Generators Provide Emergency Protection For Homes And Business

Generators For Homes And Business

Home and business generators provide extra protection against power outages that can be critical in many situations. We offer a wide selection of all types of portable generators and top major brands from which to choose. Whether you need a generator for a recreational vehicle, protection against storms in rural areas or guarantees for uninterrupted electrical service when a family member requires that electrical medical equipment never ceases to function, we can supply generators to suit any needs.

We carry a full line of generators including permanent and portable designs. Gas, propane, electric, and diesel generators each provide distinct advantages for some people. Careful consideration will allow you to select the right make and model for your budget and needs. Below is some important information you should consider before choosing generators for home or business use.


Diesel generators provide reliable power and are a combination of diesel engine and electric generator. Customers can choose from many brands. Portable models deliver 1KVA up to 10KVA. Home models deliver 8KVA to 30KVA and these brands are suitable for homes and small businesses.

Industrial models can provide up to 2000KVA for factories and other industrial applications.This brand of generator is perfect for those in rural areas who are off the power grid or as use for emergency backup if the grid fails. The portable models are great for camping, RV’s and other outdoor applications.


Propane or natural gas generators are very cost effective. They typically cost 50 percent less to operate than gasoline-powered generators. Storage of propane is not necessary, but can be supplied by your home gas connection. Models generally are available is sizes providing 5 KW to 60 KW, matching most homes’ electrical load.

Built-in sensors can detect a power failure and automatically start these machines to provide efficient backup electricity. The generators also shut off when electricity is restored. This can be an attractive benefit for many people. Most propane models are for fixed-use, however. Portable models are very rare.


A gasoline generator is most often utilized in areas requiring a small portable model. Since these models are extremely small, they are useful for isolated areas where traditional electricity is inaccessible.

They are often used on job or construction sites to provide working electricity for lights, drills and other equipment.

Emergency generator for backup power

Hurricanes, floods and tornadoes have been on the rise in recent years and have raised emergency preparedness concerns for many people. Emergency plans and storage of food and water supplies are important, but many people are very dependent on electrical power for critical needs.

An emergency generator for backup power is an option that any home should consider. We can supply the necessary expertise to assist you in making the proper selection for your home or recreational use. It is also significant to assess how you will store emergency fuel to operate your machinery in the vent of an emergency. You will require from 12-18 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel each day. If power is out, gas stations may be closed, so you must come up with a safe storage plan for emergency fuel.

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