 2007, ICFAI filed a petition in Guwahati high court, alleging CFA ran a technical education programme without AICTE approval. The court referred this to AICTE, resulting in an effective ban on CFA’s operations, subject to whatever legal action CFA wants to take. And we have a can of worms and I don’t mean the purely temporary issue of what happens to 7,000 students due to take exams on June 3. First, is AICTE’s action based on the issue of AICTE permission, or is there also an element of protecting the domestic provider? Manufacturing witnessed this battle during the Bombay Club days and the country ruled in favour of competition. But we seem to be fighting the battle again over services.

Second, AICTE is supposed to look after technical education, but what on earth is technical education? That is not an expression that can be readily defined. Hence, anything leading to a diploma comes under the purview of AICTE and anything leading to a degree comes under the purview of UGC. A two-year management programme that is done through a university leads to a degree and UGC is the regulator. This is accordingly non-technical.

But you might have a two-year management programme that is equivalent in all respects, except that it is not done through a university and therefore leads to a diploma. This is interpreted as technical and AICTE is the regulator. To everyone other than HRD ministry, this multiplicity of regulators seems illogical.

Third, for such professional courses, where the market is the judge of quality, one should wonder whether we need regulators at all. This is a broader point than the limited narrow issue of whether all technical courses require AICTE approval. In my understanding of the law as it stands today, they do not.

But should the approval requirement at all exist? It hasn’t ensured quality, either through UGC or AICTE. There are several business school rankings undertaken by assorted magazines. They tend to disagree on rankings of individual schools, but they all agree on one common strand. Barring Delhi University’s Faculty Management Studies, not a single degree programme figures in the top league. The top is reserved for diplomas, private and public, and this is because diploma programmes are controlled less. Sure, there is asymmetry of information and one requires disclosure (including information on fees). Technical education providers need to function as companies with profits and balance sheets and which are answerable to shareholders. However, once those norms are imposed, there is no role for something like AICTE. Fourth, if a primeval AICTE continues, it will find no scope for regulation and interpreting it as control.

The best solution is to scrap AICTE. If that’s not possible, make AICTE irrelevant by clearing up a grey area of the law, regarding the mandatory nature of AICTE approval. De facto, the approval is not mandatory. But de jure, AICTE thinks it is, which causes the problem. If this confusion is cleared, educational institutes will have a choice through two parallel tracks. If AICTE performs a useful role, there is no reason why institutes shouldn’t opt for approval. Stated differently, let’s do a zero-based budgeting exercise on AICTE. Let’s not treat AICTE’s utility as axiomatic.

The writer is an economist

haseeb 7 years ago

hi friends i m alsow doing CFA 4m icfai

and im thinking to do CFP and NCFM MODU..with cfa

so it will be helpful to me or not for a good job

kirtan 7 years ago

hye friends i m doing cfa from icfai.. i will be giving my B group exams in jan 10.i m really worried about future job prospects after this course ,after reading ur posts.please reply me about job opportunities after completion of this course on my email id coolkirtan@rediff.com

Rajeev 7 years ago

thank u all of my frnds of this blog

Rajeev 7 years ago

thank u all of my frnds of this blog

priyanka 7 years ago

hey mr.d

i read that u have done both the cfas?so is the syllabus different? and how difficult it is to get a job if u ra cfa from icfai?

can u please tel me what is FRM ? and its job prospects in india?

Paricha 7 years ago

HI,I just completed my CFA from ICFAI.Bt i m not getting any good job oportunity at all except selling and marketing jobs.so is it advisable to start jobs from that field????Pls help me out.

~~~D~~~ 7 years ago

hi priyanka, No the courseware is same... infact you will be shocked that indian cfa is more tough, but US cfa is more organised i can say..

Thing is the level of examination is too gud in Us cfa, here in indian cfa you can go thru suggested papers and can easily clear whole cfa widout any attempts,

whereas in Us cfa der are no suggested papers, you have to work really v.hard,

Frm is Financial Risk Management, if your gud at Quants then go for it, its the best course i have found, merely there are only 18k students worldwide who passed this exams uptill now, the course of FRM is really tough, one should be very serious and dedicated towards the studies to clear this.. FRM is a course one shud really do after completing CFA, its something like your doing a specialisation.. :)

I hope its clear to you Priyanka.. you can check its site..

Jus lemme knw if you need more info...


~~~D~~~ 7 years ago

@ Paricha...

Paricha, you can start doing job in broking house.. Yes the job prospectus of Indian cfa's is really v.bad, one cannot get an easy job..

Moreover everyone wants to go into equity analyst, and this kind of jobs are really very limited in markets. And if some requirements are there first priority is given to the experience one.

I hope your getting me..

As of for a start you can join somewhere, just don't do any sales work, it won't give you any exp.


Paricha 7 years ago

Thank u sir for ur valuable comments.as it will help me in choosing a right career option.

priyanka 7 years ago

hey thanks (mr.d) a lot for your advice!

but i don't know anything about frm?

can u tel me what r d job prospects after doing frm?and can i do frm without doing cfa? what do u work as after doing frm and in which sector? does equity is any of the setor which u can work?

i also wanted to ask u that do u know any course on technical analysis . i am good at it but i want to have some course for a degree or a certificate. i really want to work as a technical analyst for any of broking firm.

please help me out on this too!

waiting for your reply!

~~D~~ 7 years ago

@ Paricha..

Please don't say me Sir, lol.. am just your age.. haha..

take care.

~~D~~ 7 years ago

@ Priyanka

Well you can have the whole details of FRM on its website. GARP is the authority of the course... you will be able to find all the details from the website itself..

About technical course... First of all you wont be able to get into technical analyst without having prior exp. of 3-5years in capital markets, No course or degree will help you here..

Though you can search and apply for your good..Who knws an opportunity strikes you anytime.. But i doubt you can't be good in tracing the markets technically as your asking me that your confused in choosing CFA or FRM.. well technical is not just a guess work .. a Hell lot of theories you wil have to learn into that...



tarak 7 years ago

hi friends i m alsow doing CFA 4m icfai

and im thinking to do forex module and NCFM MODU..with cfa

please lett me i ma right or rong

Paricha 7 years ago

okie mr.d

neal771 7 years ago


can anyone tell me how much total cost for US CFA. including study material and all things. i waiting for reply

neal771 7 years ago


can anyone tell me how much total cost for US CFA. including study material and all things. i waiting for reply

Karan 6 years ago

Hey folks...i have no background of Finance or CA or Economics though this field really looks lucrative.I am a Software Engg....just started my career with Infosys.I am looking to do MBA(Finance) after say 3-4 years of Exp.as returns in this field are rewarding and i have no plans to stay in S/W industry for any long.My Apti,Quant and Maths is good..So can you all suggest me is it good to take up CFA before going for MBA?

Jain 6 years ago

Does somebody know about the pass percentage of CFA (ICFAI) after revision of its structure/format.

sumit 6 years ago

hii guyss this is sumit i am a in graduation first year and want to pursue cfa but so far u have read it has been said tha it is only after completion of 2nd year or after graduation u canm pursue it and plz help me out iwhat is its prospect in idia

ANNU 6 years ago

Hi, i m annu

planning to pursue CFA from ICFAI

Plz tell me is there any scope for this.

wht is qualification and qualities needed to join this program?

is this good program


khurram ismail 6 years ago

I am from Pakistan just completing my ACCA. now i want to excel my career in finance and investment sector. So can i go for MBA in finance and investment and then CFA so that i will helpful for me or shd i go direct CFA...

i have no job experience..

Devd 6 years ago

I want to go for MBA-CFA dual programme of ICFAI, i need guidance from those who has completed their CFA, for this pl write to me at devender_dd@rediffmail.com. . its very urgent.

patra 6 years ago

dear all,

i am a final yr graduation student...

i want to persuade CFA.

But after gng through ur all comments m to confused..

i also want 2 knw tht is entrance exam is necessary..

pls help me out...

ankit agarwal 6 years ago

hi all,

after reading so many comments iwould also like to deliver my views about the ICFAI CFA, well this course good enough to gain the deep knowledge of financial market, the ICFAI course is hard but i manage to clear A&B group, this course really need good study and the study material helps a lot. As far as the scope of this course is concerned i would like to aad on is that the companies generally looks the knowledge base and concepts and the knowledge of the economic scenario and further decides to take the candidate in or not. well as far as US CFA is concerned that course is good enough and have global presence but after doing that course if u don't have adequate knowledge to justify things then doing that course is also useless. ICFAI's main course is CFA only. As far as job opportunities are concerned about this course according to me one can get a good opening in varied financial sector as portfolio managers, financial analysts, etc. Lastly i want to say that if this course does not have a global presence but in india it does have and if we do job in india then our country can become a developed country if citizen of india does serve the country.

paul84 6 years ago

hi all,

Im working with Aviva insurance company....n ive paid my cfa fees also...now reading the above comments i feel we shud study n gain some knowledge so that we can get some job in finance sector...apna paisa wasool karna haiyaar....n guys don't worry about jobs its all depend on u how n how u find it...

ROHIT 6 years ago


now i am doing b.com ii yr( sem 4th ). I want to go in finanical sector. i am thinking about MBA and CFA. Can u tell me about which will be better for me. and which option have great oppurnity.

souvik sinha 6 years ago





amit mishra 6 years ago

@mr d

can u help me?? i need ur suggestions

i m doin computer engg.is it possible for a comp engg to pass cfa as i m not frm commerce background i m really intersted in doin US cfa nd also i m planin to do mba(fin)...

nd is it ok if i do cfa before doin mba?

my mail id is amit_mishra599@yahoo.com

abhinav 6 years ago

even i was confused whthr to go for it or not. decided not to go for it. nor CFA (US) neither CFA (ICFAI). coz u put ur money, time n effort to any course n then u r not sure of getting a good job. i knw getting good job n then progress depends on how well u apply the knowledge u hv but if the market is not accepting U then no one can do anything abt it. after reading so much frm the internet n then discussing this with some professionals (some CFAs frm ICFAI also) i found tht the scenario was diff. some 3 yrs. back. CFA was considered very good. thr MS-Finance course was much respected n recognised by the organizations. but not now. the present CFA program which is also costlier than the previous one don't command same respect n value like the earlier one. though it's good to gain knowledge but it's not a self sufficient qualification to get a good job. if anyone want to persue it then plz do so as additional qualification with some other good professional degree. tht's my personal opinion. no offence plz. i respect all the ppl who wrote in this forum n coz of u ppl only i was able to take my decision.

n regarding the CFA(US). first of all it is very costly. n though it's internationally recognised but wht abt it's scope in India??? i hv never met any CFA(US) qualified here in India so I really don't hv any clear idea abt it's scope in India. I can't trust the internet completely. Until i get a chance to meet some CFA(US) in person n hv a conversation with him, it's really hard to decide whthr it's good or not. so with all these doubts n confusions it's better to leave it for now.

thanks guys for all wonderful posts. tht was good learning experience.

sammy 6 years ago

hi i had finished 1st level icfai. I don't know why people consider CFA (usa) and CFA (india) tough. Both are easy listen tom me. Just solve the questionaires and you are ready. No need to read books. But then i decided to leave this icfai as I got job as a petroleum engg in india. As fas as exposure is considered I have been involved in multi billion dollar projects. The knowledge was really useful in project financial management even if it was elementary. We had only one mba (finance) from ISB. He has lot of respect for both CFA but says that indian cfa shot itself in foot by opening colleges for other degrees.

So I will say if you want knowledge go for any CFA (indian cfa might be cheaper and better) but if you want job atleast now go for CFA (USA).

As far money is concerned I earned lot more as a petroleum engg including massive bonuses and stock options than I would have earned by pursuing CFA or mba finance. But i don't want to boast about financial rewards as they are wrong way to classify things. Serioulsy if you want to earn lot of money start you own business, one guy who finished indian cfa 10 yrs ago did that as he couldn't get any job. Now he manages nealry 1000 cr in real estate and bonds and he says his cfa helped him a lot along with his own personal interest in finance.

So judge for yourself

chirag suchdeva 6 years ago





PARAS TANDON 6 years ago










ROOPAK 6 years ago


NIKHIL  6 years ago


SACHIN BABBAR 6 years ago


varun 6 years ago


I am pursuing CA(final)but my first attempt will be on may 2012,so in a mean time I am thinking to do CFA(icfai) also as an additional degree, along with CA.Whether i can manage both at the same time and will it give me any extra advantage along with CA.

