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Deciding on a home based business in South Africa is quite difficult as you don't hear of to many success stories. I personally do not like to carry stock and pay staff as I have seen that movie before and watched myself throw a lot of hard earned money at wasted energies.

So I chose a home base business that it worked only by my own efforts and is all done on the pc so that even when we decide to go on holiday, we can still earn a passive income online in South Africa.

The home based business that we focus on has taken a few years to fine tune and hone, but now produces an honest and passive income that grows every month.

If you enjoy writing, then this is definitely the easiest home based business for you to consider.

We decided that our home based business should have no overheads so that every thing in tems of money and our passive income was pure profit. So thats what we do.

How do you do it ?

There are basically two types of methods that we generate money by writing online.

The first method employs no skills whatsoever and just simply allows us to write on any topic we want and when ever we have some free time, we churn out a bit of writing and add it to our online income stream. We decided after about 6 months of research and trila and error that by writing articles and interest pieces for revenue sharing sites, they would pay us a poriton of the income generated to the writing sites by allowing them to show our articles to their readers.

The advertisers on these writing sites were the ones who paid the site owners who in turn monitored the readers and paid the writers in relativity. It quickly grew a passive income very month and we now recieve a regular cheque every month for our efforts.

The most fantastic thing about this home based business is that what we have written to date is always going to be around on the internet generating a passive income that we can enjoy or use for other ventures. The point is that we keep adding to it every month and so it is snowballing nicely into a substantial little nest egg.

We have only been doing this now for about 2 years and still we have not run out of things to write about.

The second method which we earn from is what is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not a new concept in South Africa as a home based business, but is not franchised and does not need any fees to join and this is why it is often not mentioned and kept somewhat of a secret among those in the know.

It incorporates a basic sales system of selling products online as a middle man and getting paid a commission on each sale. This agian means no stock and no overheads as it is all done over the internet and the buyer pays the supplier directly. It will take a lot more effort than to just write as you will need to have some sales and marketing experience to graspo all the concepts of affiliate marketing.

Well I hope you enjoyed this different approach to home based business models and that you find every success as we did. Best of luck in your endeavours.

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suziecat7 profile image

suziecat7 6 years ago from Asheville, NC

The beauty of online article writing is you can live anywhere. Great Hub.

Dale Nelson profile image

Dale Nelson 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Thanks Suziecat. Still enjoying the online writing career/hobby.

Magdelene profile image

Magdelene 6 years ago from Okotoks

Nice hub and a great motivator.

Dale Nelson profile image

Dale Nelson 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Thanks Magdalene. I still believe we should write for a passive income and not get het up to much about earning millions. Slowly slowly builds the snowball.

jakes 6 years ago

hey guyes. Do you know if there is legal requirements involved starting your own online business? Do you have to register it and so forth?

Dale Nelson profile image

Dale Nelson 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Hi Jakes,

Your income generated will need to be declared on your income tax submissions for the year. Youc an operate as a sole proprieter if you like or form a company and provide proof of income and expenses accordingly. As far as licences go, you will only need to abide by privacy laws etc.

Hope this helps.

jakes 6 years ago

thank you Dale. I am realy interested in working online, but with my current day job i find it hard to get time to invest my effords.

Dale Nelson profile image

Dale Nelson 6 years ago from South Africa Author

Hi Jakes,

Judging by the comments you have left on my articles, the enthusiasm is enough to show me that you can do this. It is a patient process and does not happen overnight for those who work full time. I put aside 30 minutes in a busy day or sometimes an hour.

As far as setting up a website goes and a hosting company, I decided to use a company called Bluevoda and Vodahost which are the same thing in essence. Bluevoda has a free website builder with tutorials to learn and has yet to not answer one of my questions or queries regarding the control panels for my websites. I have 2 sites with them. I chose their hosting because of 3 things - unlimited bandwidth, nearly 0% downtime of servers and price.$7.95 per month. My account can have as many domains as I like without paying extra. i buy my domains near my home so that if I want to speak to someone in person, I can do that. I will never ever by a domain name over the internet.

Local domains charge for bandwidth and still have small servers causing dropped sites. The cost is ridiculous.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction.

Good luck Jakes and feel free to send me a private mail(just below avatar on top right )for any more help.

jakes 6 years ago

thank you dale. Your info helps alot. I have created an account last night on hubpages and will start writing articles about what have learned doing online work. In that way i believe i will grow in this pactice. Have a good day.

jaco 5 years ago

hi dale. Nice article. I just want to know if you can list a couple of websites that will pay you for writing articles. And if i may ask, what is the average amount that can be earned. I understand that it depents, but will it be enough to actualy make a living by only writing? Have a great day.

Nadine May profile image

Nadine May 3 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

When I published my first chapter of the novel: The Self Employed Housewife, and saw this hub on Home based business in South Africa, I was delighted. I've learned a lot more about South Africa from several hub writers, your included. Many thanks.

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