Emperornayan 6 years ago

Hey guys first of all the topic itself is controversial and the comments above add a lot to it....

Thnks a lot for confusing us guyzzz

PARAG 6 years ago

Ya, i think cfa is the best course in the industry rather than CA or CS. one of my friend has completed his cfa and he got 9.5 lakhs package in in reputed company .it fare enough .so don't be disappoint u all people can do. everybady can succesd if we take right step in right direction .

Maxy 6 years ago

It's been almost 6 months.. since I updated what I am doing presently.. well to start with I topped Cygnus Interbship.. and to my knowledge and off course luck I got job with Data Monitor Ventures as Valuation Analyst- Oil & Gas.. and it is offcourse not because of US CFA but Indian CFA... and some FROGS are here in this stupid platform who doesnot beleive in themselves but associate themselves with some dgrees... there are people in my team who are CFA Level 2 qualified working with me ... and some of them got package less than me... In this organisation I came to know about good number of people who are CFA(CFAI) qualified or pusuing.. but they are not satified with CFA BRAND(Either ICFAI or CFAI).. they say that there are less no of oppurtunities in any of the frontend finance profiles.. and merely getting the CFA brand is not going to benefit.. even guys from IIMs does not get chance to become I-Bankers.. But I have found people not having Brands Like CFA or IIMs are into frontend... so the bottomline of the discussion is to build your finance knowledge.. learn the multiples on which a particular industry is working on.. excellent communication skills... and finally get the best of packages across industries...Best of luck..


Ross 6 years ago

Hi does any of you have the books for Beta and gamma group of MS finance (ICFAI).My books got destroyed due to termites.Currently I am at Mumbai

Please get in touch at rosschoudhury@gamil.com.


mitu  6 years ago

hi every one. i just want to know that can we get the study material from icfai cfa without taking addmission as i just want to enhance my knowledge not to clear the program because of time shortage or is there any other short term program which can help me out. I m MBA finance

saket 6 years ago

@ hindustani

u seems biased towards indian cfa . the other person is right that indian CFA doesn't hold value...................

mitu 6 years ago

plz guide me

Arvind Singh Lodhi 6 years ago

Hi guys, i doing MS(finance) from icfai, and registered long ago for the same. till now i have cleared only 3 groups and got dbf. and appeared for delta many time. so plz suggest me the way how i can cross the exam. i am working with infosys bpo ltd. so not having too much time to devote in the studies. will wait to hear from you..you may directly mail to me on arvind_singhlodhi@yahoo.com

baptist 6 years ago

i m doing cfa and want to do cfp also but i am confused it will be benifcal or not can anyone help with suggestions my email is; baptist_isis@yaho.co.in

Jitender 6 years ago

cfa k baad pakka job mil jayegi na

ye fake to nh h na

mukesh 6 years ago

i m cfa from icfai now searching for job pls sugeest how 2 search for particular cfa job


i agree cfa is tough course bt nto so tough

kk sagar 6 years ago

@ Mukesh,

cfa jobs is depend on your skills. u wrote that cfa is not a tough course i agree but dude without practical approach its worthless for u. you only concentrate only how to crack the exams without clear all assumptions and approaches with this course. that's why u suffer in job market. you need to improve ur skills for these first u learn financial modelling and than apply as a data analyst in KPO or broking house. remember one thing is that report writing is an essential part of analysis for these u must make good command not only in analytics also in economics and languages.

all the best

for further assistence mail me on


cool 6 years ago

ye fake nahi hai

go to www.thefinancialanalyst.org

waha bade bade log opinion dete hai . :)

knowledge is power.

cool 6 years ago






karan agarwal 6 years ago

hiii,every one,i m pursuing a cfa program from icfai university,and beleive me it is really a very tough course which require a great quantitative skills,its not about only to clear the exams which can be done by goin through the last 4 quarters examination,bt if u really want 2 gain from this course so u have to pay attention on your self devlopment in every aspect that is required in financial sector.

shakshi 6 years ago

i am working as probationary officer in a public sector bank.will CFA from ICFAI help me in accelerating my career.Please guide me

apurva 6 years ago

hey friends i read ur comments they r really valuable but m still confused.......m waitin for my tyb.com results n m confused bwt CFA from ICFAI n US CAF. Plz help me out ...

sharanya 6 years ago


i m doing CFA (ICFAI) i hav cleared 1st group.

now preparing for next group exam.

is it possible for me apply for a job once i complete 3 groups, or should i wait till i clear all the groups?

wat would be my approx. salary after 3 groups?

NIKHIL RANGA 6 years ago


NIKHIL RANGA 6 years ago





pinky 6 years ago

hi friends currently i have taken addmission cfa course from icfai.so pls help me about this course future prospects. n pls mail me at surekhahs1@gmail.com i m waiting for ur reply


Abhinav 6 years ago

Thank GOD I dropped the idea of persuing CFA. ICFAI is at it again. They have just stopped their CFA program. I don't know all the details but just when I visited their site just to check CFA coz my friend wanted to know about it, I found out a complete different thing. There is no CFA, no CPA, no MSF. Only MBA, MCA, BBA and BCA from the old courses are there and not any any other course which they used to offer. Ohhh yes and one more new program called MIFA is there which I think is the replacement for MFA(CFA)just reminding me of the last year when they suddenly stopped MS-Finance(CFA) and introduced MFA(CFA). They have done that again this year. So guys if u want to persue CFA, now only CFA (US) is available in the market.

I really feel for the students who have enrolled for the program recently.

Pinky ji aap bas bachte bachte fas gayi hain. Ek din aur ruk jaati toh shayad bach jaati. Future prospects kya bataye us course ka jo ab hai hi nahi. CFA (ICFAI) is finished.

Chandu 6 years ago

kya cfa sach me band ho gaya he?

~~D~~ 6 years ago

heya friends .. am back .. as one of my friend here has posted something .. ya MAXY am pointing to u .. dumb!

Well yes again its ICFAI changed the name now MIFA is the program for the road to CFA charter.. they keep on doing these kind of shuffling just to attract some more students.

Well people who are planning to enroll for CFA.. Please drop the idea of becoming CFA(icfai) rather go for CFA(USA) or do FRM.. damn gud course..and you will really enjoy studying the course.

As far as opinions are concerned it varies from person to person.. Well my opinion is .. the course structure and study material is gud .. no doubt its a tough course.. For knowledge if ur doing then go for it ..But for a good job whether in India or overseas please go with US- CFA or FRM..

Many people here claims that they got placed in so and so company or they topped in some internship program, am nt concerned with there current status ~ rather then that what matters is .. how much time you spend for getting a job into this market.. well give u one example .. 2 friends of mine are still searching the job ..

Whenever they knock companies they ask are u US cfa? If ur a US cfa qualified and a fresher u will easily get with some research companies with ur dream job of Equity Analyst, whereas as an indian CFA start up end up with RM at a broking firm do sales wrk and start ur career like this.

See if u have experience then every damn course is gud. In real terms u can judge a course only when u get opportunity as a fresher in a company with a gud profile.

Please drop your idea of doing indian cfa go for us cfa. Many articles if might get in google search of icfai fooling students.

So its an opinion from myside .. who had already cleared CFA(ICFAI) and US(CFA)

Both the courses are same.. Some people says us cfa is easy, well i bet you its not really easy. The reading stuff is easy but when you sit and face the exams you will get to knw what US cfa is, whereas anyone can clear the indian cfa exams by doing just past papers.

What quality and toughness people are showing in this blog. ICFAI CFA can be done by any tom-dick-harry..

Still have doubt for what to select as the career option.

Call any recruitment companies and ask them which candidate u usually select for ~~ A US CFA or Indian CFA..

Many people are still struggling like anything for job.

Am here just to convey right thing for the people who are planning for there PG programms and not to misguide anyone.

People might have got some gud opportunity in the market by Indian CFA.. but how many person actually have got this opportunity..

In this blog i can only see one person claiming that he got some gud job by Indian CFA.. no other person!!

So do think and replan what u want to do. Its all about ur future.



~~D~~ 6 years ago

@ maxy ... again to u Dumb!! People from IIM have reached to those heights where u cant even expect a CFA to be.

So stop fooling with everyone's career here. And stop comparing IIM people to CFA(ICFAI)

Everyone knws what IIM people are capable of .. and about ur stupid thinking that IIM people cannot get into I-banking, then ur such a stupid, jerk and really a person with no IQ level.. stop posting ur stupid comments. First go and do some gud research about job market.

~~D~~ 6 years ago

And friends please read the author intro part on the starting of this hub page.

Just read it, and u will be able to solve out many of ur questions!

Gudluck for ur career

Abhinav 6 years ago

I completely agree to ~~D~~. CFA from ICFAI is just useless from job perspective. But yes if u want to gain some good knowledge go for it n spend 45,000. Many of my CA friends are doing it just to enhance their knowledge of Finance n Investments. They don't rely on CFA to get a job coz they have the prestigious CA with them. But yaar main toh kahunga ki yadi knowledge hi badhana hai toh NCFM ke modules download kar ke padh lo. They are enough to enhance ur knowledge. Aur ~~D~~ bhai they are not providing CFA with MIFA. They are just giving the degree of MIFA now without any CFA. Go n check the website u will not find anything named CFA. CFA ab sirf CFAI(US) hi de raha hai. Jo jiska tha ab woh uska hi hai. Itna sab likhne ke baad bhi I am damn sure that many fools will not believe so its just just useless to write n waste time. Bhai log soch samajh ke hi faisla lena aur ek baar www.iutripura.edu.in jaroor visit kar lena.

Abhinav 6 years ago

I completely agree to ~~D~~. CFA from ICFAI is just useless from job perspective. But yes if u want to gain some good knowledge go for it n spend 45,000. Many of my CA friends are doing it just to enhance their knowledge of Finance n Investments. They don't rely on CFA to get a job coz they have the prestigious CA with them. But yaar main toh kahunga ki yadi knowledge hi badhana hai toh NCFM ke modules download kar ke padh lo. They are enough to enhance ur knowledge. Aur ~~D~~ bhai they are not providing CFA with MIFA. They are just giving the degree of MIFA now without any CFA. Go n check the website u will not find anything named CFA. CFA ab sirf CFAI(US) hi de raha hai. Jo jiska tha ab woh uska hi hai. Itna sab likhne ke baad bhi I am damn sure that many fools will not believe so its just just useless to write n waste time. Bhai log soch samajh ke hi faisla lena aur ek baar www.iutripura.edu.in jaroor visit kar lena.

~~D~~ 6 years ago

Finally these people closed CFA program too...Now new course

MIFA... They keep on fooling students like this..

ways new fellows who are planning to join this course be careful now & take a gud decision.


V1 6 years ago

I have even finished 5 groups of CFA from ICFAI and will be appearing for the final group. But ICFAI Brand will never land you job in mainstream finance, at the max you can get low paying bpo/kpo jobs. That's why I am planning to take US CFA.

~~D~~ 6 years ago

@ V1

Don't waste your time for US cfa .. as you already have one chartered(icfai)

Go for FRM.. it will add wonder to your profile..!!

best lucks!


V1 6 years ago

Thanks for your comment "D". I want to ask you how much recognition FRM commands in Indian Market. Will ICFAI give me CFA charter? because CFA is replaced by MIFA now onwards.

~~D~~ 6 years ago

check out details on this site www.garp.com

It will add four stars in ur career.. mind u the results arent that much easy. Only 5% people get passed in this course Worldwide.. So don't think it as a easy one.. uptill now only 22k FRM holders are there.

Ofcourse FRM is demanded in Indian Market. If you will check any of the big Research houses like Edelwise or check there reports , Senior or Chief person who is in Research are only having FRM degree. So just imagine with only a single degree they are CHIEF RESEARCH ANALYST.

Its a great course.. you will really enjoy it . go for it.

If ur in old course then u should get Charter degree too..and if in new course ..then hardluck to u..!! But Cheers, it hardly matters as there is no value in the market whether u have a charter degree of ICFAI (CFA) or not.


KK Sagar 6 years ago


could u tell me your qualification and where you employed right now.

I am also CFA charter holder from ICFAI and currently working as an independent analyst. I am getting offer from some reputed MNC & broking house and not face any difficulty in job market. and all these happen only by improving skills. there is only one thing is true about CFA ICFAI which is that no one can gett easily job as fresher bcoz ICFAI provide CFA charter without any work experience. But once you gett some experience no one ask your Institute only check your skills and efficiency. you have comment many times in this blog than its our right to know more about you that's why i am asking your qualification and about your job. In Indian Job market there is lack of opportunity in Derviative section due to no more derivative products available here. that's why only broking house is major recuiter of FRM (GARP) in India and other sectors prefer Engineers bcoz of his good analytical skills. so Mr.~~D~~ i have only requested you before committ anything here or any blog do needful research and than comment. CFA (ICFAI or US) & FRM both are good course. but in FRM there is lot of hard work to qualify the exams bcoz they are based on econometric not in accounting. If you have a good knowledge in forecasting, valuation or in Derivatives than i m invited you for Debate with me and i hope you never denied for that. I am waiting for your reply.

With Regards

KK Sagar

madhuri.p 6 years ago

To KK Sagar, ~~~D~~~, MAXY and all Seniors

Hi to all. i am bms(BBA) graduate n now planning to do cfa but i m so much confused between US cfa and icfai cfa.

i don’t want to go to foreign for job, will mostly prefer in Mumbai. I have heard that icfai have changed their syllabus and made little easier, is it true? Which cfa is easier to pass out? For me which cfa is preferable?

Suppose there are 2 cfa candidates for an interview having the same experience n all but one have done from us and another from icfai . Who will be the much weightier?

Waiting for your valuable guidance, please reply soon. Thanks

KK Sagar 6 years ago


Both CFA (ICFAI or US) are good. If you have work experience than do CFA ICFAI and if not than do CFA US (if your pocket allowed). but remember all cases you need experience bcoz without experience of 3 years you not getting CFA designation from CFA Institute. there are many rumour in market about course content and recognition of ICFAI. but the fact is that if you want to do job in India or any other country except USA and Canada ICFAI CFA work. its course content is too good and sufficient to provide job. as an fresher CFA CFAI will be more prefer than CFA ICFAI. but for experience holder there is a competition between both CFA charter holders and preference given to the candidate with more skills and work efficiency than others. for more assistance you may contact me on kksagar22@gmail.com

With Regards

KK Sagar

~~D~~ 6 years ago

Well my qualifications are Indian and US CFA, FRM holder.

Well am really not interested in wasting my time to make you understand what is right and what is not..

My message is already sent via this blog.. I dnt have to say you what am doing today and where am i working. I have not specified my name because am in still in touch with many of ICFAI people, who might check the blog.

ways, icfai cfa really sucks!!

And about ur independent analysis skills which your doing, for me that hardly matters, because every persons thinks only onething after becoming CFA that he can earn good by doing analysis by his own. The thing is first get into a company see how the research work is done. Its really not a work of TOM DICK and HARRY.. for one company analysis many data's are to be gathered and follow ups are done.. Its a big and long process.. Technical analysis is rather very easy in comparisons with Fundamental analysis.

For ur kind info i work with top Hedge fund..

And who said you that Us cfa is recognised only in USA and CANADA?? first do proper research about where they are wrking . Mostly in every research firm the Chief or Head position in research is occupied by a US CFA or a FRM holder, you will hardly get an associate analyst (icfai) holder wrking underthem.

In Us cfa a fresher can easily start with a research wrk .. The course of US cfa is well structured. Again is the case with FRM.. Too tough in case when compared to any other course in Finance. Lot of numerical skills should be there to clear a FRM exams.

Buddy being an independent analyst doesn't mean that u have mastered the task of being a CFA.. The course is of no use.

And if ur with the course, cool carry on u can guide people, hardly a few people will agree.. :)

~~D~~ 6 years ago

@ madhuri.

Don't waste ur time for icfai cfa. believe me it will be a tough task to get into a job in indian markets. Yeah if u want to start with a sales career, then go for it.

Infact US cfa or FRM will make ur career boost into financial services.

They are recognized in the company and in the financial industry.

ICFAI CFA is considered to be the scrap course when comes to a Quality job like Analyst.

They only prefer US CFA/FRM holder.


Best of luck

KK Sagar 6 years ago

your comments are proved that you are not know about CFA work. i m invited you for debate and in lieu to accept my challenge you start doing idle communication. i m invited you for forecasting, valuation and derivatives which include your all part of CFA and FRM. you said you are FRM but i bet, you are not aware about its modelling such as GARCH and ARCH. work as an Independent analyst does not mean that work as only technical ones for your information it also include Corporate Trainer, Assigments and projects. i m also not interested in thriftless communication. i m here only for show true path in lieu of comparison between two course. if you are really good in all aspects of CFA than prove it. i know in lieu of prove you again start thriftless communication. one thing more there is only few MNC and Research house given preference on the basis of Institute. But now a days if you have prove your skills than getting preference from others. for these attached your assigment or project with your resume which you make and than see response. you always comments on Institute but never argue for knowledge and skills. and its a prove that you are the guy with no knowlegde and tell urself as a CFA & FRM.............

madhuri.p 6 years ago

I just asked the opinion from u all seniors so u all don't fight and blame eachother, it hurts me a lot. I didn’t get u both still I am confused, u haven't replied my questions as what I exactly want from u, which one is easier,which one is having job weightage,does icfai have their suggested papers or cfai have,does both have exam centres in mumbai, so finally icfai or cfai? And I appreciate u both have responded me and lot of thanks...

kksagar 6 years ago


value are same of both CFA in India. there is lots of opportunity in Indian market. recently NABARD require CFA. and mostly companies in India require recognised course by UGC or any other government body. hence if you only want to work in India than go with CFA ICFAI. if seeking opportunity in abroad than go with CFA US.

~~D~~ 6 years ago

@ KK Sagar

I don't want to argue with you for a meaningless thing. I don't have to prove here which is gud and which is not.. Basically everyone knows what ICFAI CFA actually holds.. Oh! am sorry, its no more a CFA.. its MIFA..

Thinking varies from person to person.

And for your kind info. u don't have to say me about projects and all. you still have not even started a Job. First go out and have some exp. and then speak.

Simply doing research wrk from doesn't means that your an analyst. That's was really a funny thing from you.

You cant say yourself as an analyst until an unless your wrking as an analyst.

Basically ICFAI CFA do have value in Banks, and other companies only after gaining 2-3 years exp.

If ur a fresher then start with a RM job, nthing else u will get in ur bag.

~~D~~ 6 years ago

@ madhuri..

If ur really worried about ur career then why don't u do some work by urself rather then posting here on blog and getting confused.

Call some mutual fund companies ( ask them which CFA u will prefer as an Analyst and as a fresher )

You will get ur answer.. :)

ICFAI CFA is much easier if u study daily for 1 hour honestly..

US CFA and FRM are damn tricky, they need more practice work and Quantative knowledge should be very gud in FRM.

FRM and US CFA are like much cheaper if they are cleared at one shot.

Well i will tell what value ICFAI CFA is having .. ICFAI send an offer letter to there passout somedays back .. the job was of marketing and the work was to find more students who want to join MBA, CFA or any other course related to ICFAI university, So if ur not concerned with a gud job and quality things and only concerned with Degree, then go with ICFAI MIFA ..

But if you really want to make career as an analyst then you knw what u have to do.. FRM or US CFA.. best is FRM.. but the drawback is " very difficult to clear the exams "


Do call some mutual fund companies, or broking houses and ask them that whom u will you prefer in india as a fresher .. US cfa or indian .. u will get ur answer..

ICFAI CFA do have value after gaining 3 years of exp. and then u can find a better job nt because of ur ICFAI CFA but on the basis of ur exp. so in nutshell Indian CFa doesn't make any sense to get a gud career.

@~~D~~ 6 years ago

thanks god you observe that there is some value of ICFAI CFA after 2-3 years of experience. than dude tell me the difference between both CFA after 3 years.CFAI provide CFA charter after 3 years of experience and ICFAI give without experience. its the only difference between both CFA. now you can realize it.

you also say right about me. i am doing simple research work. and not making my projects complex to others. I am not analyst. I am Economist and know well about my work.

Challenging you in front of others for debate is only for show your real face in front of others. I really hates off you for your stratigies to deviate the mind of CFA aspirants.

To All CFA aspirants 6 years ago

Institute is not matter for job at all. your skills and work efficiency is really matter. there are only the "MEANINGLESS THINGS" is debate on Institute. now i think you guys understand what i m saying to all. If you have a skills and knowledge than you accepting the challenge and if you are not than you denied it. degree just show your ability not efficiency. and efficiency is not provided by any institute with his degree and recognition. its fully depend on you. before take any decision search yourself what's the opportunity for you as an fresher or as an experience in market. than take decision. for these you may check the career option of many companies than you aware about the reality.

With Regards

KK Sagar

6 years ago

@D you are right in guiding students who make wrong decision of pursuing icfai cfa without any positive implication of pursuing cfa from icfai.

~~D~~ 6 years ago

@ few comments above.

Well I guess you guys aren't aware of market scenerio.. Go and search jobs with a tag of ICFAI CFA.. And about the Us Chartered which we get after 3 years, well that really doesn't matters because pass out students can still give interview with the simply copy of Pass status.

I think u should be aware of such thing MR. Economist or Analyst.. Lol First you were Analyst, now Economist, I really doubt that next time u might shift To some Fund managament or Debt instrument thing..

Ways your already fooled, don't try to fool people who want to do CFA..

And agreed all things depends on your own caliber ~~ Strongly Agreed~~

But then Why not MBA from any ordinary university and why MBA from IIMA??

University does matters!! Earning from home by doing CFA doesn't means that u are gud as an analyst or economist. Go outside and face the real world.

KK Sagar 6 years ago


dear if u think you are a knowledgable person and a GUD ANALYST than why you afraid to do debate with me. i am again invited you for debate in FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organization) website. In FIEO chat room many Knowlegable person from top companies sit for providing help to others. yes, i mention economist, analyst, fund manager etc. as per my qualification.

University MATTERS for a person only who are employed by the university.

Aakash 6 years ago

Hey guys this course really sucks, No one is getting proper jobs in market

6 years ago

correct, Aakash

v1 6 years ago

@D: I want to take your guidance. which one is better? job as associate in hedge fund or derivative trader in prop trading firm.

brainkiller 6 years ago


hey u hv posted correct thngs..i realy appreciat da way u r guidin peoples here..n KKsagar s just doin tp n nthin else..if he's independent analyst or smthin like dat den my frnd kk u must need to undergo a preparatory english communication course u'll do miracles in ur business..m serious..@~~D~~ i hope u continue ur valuable comments in dis post to help deraild..

hey 1 qustn for u all...who s da person to approach who can tell u da correct(a truth) thng abt dat organization??? answer is da employee wrkin der(if asked personally)..who knws evrythin..he cn answer all ur qries..

~~D~~ 6 years ago


Ofcourse its anytime associate in hedge fund co.

Being a derivative trader is nthing but having a dealer job in broking companies...

~~D~~ 6 years ago


Ofcourse its anytime associate in hedge fund co.

Being a derivative trader is nthing but having a dealer job in broking companies...

vicky 6 years ago

Hi to all m currently pursuing M.A Eco and i want some finance degree so what should i do CFA US or CFA ICFAI

v1 6 years ago

@D: I am not talking about dealer, trader in global capital markets. would it give edge in terms of moving to trading job in i-banks?

~~D~~ 6 years ago

well still i will say ... go with hedge funds.. it will give you a great career ahead.

best of luck.

CFA From ICFA 6 years ago

I am now at age of 27 year. I have experience in Accounts.

Now I want to change field. I am thinking to do CFA or CFP.

Which one is better ? Future demand of jobs also ?

rahil 6 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I want to do US CFA. currently i am working in an IT company.so i didn't have any financial exp. My question is : If I complete all the levels of US CFA, then would it help me since i didn't have any experience in financial side ?

kavita 6 years ago

ya this is true matter which afeects to our career,but we cant do anything till whole group of people will not......!!!!!!!!!

rahil 6 years ago

Kavita, I didn't able to understand what u r saying. are u answering to my question ???

Nitya 6 years ago

helo mr. D.. i wud realy appreciate if u guide me.. currently i am pursuing m.com (p.g) from du. nd along with dat i want to go 4 cfa us ..what are d job prospects 4 me..in india? also i wud like to kno wt is d fees in indian rupees(adding all d duties if any)?? i hav also acquired certification in sum of d NSE modules nd m luking frward 4 a rewardng career in finance nd banking sector.. plzz guide..

tashu 6 years ago

hey would u please tell me is cfa frm icfai is gd or nt n this field hve enough scope in future or nt please tell me

~~D~~ 6 years ago


Check fees and other things on Us cfa site itself. Job openings are always good for Us cfa. Best of luck


Nitya 6 years ago

ok.. thnx...

neha 6 years ago

Hi guys,

I'm pursuing CFA(ICFAI)& have cleared A to E groups & is preparing for group F.I'm very confused after reading all negative comments about CFA(ICFAI).pls help me about this course future prospectus.As I've no financial experience & want to boost up my carrer in finance.Is joining NCFM module with CFA(ICFAI) is right choice.Will it help me to boost up my carrer & will enhance my job profile.pls guide me in selecting from various categories of NCFM module & minimum no. of categories to be passed out to join the broking firms.what will b the job oppurtunities after completing CFA(ICFAI) with NCFM module.pls help me I'm waiting for ur suggestions.

VISHAL_ 6 years ago

Hi friends i read ur comments and they r really valuable.thanks for ur precious contribution.

@~~D~~ :

Hi..i really appriciate ur efforts..those are really helpful for a fresher.im planning to take international cfa this year… and I had some doubts regarding it:

Work experience-whether u should have it before u apply for cfa..and can u gain it after commencement of ur cfa?

What kind of experience would be more benificial. i have just completed may bms..bba…and I don’t have any work experience as such.so from where I can start my gaining experience which would be more helpful for cfa.where can I apply ?

Is it worthy for a fresher to commence his carrer from?or should I opt for mba in finance first and then for cfa?

U can even mail me on vishalmore38@gmail.com

~~D~~ 6 years ago

Go for MBA finance first from good university and when you complete your first year enroll for CFA program

That would be advisable from my part as u have already done BBA, so why not first completing MBA part?

Finance Train 6 years ago

Finance Train provides online study material for CFA as well as other exams like PRM and FRM. You can check it out. http://financetrain.com

sandeep 6 years ago

Don,t give such bad openion on ICFAI buddy...........

Bharat 6 years ago

Hi dear,

The CFA from India is also worthwhile. You know that we have banned your program in India because you are not satisfied with your own government.

See yourself at first and don't give comment on others...

faraz 6 years ago

hey frendz i want to know the current status of CFA

if its name is changed 4m CFA to MIFA then how wil it help in fetching jobs in gulf countries...which is more prefarable in gulf countries US CFA or Indian CFA...plz do comment....

Nitya 6 years ago

hep ppl.. i need to kno , whre can i get d us cfa study material in Delhi.. wich study material shud i prefer and d cost of dese materials...

plz help .. asap..

Anup Joshi 6 years ago

Hi all,

i am planning to take up CFA(ICFAI). I am a registered CFP and having a work exp of 5 Years. I have also completed My MBA(Finance. Full time.). I WISH TO KNOW ABT THE FUTURE JOB PROCPECTUS AND SALARY PACKAGES IF I COMPLETE THIS CFA

kavita 6 years ago

I am persuing CFA from ICFAI in fifth group..i have heared lots of negetive opinions from too many students...for university and future growth of CFAs....i m too much confused that should i have to go further to complete the studies or leave inbetween bcoz of all the talks...plz guide me

Sam 6 years ago

I saw a similar discussion at:


May be helpful...

Rajiv 6 years ago

Hello Kavita,

U must hve to complete your study

Nitya 6 years ago

hey ppl. i am finding difficulties in enrolmnt and registration process in cfa inst usa. for level 1 program for dec2010. the prblm is in payment thru credit crd..they shw sum error in transaction .. i hav tried two credit crds. (of two banks), nd still m nt able to make d paymnt..

request 2 seniors nd expirnced 1s.. plzz help...

Ujjawal 6 years ago

I've done Economics Hons. from St. Xaviers College, Kolkata. I'm planning to opt for CFA. Now since I'm from a middle class family and have to see towards everything(expenses, timings, etc). Following which my queries are

1) What's the rough total expenditure(If possible level wise)?

2) Is it necessary to purchase to buy the study material from the Institute? Can't I arrange it from somewhere and study?

3) Finally, does banks provide some kind of loans for it?

Please do comment on it.........

Sanjay 6 years ago


I'm planning to go for International CFA, can anybody let me know abt a tuition provider in Kolkata.

Sudhir Saxena 6 years ago

this is incorrect to say that indian CFA does not cover global aspect and rich internal financial market functions. When I did CFA, 12 years back from ICFAI, derivative was unknown in India. Even that time, I studied all this derivative thing in India CFA. So how come, it is associated to Indian marekt

Anonymous 6 years ago

Is it really true that people who have enrolled for ICFAI CFA wont get the designation of "charter". I was looking for a 2 years course so I found Indian CFA convenient and I know I will be prevailing in India, not looking for job prospective. All I am looking for is personal knowledge as I want to get into business..

P.S. I have no offence towards people favoring USA CFA. It is just how people on a very basic level are not willing to see any positive sides of their own country. So, guess today's the time Indian youth is showing pure individualistic traits. Good for them.

P.S. those who are in favour of USA CFA. No offence to them.

Maths 6 years ago

@ anonymus: As long as the companies don't see this positive side of yours, what's the point in fighting the fact. You better try explaining that to the companies and ask them to start giving a little more value to the Indian CFAs.

Amit 6 years ago

Hey guys I have completed my MBA in marketing but now I am thinking to go with CFA.SO please tell me which CFA should I prefer whether ICFAI or US CFA??? AND if US CFA is best how-come can I know about its course fee and study material & whether exams are conducted in India or not......please help me with right decision and information

nishant 6 years ago

i am doing mba on of the girl in our class has cleared icafi cfa but still she does not have good knowledge than me i am also bcom (hons0 from dyal singh don't go for it , it si fake course with no recognition . You can have a cfa name at your resume but otherwise it is zero, go for usa on of my senior cleared usa cfa and got the job of 16 lakh per annum, great so go for it. USa cfa is more than 100% return on your investment.icafi is fake university I do not know why ugc keep on approving university and degrading the level of education in inda.

Adnan 6 years ago

ICFAI is a typical Indian chor university, total damages I made during the course was around 75,000 (including classes fees) for earning a tag of "CFA". After a rigorous studies schedule of 2 years (believe me books kept on coming) I haven't landed up a job yet. What is the f***ing use of this course when it is grossly unacceptable by markets. This f***ing Indian university took away my time & money and hasn't given any return over it.

adnan 6 years ago

Guys believe me this CFA from ICFAI course should be banned, as it has no value, It is not going to benefit you in any ways in getting a job in research, corporate finance or portfolio management. What is the use of studying if you are not going to get a job, Just stay away from this Indian Chor University.

GirirajD 6 years ago

Guys.. I am into legal fraternity and want to start up my own business venture. I want to have some knowledge of finance. Is the Indian CFA good for acquiring knowledge of finance? Whether it is recognized in corporate world or not does not matter me much. I want to use the knowledge for myself. Please let me have your views.

Amit 6 years ago

Thanks guys for your valuable information.hiiiiiii Adnan hv you received any CFA degree certificate which is recognized by UGC on completion of ur course????

But 1 thing I want to share that now a days even MBA finace students are not getting good package n even if some of them are getting but not for finance profile.I dont know why some people say that ICFAI CFA course content is better than USA.I think recruters also provide more importance to Candidates knowledge abot finance n not pay much attention from where you have done your CFA or MBA.

6 years ago

hey, i m a science graduate in chemistry. but now i want do MBA. I also want to know about the stock market, capital market , finance and other related to market for knowledge as i want to have own business one day(dream). can i would have a dual degree if can than what courses??? i hav also heard about CFA and FRM. would it help me. and also i want to know the salary packages and their scopes. pls guide me

Amit 6 years ago

I have found out the following eligibility criteria for US CFA

CFA Program Entrance Requirements

1 Have a U.S. bachelor's (or equivalent) degree

2 Or be in the final year of your bachelor's degree program at the time of registration

3 Or have four years of qualified, professional work experience

4 Or have a combination of work and college experience that totals at least four years

5 (Note: Summer, part-time, and internship positions do not qualify.)

6 Meet the professional conduct admission criteria

7 Be prepared to take the exams in English

8 Effective 1 January 2011: Have a valid international travel passport (required for enrollment and exam registration.

As I have already completed my graduation and MBA (from INDIA) and i don't have ny experience so I think I am not eligible.And guys make me understand the meaning of point no.4. Please confirm about my eligibility and total fee structure of US CFA.PLEASE....m waiting

Hussainfos 6 years ago

Fazil Hussain Hi friends, can any one help me with information regards to CFA. is their any good institute who offers good training in CFA with Placement. I ihave a institute in ma mind in indranagar, I want to know what will be the salary for CFA as a fresher in bangalore. roufghly, & is 10+2+3 Compalsery for this coz i have done 10+3 [gradation] distance learning. Please Help Me With This Information [ hussain.fos@gmail.com ] Regards

shangrila profile image

shangrila 6 years ago

an extremely well written and well judged article which takes into account every point of view. if you had cited any source to authenticate (like the university giving indian cfa and some other facts) - would have been even better.

definitely a thumbs up!

rakesh 6 years ago

CFA course offered by the ICFA University is not a CFA offred in the USA and CFA awarded in India is not well recognised by Fianacial market so it is better to do some other couse instead of wasting timme and money.

Ricky 6 years ago

Hello everyone, After going thru this long chain of comments (being going on since last 2 years) one common view that almost everyone share is that CFA from ICFAI is bogus, have no potential...but pls let me knw the details of how one can go for Int. CFA coz on the website details are precise, i.e. abt registertion n enrollment, subjects but does not cover details of whom to approach for guidance related to studies, tutions, i.e. at regional level as it is an Int. course. Finally total cost associated (in INR) i.e. for the complete course

Ricky 6 years ago

Hello everyone, After going thru this long chain of comments (being going on since last 2 years) one common view that almost everyone share is that CFA from ICFAI is bogus, have no potential...but pls let me knw the details of how one can go for Int. CFA coz on the website details are precise, i.e. abt registertion n enrollment, subjects but does not cover details of whom to approach for guidance related to studies, tutions, i.e. at regional level as it is an Int. course. Finally total cost associated (in INR) i.e. for the complete course

sneha 6 years ago

hiiiiii,every1.Even i also have same question as ricky...........plz help.plz........

Anup Joshi 6 years ago

Dear All,

I have enrolled for CFA(ICFAI) recently. I am a CFP with a work exp of 5 years. I am working at managerial level... Guys believe me CFA(ICFAI) is really tough and one needs to really study hard for same....At the end of the day knowledge levels matter.... so irrespective of the brand try to gain excellent---success will follow....

sneha 6 years ago

hiiii anup,can u plz help me 4 cfa(icfai)? i have few question regarding dis. u can contact me on sweetsneha.sinha89@gmail.com........plz i really nead sum1's help....plz

Ricky 6 years ago

Hey Anup, your comments are greatly admired. Even after so many of negative comments on ICFAI CFA, I felt that this is the better choice we 've got. AS for the Int CFA there is no complete exposure at regional level......what I mean is that since its Int. it should atleast have a branch or a contact office in India. Finally pls confirm if you have completed your CFA before you had this 5 yr exp. Thanks

sanhita 6 years ago


I have been reading this long trail of comments. my question to abhinav and ~D~..what happens to those students who are already enrolled in ICFAI CFA..considering what u r sayin bout it having closed down. I also am going to register for my group 1 exam in october and i can do it online..what happens after i pass out at level 2.. will they give the degree or no..strangely there are so many controversies..so i am bit worried.



jain 6 years ago

hey people,i was going through all the comments and suggestions given above.I'm a cfa from icfai(cleared all 6 groups in july 2010 exam)still waiting for the membership id,when i search the prospectus of the course a site named as thefinacialanalyst.org was found when i login to the site,it required my cfa member id which i still have to get.so i think we can get the job through this id,i cannot say this with surety but will tell you once i get my cfa id.i'm also enrolled for international cfa i group exam to be held in june 2010 at nepal.i have studied the study material of both the courses and belteve me cfa from icfai is the toughest course from third group onwards where international market is introduce(forex market.if any one has any doubt regarding both the courses pls contact me on facebook(jatin728@yahoo.com) or at nomiddleway@yahoo.com



Dont really wanna be named here 6 years ago

Guys!Guys!Guys!....well i have cleared till group C CFA from ICFAI and gonna be appearing for D this OCT also i have enrolled for intl CFA...i really was scared with negative comments from already passed cfa's who passed from icfai after i met them.....well i dont want anyone to repeat the same mistake which i did...so if anyone wants clarification from any of these courses please contact me at...cool.hot.4u@hotmail.com

Kavita 6 years ago

Thanks Rajiv...otherwise..i have decided to left the study from epsilon due to this comments..

Rajiv 6 years ago

Don't be forget dear kavita......future is not limited with this only....So do what so ever your are trying or tried....Good luck

cfawatch 6 years ago


all courses cost money.But if the worth of the degree is not worth the money, better don't go for it.and the toughness of a subject or a course depends on the calibre of the person who studies it.which cannot be appled universally.

curious 6 years ago

hi,can anyone help me in telling smthng about financial analyst training programme(fatp),i cleared all the group of cfa(icfai) and now got the letter from cfa institute to join them for fatp programme to be conducted in hyderabad from 8 nov.-31 january,after which job will be provided to me.i enquired abt it on the net and found that the company cygnus india who is conducting this programme is well reputed company and has good client base.if anyone went for this training then pls let me know abt this as soon as possible

Kavita 6 years ago

Cant we go for that training after Delta group?po full ms(finance) is required?

curious 6 years ago

its written in the form that the icfai university alumni relations team,as a part of its career development initiative for CFAs,has entered into an arrangement with cygnus business consulting and research to offer the fatp for qualified CFAs and those who have completed the kappa group of the MS(FINANCE).u can log on to thefinancialanalyst.org for further enquiry but i am waiting for my membership id reuired for login.

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 6 years ago

Hi all,

I hv completed my PGDM (in finance and marktg)and now I m interesting to go for CFA course but I hv read ur all communication regarding this topic, I feel that CFA from icfai is not well so, plz advise me wht i do to got a better job and for inhancement of my skills.....

Ismail Chaudry 6 years ago

Well the bottom line of you do CFA in India it's not bad, it's just in this kind of economy employers are looking for competitive employees and ofcourse the CFA from US, would really enhance your resume and give you an edge over other applicants, but when you apply in India itself with a degree from ICFAI, its competitve there, noz most probably no one from outside India would be a preospect applicant at an Indian industry..

Kavita 6 years ago

HI...!!!!curious ,,

I M not able to www.financialanalyst.org site,can u send me the link for the same???

Kavita 6 years ago

HI...!!!!curious ,,

I M not able to www.financialanalyst.org site,can u send me the link for the same???

alam 6 years ago

hi im doing cfa from icfai university ,i need help to pass the examination. and good support to my friends,

curious 6 years ago

hi kavita

its thefinancialanalyst.org and not financialanalyst.org.and you will not be allowed to login because it requires a member login id which will be provided to you after completion of your course,even i'm waiting for the same, my membership id then i'll enroll myself for the financial sector job.everyone is giving his/her opinion abt the course now i present the facts and require help from these so called expert people regarding 'fatp' but no one reply.either these people dnt have any knowledge or must be getting money from cfa us

can u help me regarding fatp,30 september is the last date to fill the form,should i go or not

gaurav 6 years ago

i m in mah final year of graduation n i wnt 2 pursue cfa.....can anyone plz tell me whethr shud i do it from icfai or frm US....and what are the job prospects......and what is the duration of cfa.......plz suggest mee.....

Kavita 6 years ago


Thanks yaar i got the site..bt i got the membership registration...my chartered no.is also printed on my certificate of chartered...than..can i loged in to Fiancial analysis site?

curious 6 years ago

u need to register urself over there,can you do one thing pls send me a frends request on jatin728@yahoo.com on facebook oderwise give me your id i'll send you one,actually problem is here people are in favour of cfa us,i'm not denying that even i enrolled myself for one but instead of guiding people these people scared them off like they have commited ant sin by opting for cfa (icfai),i hope u understand,moreover i'm not regular on this site so send me the request and we will everythng over there

curious 6 years ago

last message is for kavita and for all of those who believe in themselves and are ready to face any challenge

Kavita 6 years ago

ok..curious i will send you request on face book....and i m added as Kavita Thakkar...thanks.. :-)

Asif 6 years ago

for extra ordinary guys it will work.

simple guys will need well recognized certificates.

Other thing why to take chance if two things are equally tough???

Career must be based on common sense.

Good luck guys.

Jaymish 6 years ago


ruchika 6 years ago

hey i m persuing my bba -3rd year.. m thnkng to do cfa 4m icfai. so it is beneficial corse to do or not.. n do i got d gud package aft dis course..

plz do rply..


vikas gupta 6 years ago

hi i m vikas gupta and i will join the cfa course,, but i have no any knowlege of this course ples. help me

Richa 6 years ago

hey guys i hv read all the comments...every one agrees that CFA India has a more intensive syllabus....but plzzz guide me over the job prospects and does ICFAI helps in placements? one thing more is Indian CFA recognized by MNCs and Foreign Banks currently m pursuing 3rd sem of MBA...any other info plz mail me on richaa.kaura@gmail.com

Richa 6 years ago

buzz...waiting 4 sm reply....guys n gals plz guide me...

meraj shaikh 6 years ago

i read the all blogs i'm doing cfa from icfai for group A i wnt to say that why most of them prefer the US cfa degree our economy is growing there will be lot opportunity in our country. When a US cfa's have deep knowledge of financial market so y the us economy is collapsed why not forecast the economy. Nobody can decide which degree his good or bad, only writing negative comment on blog is not good.If you have deep knowledge, skills then nobody can stop.

SAURABH 6 years ago

Guidance available for CFA coaching in Jaipur. Contact on saurabhcfp@gmail.com


Guidance available on CFA Coaching in Gurgaon. Mail to saurabhcfp@gmail.com for class details.

Kavita 6 years ago

Ruchika....most of jobs available in the mkt after cfa is relationship manager or marketing....not more than that....with starting package of 8000-10000 PM

Arvind Singh Lodhi 6 years ago

Hi All,

Can some one tell me coaching for Delta group in Pune near Hinjewadi ? I am a woking. Please mail me on arvind_singhlodhi@yahoo.com, Have a nice day to all..

Pallavi 6 years ago

Hi there.... we are looking for a classes in Pune for CFA prgramme offered by ICFAI. If any one has idea about good classes plz let us know....


snehal 6 years ago

i have completed my cfa alpha from icfai, now i searching job in mumbai is it possible to get

Harish 6 years ago

Hiii...evryone i am harish and i have just planned for indian Cfa from ICFAI....so Please advice me......

CFA 6 years ago

The Worst part about Indian CFA is that even ICFAI does not pay any importance to the same. They are busy opening up new Colleges for MBA's but are least bothered about CFA, which clearly is an indication of the fact that CFA's demand wont be going up in the coming years.

However if you just want a professional degree at low cost, this is a good option but dont expect any Jobs on the basis of CFA

Srikkanth 6 years ago

I just completed CFA in OCT/2010(fresher). I downloaded one of the brochures relating to F.A.T.P. Its a 3 months full time programme. It has also got placement assistance. This, they claim, comes handy to freshers since only a handgfull of organisations employ freshers. Any of u CFA aspirants know anything else about FATP?.

Pradeep 6 years ago

Hi Srikkanth i have completed 3 groups of CFA i.e.till Group C.Pls guide wht is F.A.T.P..Pls mail me the details@pradeepbchd@gmail.com

shona 6 years ago


anonymous 6 years ago


I completed ICFAI CFA in June 2010 but I have not yet received degree certificate. Whenever I mail or call, they don't respond. ICFAI is just concerned about money and doesn't have any market value. So, it would be advisable that don't do CFA or any other course from ICFAI. After CFA, they send you financial analyst jobs which are very low paying or requires more than 5 years of experience. So, they just try to make you fool.

anonymous 6 years ago


I completed ICFAI CFA in June 2010 but I have not yet received degree certificate. Whenever I mail or call, they don't respond. ICFAI is just concerned about money and doesn't have any market value. So, it would be advisable that don't do CFA or any other course from ICFAI. After CFA, they send you financial analyst jobs which are very low paying or requires more than 5 years of experience. So, they just try to make you fool.

jatin 6 years ago

fatp is financial analyst training programme,provided to cfa's by a consultancy firm in association wid icfai university at knowledge park,hyderabad over a period of 3 months.details can be seen at thefinancialanalyst.org and i'll provide u the consultancy website for further assistance

6 years ago

now iam join icfai cfa, can i get cfa designation after my study

6 years ago

now iam join icfai cfa, can i get cfa designation after my study

ANSHITA 6 years ago

I m a final year BBM student want to CFA. Can u pls suggest me from where should i do this.

manpreet 6 years ago

Iwant to know hw to study For grp F of CFa ICFAI especially Mutual Funds as there are no coaching clases available in north.i also want to ask about the scope of CFA without work ex.

ICFAI University 6 years ago

for more details and prospectus of CFA from ICFAI, Plz mail to adms4cfa@gmail.com

avinash 6 years ago

hii guys..

i hve gone thrugh th whole tread running here..bt i want a frank assesment here..m abt 2 cmplte my mba,bt not frm a gud collg so tht doesnot adds mch value 2 my c.v...bt nw th real dilemma is cfa frm icfai or th us cfa..? i jst need 2 do cfa as a back up for my mba...guys please help m out by gving a frank opinion...thanks..

Guest 6 years ago

CFA from ICFAI is recognised by all Indian PSU Cos, PSU Banks and Private Banks, Navratna Companies, Indian Railways, and Government/Quasi Government bodies including Universities and Institutions. Indian PSUs have been aggressively recruiting even during the credit crisis and most of the Indian Banks have emerged unscathed from the crisis. After the Sixth pay Commission, the salaries of PSU employees have sky rocketed adding to the usual Job Security, Comfort levels and Post Retirement Benefits of PSU jobs. Considering this, a CFA holder should not have any problem getting a job. However what is important is keeping eyes and ears open and keeping oneself updated. In fact, while all of the above PSUs and Govt Organisations provide excellent career paths, right up to Top Management level and have formulated fast track promotion policies in recent years, none of the above organisations recognise the US CFA. So those pursuing the US CFA have doors closed for the Public Sector. Working in a MNC is not necessary to go up the career path and reach the highest level of Management. Besides this, several MNCs prefer Catholics and give preference to their host country connections. For example, German MNC banks prefer to finance German Cos only. Indians should wake up and discontinue taking the US CFA. Instead, I feel Indians should go and take up CIIA (ACIIA Switzerland) which at least respects Indian Regulatory bodies. Corporate recognition will follow the availability. Majority of successful CEOs,CFOs and Top Management personnel do not even have any certifications. Most of the Corporates want a proven track record. Once you are into a Company, it is your performance and how you learn and maintain your performance that matters. Furthermore, through personal experience, and having been an employee of two PSU Banks and Two MNC Banks, I can say, that I have never seen a top management executive with a CFA (US) or any other foreign certification (so called globally recognised). All have been MBAs from premier institutes. As Someone rightly said, the US CFA is an unnecessarily inflated gas balloon.

ruhi 6 years ago

i dont understand why we indians always run after foreign courses..come on yaar indian is the fastest growing economy in the world and its among the BRIC country then to running after foreign. guys do something for the land you r born in. Join CFA from ICFAI, its a course worth doing. My husband is also doing the same course...n believe me it has good job opportunity

Maxy 6 years ago

Still friends have maintained the battle field... Well If u have started with Indian CFA than it is better to complete; later you still want to know the oponent(US CFA) then go for it... I got valauation profile after doing Indian CFA...Now I am persuing US CFA also ..Cleared level-1, In level-1 except Ethics(tricky one)..all the papers are easy to crack... Conclusion If u r Indian CFA u will not face much difficulty in Level-1

Anant 6 years ago

The Indian Public Sector which falls in line with the UGC and Govt norms, does NOT recognise the US CFA. However, ICFAI Univ Tripura, is a UGC maintained university and the CFA is approved by Distance Education Council of India. The Association of Certified Investment Analysts, which is the European counterpart of the CFA recognised Indian CFA and grants waivers to CFAs from India to directly appear for its CIIA exams. The Europeans are clever, in several European countries, students simply dont appear for US CFA, they give preference to the CIIA. Thus, several European Corporates are compelled to recognise the CIIA more than the CFA from US. Indian CFA is thus a legitimate Post Graduate Degree at least in India, whereas the American CFA is NOT! If Indians wake up and stop appearing for the American CFA, the same will happen in India too, Global Giant IBs will start recognising Indian CFA more than the US CFA, it is surprising that people who do CFA, dont realise the simple truth of economics, that supply and demand both influence each other! You can influence the demand by tweaking the supply. However, we have this "FOREIGN" bootlicking attitude in us ever since or even before the British Era! Probably it has got into the Indian genes to some extent.

Stooge profile image

Stooge 6 years ago Author

Hi guys, I am the author of this article. When I had written this article 2 years back, intention was to help students decide for themselves. However, after so many comments, arguments and nonsense in the comments section, it looks like students are getting more confused.

Hopefully, I am entitled to some opinions on my own blog so I am summarizing once again the Indian CFA for aspirants:

1. It is not even CFA anymore. Name has changed to MIFA and legally you cant call it CFA on your resume. Now, imagine calling yourself MIFA instead of CFA in job interviews. You can imagine what is going to happen

2. Content is really good as far as Indian market environment is concerned, but US CFA is better in terms of global content exposure

2. If you are a fresher and have no credible work experience, dont go for Indian CFA hoping it will land you a good job. For people with substantial work experience, the degree does not matter but the knowledge does, so if you have already spent 5 years as an analyst somewhere, hardly matters if you hav an Indian or US CFA. Still, if two candidates with everything else same come to an HR for interview, the US CFA will definitely have better chances

4. Some people were gracious enough to point out in comments section that they hold Indian CFA and are big shots in corporate world or drawing high (according to them) salary. However, they have not mentioned anything about the other qualifications they hold or the year when they completed their CFA. I am repeating myself, but the value of Indian CFA has depreciated tremendously in the last few years. Surely people were better off with an Indian CFA in 2006 than they are now.

5. People who think only knowledge matters and not degree/university - they need a big reality check. I have seen comments above comparing IIM-A guys to CFA and what not. PEOPLE - get real - credibility does matter.

For people who have doubted my credentials: I work for the biggest management consultancy firm in the world, with a total work experience of 6 years and drawing monthly salary in access of 2 lacs. I am an MBA and had also enrolled for Indian CFA but did not complete it after clearing initial levels on first attempt because the content was not very different from what I had studied in MBA.

Contact details: Of course I can not share my contact details publicly but you can send me an email using Contact Stooge link on the top right hand corner of this page.

Unrelated to the CFA argument: In the comments section, I have seen some people (specially girls) sharing their email ids publicly and sending Facebook requests to unknown people. Seems they are also unaware about the security threat this might become.

pooja 6 years ago

hi hindustani,i m on cumpletein stage of ma indian cfa,so now i cant do anything just 2 have search for job as im married, so can u give the nitin contact number,so dat i can have talk wit him,please if you can,because for me its big decision,and i want your number also,

my e-mail id is angel90510@gmail.com kindly reply me please

Arvind Singh Lodhi 6 years ago

Hi All,

Can some one tell me coaching classes for Delta group of MS(Finance) in Pune near Hinjewadi ? I am a woking a working professional. Please mail me on arvind_singhlodhi@yahoo.com, Have a nice day to all..

Uday Kadam HSBC 6 years ago

Fellas....the indian cfa is as good as dead....its time icfai gives it a respectful burial,and since the exams are now happening in India (the US CFA), i dont see any reason why one should not pursue the US CFA.....all the best...patriotism can be displayed through numerous avenues, education i believe should be preceded by informed and logical decision not patriotism...ain't it......happy republic day...jai hind....

amruta_219 5 years ago

hi guys i m in my 4th sem of MBA finance frm pune university and have done my CFA frm ICFAI...will this MBA + CFA(ICFAI) give me good prospects in the financial sector??

Sari Jain 5 years ago

Hi Uday

can u please let me know the details of Exam centers in INDIA, because m unable to trace on net that now the exams will also be conducted in INDIA.

H J Shetty 5 years ago

The writer says that, the CFA of ICFAI University is irrelevent wrt international economics. I have passed CFA very recently. Let me tell you, "This course does not mention anything about Indian Capital market. The course is concentrated exclusively on the US stock market". Without knowing the fact spreading unfounded/false propaganda is against the very humanity, which if the writer knows, then it is better-than anything else. Being a well educated he would not have written this way. Regards. H J Shetty

DIXITH 5 years ago


megh 5 years ago

I think Indian CFA does not hold value coz of poor marketing, managing and frequent changes in curriculum. Recently they have also changed the name of degree from CFA to MFA. I dont know what's in their mind. However, US CFA is not a big deal. Rather I found Indian CFA better in terms of division of subjects and its examination pattern. If you have lot of money you can attempt US CFA..its 35,000 per attempt ..and by chance if u flung..ur money's wasted...Majority of Indians are middle class people and would not afford that. Even If one clears in one attempt the total course fees goes beyond 1 lakh. If someone's really interested in doing CFA, I would rather suggest to pursue Indian CFA. I have seen both international and Indian CFA Curriculum. The former teaches you the way you know all, which is actually is not the case. Our graduation levels (basics) can’t match that of international standards. One of my friends did his Indian CFA and later pursued international one..he said it was cake walk for him…

Renu Goyal  5 years ago

I have done CFA from ICFAI. I truly believe that it is a value knowledge based program smartly framed for Indian Finacial Markets. But believe me I am fed up with searching a good job on this base. There is not at all a good corporate recognition for indian(ICFAI) CFA. Let me know Renu contact no. so that I can confirm whether he is still continuing with Morgan Stanley or not! I also wanna know if there stands good opportunities for me, a proud but silly CFA folk. We are 8 to 10 friends group who are struggeling to step in market with a good job in hand. Please email me to renucfa@gmail.com with subject line "CFA Issue"

Thank you.

rahul 5 years ago

I am planning to do the CFA program, but i m lacking of information about this course, i am not getting how to register for this course and which institute provides this course and how much fees for taking this couse. Please help me in this regard.

ABHINAV 5 years ago

Thousands of students enrolled with the American CFA Institute have been hit hard by a regulator's decision to ban the course in India, reports CNBC-TV18.

After months of preparation for the American CFA Charter, Rajiv Bhardwaj was in for a shock. Because the CFA Institute has sent him a mail that the exam, which was supposed to happen on June 3, might not be held at all. The reason was that technical education regulator AICTE, has asked the institute to cease its operations in India. This move has left the future of more than 10,000 CFA candidates uncertain

ABHINAV 5 years ago

Thousands of students enrolled with the American CFA Institute have been hit hard by a regulator's decision to ban the course in India, reports CNBC-TV18.

After months of preparation for the American CFA Charter, Rajiv Bhardwaj was in for a shock. Because the CFA Institute has sent him a mail that the exam, which was supposed to happen on June 3, might not be held at all. The reason was that technical education regulator AICTE, has asked the institute to cease its operations in India. This move has left the future of more than 10,000 CFA candidates uncertain

Hari Prashanth 5 years ago

Hello Abhinav,

Just wanted to let you know that as of now there is no exam centres officially announced in INDIA for the US CFA. Please read the FAQ section (India) in their official website www.cfainstitute.org. It clearly says that they are yet to get permission for conducting their exam in INDIA. I see there are so many posts on the internet where they say its possible to take up exams in India (US CFA). But its not possible and it has been clearly mentioned in their official site as well. I do not understand the source of those false information. I feel sad for those 1000 candidates but there has not been a word like conducting exams in India from the US CFA.

The bottom line is that US CFA is the one which is going to matter if you are looking to be an internationally branded and gain recognition. If you plan to stick in India, you can think about doing Indian CFA.

Olive 5 years ago

K m realy confusd wid all u guys coments...can sum1 plz tel me is cfa 4m icfai gud...hasnt does it provide u a gud job...or is Mba(finance) degree enuf 4 ppl who wish 2 work in India itslf...

purrnika verma 5 years ago

i am working in ibm in finance and accounts department of make my trip will this experience be considered if i do CFA course in future

P. Vaibhav 5 years ago

Let me clarify on the above. I am an MBA in Finance with distinction from ICFAI University.

The courseware is of world class quality. I got the job before finishing my MBA.

After finishing my MBA, I joined the CFA of ICFAI & believe me I realized that my decision is absolutely correct. There are 12 comprehensive subjects bunched in 6 groups (A to F) of 2 subjects each.

Now I will be appearing for the last F group in July.

I am working in well known MNC in Finance & Accounts dept.

On job portals, in my CV I have highlighted as "pursuing CFA from ICFAI", and believe me I am getting at least 1 call daily from placement agencies regarding job openings.

These openings are of MNCs like IBM, Wipro, Infosys, Maersk, HP etc. The package offered is always more than Rs. 4.5 lacs pa

Here, what I wish to convey all of you is, just let others blame or say CFA from ICFAI is not good. Don't listen to them; even don't look at those fools.

I just want to challenge those fool buddies who are saying that CFA from ICFAI is not good. If you really want to prove your saying, first take the admission to CFA from ICFAI and show that you can pass the exam.

I bet, such fools are blaming only because they have fear of not having the ability of passing the extremely tough exam of CFA.

Please feel free to ask more details from me

bourne 786 5 years ago

brother p.vaibvhav,

even i am doing cfa from icfai and i have just appeared for the d group and plan to give E and F in july...dude i really dont know how are you getting calls from placement agency as i am trying my best to get any job but no success so far....i dont care wat they say about the icfai cfa mfa course all i care is i possess knowledge and still not able to get even a call for an interview sop far...pls help or atlease provide me ur email id so i can contact you..

bourne 786 5 years ago

i think all the people here from their better prospects after icfai cfa are the people from the icfai itself trying to advertise themselves

P. Vaibhav  5 years ago

Hi all !

I don't want to misguide anyone.

I just quoted, what is correct & what I have experienced.

Now, it's up to you, whether you want to believe or not.

That's all from me as of now.



Nips 5 years ago

Hi Stooge, I'm a graduate, scored average marks for graduation (non commerce). Now doing CFP. Cleared 3 papers in 4/5 months, hope will complete the same by June. Can u pls suggest a good course for me where i can start learning finance.

Will this ICFAI CFA allow using MS Excel as in CFP ?

I work for an MNC as manager, carrying 7+ yrs experience in Financial Industry in Sales & Training.

P. Vaibhav  5 years ago

Hi !

As you are non commerce graduate, I would suggest you to do an MBA in finance from any institute other than ICFAI.

I am suggesting you so, because the MBA of ICFAI is too tough.

If you are ready study hard & regularly, then only go for MBA of ICFAI.

Doing an MBA from other than ICFAI, will help you learn basics of finance. Once you are comfortable with basic concepts of finance & accounting, you can go ahead with MBA or CFA of ICFAI.

Thanks !

Nips 5 years ago

Dear Vaibhav, thanks for your advice. What about Symbiosis PGDBA? Is there any other diploma/pg diploma which helps to learn the finance basics better.

In CFP, we are allowed to use Ms Excel or Financial Calculator. I'm more comfortable with excel. Any professional finance course which allows to use Ms Excel for calculations..?

I've seen in some sites that Symbiosis & ICFAI are allowing online exams, like we attend NCFM / CFP certifications. Is that true?

Can you suggest some better courses, pls..

Other friends, request your help tooooooo...

P. Vaibhav 5 years ago

Hi !

I think there won't be any professional finance course which allows to use Ms Excel for calculations.

It's true that, Symbiosis PGDBA has facility of online exam. But, I have not heard about any ICFAI course has this facility.

Thanks !


Sukhdeep 5 years ago

ho stooge

I have done MBA in finance but working in Admin mean zero in finance and accounting.I am just looking to move in accounting feild.So what would u suggest Which couse/International certification i should go for to get a career start in Accountanct.


P. Vaibhav  5 years ago

Hi !

There are some courses available e.g.- M.Com in accounting, PG Diploma in accounting standards and many more which can be helpful in grooming one's accouting knowledge.

I think you can easily get those if you search on net.


Bye :-)

Saurabh 5 years ago

hi how are u can i tell u something about cfa

Saurabh 5 years ago


I Read your thoughts about cfa. And i m really happy about your views about international CFA. ICFAI

CFA is not atall weak as your are thinking

Because many of freinds are working with many bit mnc after doing INDIAN CFA and i am not joking in this. U knw what some are peoples in india had done CA with allover 1st rank in INDIA. but he is still sitting ideal means he is not getting a job. so you can not say that CFA is not a better degree. Because if u dnt have an enought knowlege of ur subject no one will give u a single penny. so What ever u do its depends on ur skill. and Passing an indian cfa is not a pieace of cake. Thanks

For any comments

mail me: Saurabh_gupta475@yahoo.com

Saruabh 5 years ago



Ms. Swati 5 years ago

Agree with renu.

same case with me

we all friends serch for a good job but on the base of cfa we did not get any call

so there is any one who guide me

Ganesh mundada 5 years ago

Please advice i m doing icfai cfa .....if it worth for my future......

let me know if any job for this profile

Ramit Aggarwal 5 years ago

After Reading titanic list comments from everybody...

i decided to do CFA from USA howard...

varun 5 years ago

Hi Ramit ...Can You brief out me on fee part of US-CFA

EKTA 5 years ago

Hey anyone tell me that Indian CFA is recognised by UGC or not??

ananth 5 years ago

i am planning to pursue cfa from icfai institute can somebody please guide me with regards to credibility of the course and more confusing is the tripura university part of it

waiting for reply..

Thank u

hardik 5 years ago

hi vaibhav

MOHIT PANDEY 5 years ago



http://mmcsltd.com/mohit_director.htm(VISIT IT)





FOR MY OTHER INTERESTS VISIT MY BLOG http://mohit-beforebigbang.blogspot.com/2011/05/do...

Sur 5 years ago

hi everyone,

i want to do cfa from icfai. can any one suggest me how to apply for the same.need ur help guys.

WAK 5 years ago

Hi, I am working in L&T ECC Division in Accounts dept, and I have done BBA(Finance) and now I am pursuing CFA from ICFAI.My company is not giving any preference to CFA, so i like to change my company.

So plz suggest whether I shud take the risk of leaving my job and continue with ICFAI CFA, so that I can have a good jobs ahead with my CFA.

ansarmalik85@yahoo.com 5 years ago

Hi, i am ansar malik from pakistan. i have recently completed MBA finance here in pakistan and wanna do CFA/CIMA or MS in HRM. i am very confused to find thejob and career study. i can move to USA ,AUSTRALIA, CANADA or any other gulf or european country for career.

can i find and migrate to these countries and find a good job? please help me in this regard as CFA/CIMA is very tough as well as job placementand work also very tough.

Gaurav Bansal 5 years ago

Hi Mohit,

It was really inspiring to read your views about the Indian CFA from ICFAI, Tripura.

I have been doing this course since 2008 and due to certain reasons could not complete it till now.Currently i am appearing for group E and last group F too. But not very sure about it.

Does completing the course in such a long time dilutes the worth of the course for a candidate? Also, recently someone told me that its recognition has been withdrawn, the fact which I have not been able to get corroborated till now. Has something like this happened?

Finally I would be very thankful to you in case You guide me the prospects of getting jobs only in NCR on the basis of this course.




V.BALA SANDEEP  5 years ago

HII i completed my graduation(B.SC)2011 now presently i am taking COPANY SECRETRAT coching .i am planning ti CFA i want to know scope of it in india and also another states also . please any one suggest me. This is my email id balasandeepvatti777@gmail.com (i am from hyderbad)

~~~D~~~ 5 years ago

Hello friend.. How r you aLL?? its been long time din came bak to this blog!! aaah!! still the same question here which CFA!! why don't you go up and read my Comments. it will give you a lot of Clarity whch course to be taken!! Any confusion you can reply! I will now try to be regular on this blog again!!

dwivedi 5 years ago

cfa offered by icfai(institute of chartered financial analyst of india)has been changed to mifa and icfai no longer have right to use the term cfa in their course.it has been a good knowledge based course but never had comparison to cfa(cfa institute)in my view.unavailability of center in india and huge sum as fee make many people opt icfai which has no outcome similar to cfa from cfa institute(u.s.)

GAURAV 5 years ago

HI i m doing cfa from icfai... can some one helm me for job findings....current i m in the last grop of indian icfai cfa

Mohd kadir 5 years ago

Hi Dear All,

I was going to take admission in CFA but i found that it has been changed in CFA to MIFA and the other thing is that everybody is commenting that there is no job after doing CFA\MIFA.Can some one tell me who pass out CFA from ICFAi and getting job in MNC that can i get a good job after doing CFA\MIFA


sikander 5 years ago

hi......hallo...i m sikander . i went to know about mba in finance or marketing or hrm , or,international manager ,,,which one has a great den=mmand and money ? .pls rend me your ans .on ......sikandermahar@gmail.com.....thanks

Avijit 5 years ago

HI, I have done my grad in management in marketing . I am having a so-so carrer right now. But i have always a nack of going into finance though i dont have a background in finance. Now I am very much interested in Doing CFA. I have all the information abt course . But My question - Is it right to get into finance through CFA program Or Can I do it( by that i mean officially it is but practically ?) as I don't have any knowledge in Finance. I would like to get response from people who have done it. Whats ur opinion is it possible. or I should get into some other finance course before getting into CFA. Be frank and let me know. Email- avijitrock2007@gmail.com

Ankur Singh 5 years ago

Hi ,

I pursuing CFA from ICFAI Tripura university I have already done Group E only group F is left.

If any one know about any job requirement then plz mail me at chauhan_144@rediff.com

DPK 5 years ago

Hi All,

People who have completed the CFA from ICFAI and did not get job yet, don't blame the institute for your own fault.

Please do the job search in Deloitte, KPMG, SBI and other MNC's. Keep in mind...KNOWLEDGE is important for performing in an interview and not the institute where you have completed the course. Like US CPA which is valid US only but acceptance is across the world. and same CFA ICFAI which has developed their course for INDIAN markets, however knowledge is applicable in other countries as well. Wherever you go in the world you will have the same problem related to economics or same accounting concepts applicable to each individual or a company. Please think of it once. If others can get the job why you people are not.



Raghu 5 years ago

Please suggest me CPA or CFA from ICFAI university

I have no knowledge about finance.

My id is-- m.raghab@gmail.com

vijay gupta 5 years ago

hi.....i am pursuing cfa from icfai university.....is their any jobs are available for indian cfa's

Vivek Verma 5 years ago

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I just read a few blogs created by those dicks who are promoting the american CFA against the ICFAI CFA. They talk about the legal battles ICFAI University is faced with. But natural to say that the american CFA is scared of the ICFAI CFA. So, they have pumped court cases against the ICFAI. I finished the ICFAI CFA in less than 2 years. Never failed a single exam. I got 69% marks as the final aggregate for which I invested atleast 8 hrs of study each day. I can tell this that the ICFAI university's CFA is more more competitive than any other CFA. Regarding the job scenario, it is difficult to find a job anywhere right now. But why should anyone get scared on that front. The knowledge regarding the financial products and the financial system will create a thought process in you that can lead to much better propositions for those seeking knowledge than just job. If you are getting interested in doing a CFA, go for it from ICFAI university. It is very cheap and gives you all the perspectives regarding the Financial world, right from the origin till date. But be careful, that if you don't have the exceptional mathematical and analytic skills, this is not a course made for you. You will stand frustrated after busting a lot of effort and time. If you wish to clarify something with me, contact me on vivekmbacfa@gmail.com

Best of luck to all those who are getting inclined towards ICFAI CFA.

Jigar Panchamia 5 years ago

I am currently working at one of the Big 4's and doing CFA from ICFAI. What are my chances of getting a highly paid job??


gufran khan 5 years ago

hi ........... i m gufran i have cleared cfa group e . i m going to give exam of group f . if any suggestion for my carer plz.mail my id gufrankhan51@gmail.com special request for mr mohit pandey ............

Ratandeep 5 years ago

Hi eveyone..I have completed CA and working in a MNC in FMCG sector from last 1 year..I want to pursue CFA..pls suggest from ICFAI or US CFA..i personally feel Indian CFA is better..Guys pls guide me on this..Thanks in advance

Darshna Ali 5 years ago

Hi Guys,

I have just enrolled in CFA prog but not sure would it lead for a good job or not, pls suggest as do I cont...

mayuri8 profile image

mayuri8 5 years ago from mumbai

Hi friends I completed B.COM BANKING & INSURANCE I want to do CFA plz tell me this is right course in future? & any institute give placement? plz help me I m very confused plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Bikramjit paul 5 years ago

I am doing cfa from icfai university but I cant find any job in this sector. So what I need to do for better job in this sector.

gaurav 5 years ago

hii frnds...

i m going to complete my icfai cfa.is there any scope of this in indian market?

contact me a1 gaurav22lbs@gmail.com

Patel Chintan 5 years ago

I have gone through many comments written by many of the persons on their own. I think it's a great discussion about the difference between ICFAI CFA & US CFA. Let me clear you all one thing who are confused. It is not like that ki ICFAI CFA doesn't have any value or only US CFA is having value. If you are having genuine knowledge regarding Financial Analysis and if you will be able to express at the right place at the right time, you will be having your bright carrier.

Firstly, who are thinking regarding the value ki which of the CFA courses is having value, either US CFA or ICFAI CFA. Before that you people need to think on your own self ki are you able to cop up with the CFA course, & if yes then think ki are you able to cop up with national competition(ICFAI CFA) or international competition(US CFA)...!

Because as per my knowledge there is a vast difference between these 2 CFAs' analytical level.

If according to many persons' views ki they are used to study minimum 8 hrs a day for ICFAI CFA, then what you will have to do for US CFA?

Are you ready to cop up with this kind of dedication or self involvement..?!

Because I know as I have completed with Group E of ICFAI CFA. Now I am pursuing Group F. Firstly try to cop up with Group D & E structured by ICFAI CFA. Thereafter talk about US CFA.

And finally who are talking ki only corporate people ask about US CFA. They do not ask about ICFAI CFA or vise verca. Please engrave in your mind that each little knowledge has its own value. Just you have to find the proper place where it will be valued...!

Puneet 5 years ago

Hiii friends,

Realy CFA from ICFAI does not gave me any exposure,

I m fed up with searching job after completing the course

So could any one suggest me for my future growth....

or my struggle will continue...

Icfai CFA is not much helpfull....

WellWisher 5 years ago

Dear All,

M a CFA from ICFAI along with MBA (Dual Specialisation). M Currently working in to marketing field.

Guys,ICFAI CFA is good, if you want to increase ur knowledge. But, if u want a degree which can add upto ur resume, thatz US CFA only. Take my words, ICFAI CFA has got no more than 25-30k per month KPO kind of a job and that too if u wud search it here and there. U r nt automatically going to get any job offer based on INDIAN CFA.. Whereas US CFA has got much more to pay u a rewarding career...

garvit 4 years ago


i readcomnts.. n i found mixc views so tel me the present cfa-indian or usa either worthy or not sply in Aralel to mba???

sanjay 4 years ago

do not talk abt icfai cfa guys,,add another professional courses to get a job in current mkt

Vishu 4 years ago

jo bhi karo achhe se karo lol..good luck !!

mk 4 years ago

In icfai cfa now there is no strong personality to bring image to the course , not only that no one can use the charter cfa unless it is U S cfa. otherwise the carriculam is very good , though the subjects are not as tough as 7 to 8 years back , the founder Mr N J ysaswy is also nomore now

keyur 4 years ago


Keyur Panchal 4 years ago

You do whatever you like, whether from CFA US or CFA ICFAI. Knowledge is the center point for making a good career. with out knolwdge and innovation, CFA US holder is garbage or with sound financial knowledge, CFA ICFAI is a king in market. CFAI and ICFAI have same syllabus and exam patterns are similar & tough. I have done MBA, MCom, PG Taxation and currently pursuing CFA from ICFAI. My friends in CFA ICFAI are much faster and innovative as compared to CFA US students. This is my personal experience. Costing of CFA US is around 5-7 lacs including material, exams registrations and others whereas CFA ICFAI is at around 1-1.5 lac including material and others. On the other hand, Both have same syllabus and same exam patterns & same knowledge.

My mail id is keyurpanchal5@yahoo.com, if any query please ask.

sonal bhimani 4 years ago

vil doing us cfa help me 2 get better job in indian market? is it well valued?

samarth sharma 4 years ago

look you all don go for the negative comments about icfai cfa it is simply the best course if you want to go for a future in finance field....it will lead you towards a very good job prospective with pretty good package...don go for the rumours.you have your own eyes to see and own mind to use...all the best.....

JITENDER KUMAR 4 years ago

cfa jitna ghatiya course nh h poore world may. 2 saaal ho gye koi job nh mili. agar mili to 36000 ka package.

JITENDER KUMAR 4 years ago

cfa jitna ghatiya course nh h poore world may. 2 saaal ho gye koi job nh mili. agar mili to 36000 ka package.

..R.. 4 years ago

I m doing M.Sc(Statistics) is CFA US is a better option for me???

Abhinav 4 years ago

The battle is still on. I have read my previous comments aur main toh bhool bhi gaya tha ki maine kya kya likha tha. :) And after doing a lot of research, talking to people, asking some seniors, the doubt still remains which one is better? but trust me dono taraf ke comments barabari se hi hain. lekin sawaal wahi ka wahi hai ki kis tarah ke comments ko sach maane? jaise aap log mera comment padh ke bhi soch sakte hain ki main jhooth bol sakta hoon yaha baith ke. na aap mujhse mile hain na main kisi bhi bande se jo yaha comment kar raha hai. :P

one of the financial planning firms where I used to work, my boss told me ki CFA karne se koi khaas fayeda nahi hai. n he was talking about the US one. ek CA bhi bola ki CFA is not worth the effort, amount of time n money that one spends on it that too for US CFA. Indian CFA ke baare mein koi kuchh bolta hi nahi. Banks ke recruitment mein surely dekha ki Indian CFA will be preferred likhte hain. but yadi mujhe bank job mein interest na ho toh!!! waise main bhi bevakoof ban chuka hoon. I opted for CFP instead of any CFA. padhna shuru kiya toh laga ki course mein dum hai. kaafi knowledge mila. laga ki made the best decision. but jab baat job ki aayi toh mf sales ya insurance sales. I never wanted a sales job. kai bade naam jo FPSB ke charter members hain unke HR naam bhi nahi jante course ka. but aisa har kisi ke saath ho jaroori nahi hai. ye mera exp. tha. phir samajh mein aaya ki CFP is good as a self practitioner. toh abhi waisa hi karne ka soch raha hoon. aagey aur knowledge n credentials badhane ka mann hua toh phir se CFA search kiya. but aaj tak in 2 saalon mein CFA pe bharosa nahi bana paya. sabse badi dikkat I have never met a CFA whether Indian or US in person in my whole life. aisa koi mil paata toh shayad sahi guidance mil jaati. n rahi baat internet search ki toh wahi 2 opposing views. pata nahi is it still worth it or not...??

Neeraj Dhingra 4 years ago

No matter what others say indian CFA gives lot of knowledge to you. This knowledge would help u in your interviews and qualification would surely add to your resume bcoz doing Indian CFA is not a joke.

kanupriya 4 years ago

Is there is anyone who can tell me there are sure shot job opportunities for Indian cfa. i am going to give my last group of cfa but not sure about the job.now at the last moment thinking of doing icwai.its frustrating

raj 4 years ago

Dear Friends

CFA from ICFAI is a very comprehensive financial programme and if you want to really LEARN about finanace , should go for it. US CFA is good , but doesnt have the knowledge base.

In India you wont get the value of CFA - US or US / foreign related qualification like CFA, CPA, ACCA etc.

In India either MBA from premier school, CA or even ICWAI has a value but no CFA-US. It at best good to be an add on qualification.

As far as CFA-ICFAI is concenrned go for it, as I did, earning in million INR now... Give time, you cant earn million overnight... Learn and be a master of the subject.. and above all YOUR INBORN INTELLIGENCE.

Best Of Luck

kanupriya 4 years ago

thnx raj ...really relaxed to know this that i still have the scope..but the fact is that as i am going to give the last group of icfai cfa ,i am still unable to find the job, can u plz suggest me from where i should start. i am really disappointed by reading the diff b/w icfai cfa n cfa-us n knowing that icfai cfa is having no value..

Linto 4 years ago

Hi All

I worked as HR recruiter and now doing MBA.When i worked as HR recruiter i came across lot of profiles with good pay from CFA USA. Looks like CFA India is not much valid in corporate world. As i was working with Investment banks like Credit Suisse, Barclyas etc , they were particular about CFA USA than India because they were dealing with International markets. As today's business is world oriented rather than Indian oriented, Most of the MNC would opt for CFA USA.

samarth sharma 4 years ago

if that companies are not indian then butofcorse they will need us cfa not a big deal.but if you wish to work in india u should have only icfai cfa because if a particular company needs us cfa they will manage the course for you so dont waste your precious 6-8lacs on us cfa.

Jaswant jain (CA, ICWA, CFA & B.Com) cacwacfa@gmail.com 4 years ago

Hi Friends,

CFA US when compared to CFA india, CFA us requires more resources in terms of money and large amount of uncertainty about its completion.

however CFA india requires less amount of money for course to get completed and certainity that if you show a good amount of dedigation and patient you can complete it.

CFA us is around 60 years back with global presence with good number of alumni but cfa india is only 20 years old with only indian presence with some number of alumni in the industry who are at the begining stage of their career.

so ofcourse value of both will be different and there is a reason for that

As you already know that " jitni chini daloge tea utni hi mithi hogi "

so one spoon suger (CFA india) in a cup may make a cup of tea sweet to a desired level as compared to 10 spoon suger (CFA US) in a cup of tea with high level of need less sweet ness.

So both the tea may not be compared as the amount of resources are not the same.

however the best strategy is that if you want to take tea, 2 or 3 spoons of sugar is sufficient instead of 10 spoon of sugar.

I mean to say that along with CFA india you may go for another qualification which will add value in your career

so best situation will be that you may get a call from the recruter on the basis of dual financial qualification and at the time of interview you may impress them on the basis of your knowledge which you get while studying CFA india. Because the knowledge level and applications of cfa india is very good.

I accept that value and reputation of cfa us is high as compared to value of indian cfa, because there is cfa us people in the industry who are performing excellent in their jobs from last 50-60 years with a very good position in the organisatio and they created value of their institute and themselves but not the case with CFA india people who are new people who are at the begining of their career and yet to prove them selves.

So as being an aspiring analyst must use your analytical skill while choosing a career with cost benefit analysis, considering resource requirements. Do your analysis on the situation that what is the problem, why it is,in what circumstances it will be resolved and how much time it will take.

Thanks & regards,

Jaswant Jain

(CA, ICWA, CFA & B.Com)


Karthikeyan A 4 years ago


I have resigned from the post of accounts executive (consultant) with INFOSYS Trivandrum last day hoping to complete my CFA-ICFAI + MS finance. hope to pass group D within 3 months. What will be my job prospects and wat difference can it make to me as far as my career is concerned after getting CFA? Pls get in touch. My maid id kkarthik_a@rediffmail.com

aburaArreve 4 years ago

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Vinayak 4 years ago

Hi friends,

I am B.E Student ( Mechanical Engineer) and currently working in a company as a Design engineer. Is it CFA for me or not?

if I pursue CFA then is it very tough for me or not? as I am not from any financial background like B.Com student

please help me for that

mk 4 years ago



What u intend to inform, we could follow ur English , pls explain in a simple english. so we can follow something about what u posted on


ravindra javali 4 years ago

i am also doing icfai cfa and have cleared two groups and stuggling in group c and i am sure that the course is good but as foar as recgn it is lacking.More over there is no transperancy in icfais valuation methods and they dont allow you to challenge their evaluation by giving copy of answer sheets

mk 4 years ago

please note now ICFAI has discontinuted thier core programme CFA, ther e will not be any fresh enrolement , so contact tripura and get details , no body knows the future of this programme

Rajiv 4 years ago

mai abhi Cfa ka 6th last group ka exam diya hoo.to koi muze bata sakta hai kya apna ICfai ka Cfa ki market me kya value hai aur esme carrier option kaisa hai,monthaly salary kitni milti hai.plz help me to solve my quiery about Cfa

martellawintek 4 years ago

hello stevo i got it from a friend so here is the contact

and some info , they have 20% discount now, mention I recommened yous

kumar 4 years ago

Hi all

I have just completed CFA from ICFAI in oct 2012 and i got job offer from Ernst and young, RBS and HSBC. So please remember that cfa (icfai) is well accepted and very very relevant today. All the comment against icfai CFA is not good . The only thing is that concentrate on basics.

sampada 4 years ago

hello Mr. kumar,

i m doing ms finance from icfai, do you have delta group previous years question papers.

if you have send to email id: sampada.vaishampayan@gmail.com




Am doing CFA from ICFAI, and completed all papers except Group E Portfolio Management. Can any one guide me with material. My email id:s_chandroo@yahoo.com.

Please clarify some one once the course is completed, can we use the CFA logo and marks in the business cards, car etc. Also let me know whether CFA marks can be prefixed before our names. like other professionals do like ca/cma.

chandrasekhar 3 years ago

hi ..................................

M Kamath 3 years ago

I think u r not well aware of the recent developments if CFA ICFAI. ICFAI neither continue cfa after 2019 nor they enroll fresh students , those who have already enrolled they could continue and complette before 2019, there will not be any new enrolement . and those who have done cfa from icfai they can put cfa after thier name but they should put ICFAI IN bracket .

SA 3 years ago


MM 3 years ago



CFA KARTHIK 3 years ago

I Received my CFA Designation certificate from the university. Waiting for membership certificate from CCFA.

ankita 3 years ago

stooge ........... thankx for this correct info..


tarsem jain 3 years ago

hi ..thanks for such information, but its my mistake that i join in this Indian c.f.a now what to do

i clear 8 exams and left with 4 one of them was of financial market of c group and 2nd of derivatives of e group and f group both

but this fm and derivative is not cleared yet though i appear in it many times

now what to do

San 3 years ago


Im doing my graduation. So after graduation which course should I prefer ??.should I join CFA from icfai. or othrwise CFA US. Can u please guide me abt the course.is it safe to take it as a career option?wat i really wanna know is wat r the placement chances after the completion of course?so pls give me ur views as soon as possible.

San 3 years ago


Im doing my graduation. So after graduation which course should I prefer ??.should I join CFA from icfai. or othrwise CFA US. Can u please guide me abt the course.is it safe to take it as a career option?wat i really wanna know is wat r the placement chances after the completion of course?so pls give me ur views as soon as possible.

Ashis 2 years ago

Hi everyone,

I have completed my BCom Graduation in Finance. I m planning to do CFA program from ICFAI....so plz can anyone help me out with some detailed information about the course....

Anji reddy CFA CA(F) CS(F) 2 years ago

Hi, Ashis

When i joined in this course there was a job opportunities in 2009 and that was taken by CYGNUS but presently no one taking care about this course.

But as of now course is MIFA and there is CFA designation for frsh enrollment. If ur already working and doing this program will help u. But don't depend on this course , cost of this is Rs 80000. But if ur really interested in that and if u have sufficient money go for US CFA.

Anji reddy CFA CA(F) CS(F) 2 years ago

Sorry,There is no CFA designation for fresh enrollment. But there are opportunities for that, that too it is useful for working people.

Hetal 2 years ago

I completed my CFA (ICFAI) in 2007. I will be moving to US with my family. Does anyone know what is the prospect of CFA (ICFAI) in USA or will I need to appear for CFA (US) now. I have 5+ years of work experience with a US/UK hedge fund in India.

aayushi jain 2 years ago

Hey guys i can really not decide is cfa good or a bad course i was thinking of doing the course in future but after reading all comments i m really confused can anybody of u be so kind to just tell me is it worthy doing or not

hardik@gmail.com 2 years ago

ICFAI are cheaters. They are not at all cooperative with the student. They do not refund the fees where necessary and also do not repond to students for any of the queries. Never study anything for ICFAI. Its a WASTE OF MONEY

Piyush 2 years ago

It was really very helpful and informative while being straight forward and to the point.


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